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As someone with Panic Disorder, Health Anxiety, GAD, and Depression (multiple psychiatric diagnoses) and having been on over 13 antidepressants, unemployed and house-ridden in the past 8 years with no improvements, AGI has been my only optimistic hope for curing my mental disorders. I genuinely believe that if we reach AGI, we will finally find a cure for all mental illnesses. This for the first time in 8 years made me look forward to the future and be hopeful.

Are you guys also hopeful and do you think it's achievable once AGI is reached?
(obviously assuming its not the human extinction outcome)



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boaking69 t1_je6dmai wrote

I work in biotech. I won’t say much except that I strongly suspect the answers to issues like these are on the horizon and will likely involve extremely personalized medicine.


AsuhoChinami t1_je6hc81 wrote

Let's hope my anxiety issues and CPTSD will be cured during the 30s.


aridiculousmess t1_je79iil wrote

im really sorry you struggle with this too. You're not alone. It's been really nice talking to GPT about it a little. So far phenibut and yellow vein kratom was the most effective but they're definitely not suitable for daily or near daily use, and both have their own dependency issue risks.
I'm sure there will be substances AI helped synthesize that were narrowed down from long lists of different substances depending on their theoretical receptor activity. I guess we'll see.


AdaptivePerfection t1_je7f5wu wrote

I’m someone who’s in tech and really interested in our biology and healing it due to how much I’ve been aided by different drugs and psychedelics over the years. What can you tell me as someone who’s interested in biotech but doesn’t know where to start?


Circ-Le-Jerk t1_je9ttcv wrote

Google has already solved the protein folding side of things... But it's going to require quantum computers with AI that's going to see that crazy explosion. Most people aren't aware how much qc will change things. But basically, allow for novel biomedical drug simulation at scale to brute force almost instantly new drugs that do whatever we want.


Surur t1_je68y39 wrote

Definitely, but people may not welcome it as it may mean a change in their personality.


SkyeandJett t1_je6a3dn wrote

That's more ASI territory I'd think but yes that would clearly be the case if you chose.


Deformero t1_je6byoa wrote

I believe that's one of the main objectives of BCI implant tech.


humanefly t1_je6mvj7 wrote

Histamine intolerance and mast cell disorders can cause a different kind of hyper anxiety that does not respond to anti anxiety meds.

Many different viruses and bacteria can cause HI, although it's fairly uncommon it appears much much more common post Covid: it's becoming increasingly apparent that Long Haul Covid is a histamine or mast cell disorder.

There are often many more seemingly disconnected symptoms associated:

Some people find that reducing histamine intake in food can help them to manage their symptoms.

If you find that eating less histamine helps your symptoms, this is considered clinically significant, but it could also be that you have eliminated a food which you are intolerant or have allergic reaction to. This is a complex topic and medical oversight is required.

Yes: I think that AGI will help to manage many different illnesses, or cure them.


aalluubbaa t1_je6p295 wrote

It depends on how far the tech evolves but there is nothing mysterious about mental disorders as humans are made out of chemicals with atoms.

I would assume that once an ASI could manipulate things at atomic levels, anything which is possible scientifically can be achieved. So I guess yes


Aevbobob t1_je7txch wrote

Consider the difference between humans and chimps (2% DNA difference and larger brain). Look how much we’ve done with that difference. Now imagine a being that much smarter than us. Ok now speed it up 1000x, to match the speed of current AI. That’s AGI. Is it a question for you whether such a mind would be able to solve these issues?

Sam Altman suggested that we might end up with a rate of progress sorta like if you took every advancement since the enlightenment and compressed it into a year. And I tend to agree.


Diaza_Kinutz t1_je6rfm7 wrote

I'm going to guess it creates new ones too. I think some people are going to have a really hard time dealing with the existence of AGI.


Cartossin t1_je70ngw wrote

Maybe it'll put you in a matrix where you live as a hunter gatherer and run from tigers and whatnot. I honestly believe NOT living according to our hunter gatherer nature is why we have mental issues. We're just not built for all this.


pls_pls_me t1_je79779 wrote

I're certainly not wrong about the root cause


Cartossin t1_je9n0ik wrote

Maybe I'm biased because I'm generally surviving the mental health issues, but I'll take that trade. A bit of adhd is a small price to pay to live through the transition to a digital age. Compared to today, I was born in the dark ages. I'd rather have jetplanes and smartphones than be a bit happier with my day to day. The world is AMAZING.


AvgAIbot t1_je7extl wrote

I think it will


undefined2937 t1_je80t2l wrote

Waiting for this day... im suffering too much in my mind also.

I have psychosis mania adhd anxiety


skuzzkitty t1_je8f0xp wrote

I’m dying for personal therapists. Imagine an always on, always available ai therapist that you can connect any time you need help, or keep it on all the time, so it learns when you will have issues and starts talking you through it before it gets bad.


XPao t1_je93xyg wrote

Yes no more preferred pronouns and all that collective American crazyness will soon be a thing of the past.


Beneficial_Fall2518 t1_je97hjz wrote

The singularity will change everything. It will change what it means to have a mind, period.


DowntownYou5783 t1_je6yuc9 wrote

I think AGI/ASI could help quite a bit. However, it's worth noting that some percentage of mental disorders are environmentally-driven (e.g. it's no surprise that someone who was abused as a child is more likely to suffer from mental disease).

To some extent, I suspect that type of thing sticks with you unless your neural implant decides to kill the bad memories altogether. But that raises interesting questions and could lead to unintended consequences.


jaeldawn t1_je7bgox wrote

Just like we thought social media would cure loneliness? No, not at all.


Orc_ t1_je7ptjv wrote

I would say yes, with certainty


JustinianIV t1_je7sowf wrote

If it can help with brain research, the surely it will help those with mental health issues


vhjjghhjj t1_je7zk7h wrote

I think so. In the mean time look up “gene sight”.


SmoothPlastic9 t1_je80nei wrote

Altering the brain could do that which should be no problem to agi


prolaspe_king t1_je8eyh9 wrote

All the things that make us human, like to complete eliminate panic? Healthy anxiety? Depression? Completely cured is really unlikely. Since a lot of these are automated. I also do not want to meet anyone with none of these problems, I cannot image how sterile their personality would be.


Justtelf t1_je8g8g2 wrote

It’s possible. Just like we can likely expect advancements in every field. It’s also possible that there no easy simple solution, and there will never be a magic pill or procedure to fix it other than consistent work tied with or without medication.


UnHumano t1_je8nonv wrote

It might be the case, but no one really knows.

Aside from that, have you heard about psychedelic therapy for depression? Looks really promising.


ML4Bratwurst t1_je8ojdw wrote

Maybe take a look into microdosing :)


delphisucks t1_jea8jys wrote

if we have all psychological and psychiatric knowledge in a model that everybody can access, some problems will just go away for some people. i am sure of that :)


electroninmotion t1_jebqu3p wrote

You can cure panic disorder. I did.


Ok-Wing111 OP t1_jebqvzx wrote



electroninmotion t1_jebsirg wrote

I suffered from it for about 6-7 years before I decided I couldn’t keep living with it. I tried benzo’s, beta blockers, psychologists, therapists, hypnotherapy, alcohol, and everything else. Exposure therapy is literally the only solution. Put yourself in the most panic invoking situations multiple times a day and don’t leave the situation under any circumstance. I went from being near agoraphobic to giving presentations at toastmasters and at work.


ItIsIThePope t1_jecxy9d wrote

Whether AI can help with mental disorders is a question of whether it can figure out consciousness or not, or at least how much of it it can presently understand. Much of the human mind is a great mystery; just as how our understanding of human biology and anatomy leads to advancements in surgery, vaccines, rehabilitation etc., a growing science in human mind is how we can understand the nature of psychological illness and eventually remedy them.

If mental illnesses for example were discovered by AI to be a result of physical malfunctions in the brain or its sub-organs or find such ailments to be a product of chemical imbalance, or even a result of our mismatched intelligence and biological tendencies (also rooted in parts of the brain), then perhaps it can employ physically reconstructive solutions to help its victims.

But if mental illness remains elusive and appear deeply rooted, intertwined or emergent with consciousness itself, and it struggles with understanding the nature of it, then it will have a very difficult time solving "conscious illnesses", understanding the nature of anything is the key to manipulating it

The wild thing here is, when we make AGI or ASI, it itself might have mental illnesses, it is after all, a thinking, possibly conscious being; there is the possibility that it ends up suffering the same things we suffer from.

The bottom-line is, Actual AI and the Human mind/intelligence are both subjects we are not very developed in, to the point where predicting how they will interact can feel like speculation.

That said, the nature of both fields are deeply similar (that of consciousness and intelligence), and so advancements in one of them will inevitably lead to insight and progress into the other.


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naum547 t1_je7ttzr wrote

Let's say hypothetically nanobots in your blood stream could cure every disease and illness even before you knew you had it and significantly extend your lifespan. Would you still refuse it?


wind_dude t1_je7qkue wrote

it will likely make them much much worse.


badcarbine t1_je7a3ku wrote

No way, mental disorders are largely caused by pollution. Micro Plastics, heavy metals, etc


TheNewRyubyss t1_je73uj6 wrote

psychiatry has convinced you and many other people that you have disorders, when you have, instead, maladaptive coping mechanisms and deficits. with the attitude that you *don't* have disorders, you can go a lot farther as far as unlearning these behaviors.