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RobbexRobbex t1_jd3jty9 wrote

I hate when they announce a feature, show a picture and then i go to their website and its not even available. They did that with Bing Chat, now theyre doing it with image creator. Stop announcing a product and then not having it available.


ShadowRazz t1_jd3kre1 wrote

Did you go to the site using edge browser?


RobbexRobbex t1_jd3l1u6 wrote

Yeah, I'm on edge, got access to Bing chat for early access and asked it directly about this product after it wouldn't make me an image. There are secondary sites it recommends but bing edge says the feature is "coming soon" with no other details


ShadowRazz t1_jd3lpuz wrote

Weird. I did the same and it took me straight to it. I’ve already used up my image gen credits


RobbexRobbex t1_jd3lx43 wrote

You went to chat on bing using edge and typed in an image? Do you have early access or something?


I_WAS_HERE_NOT t1_jd3m736 wrote


RobbexRobbex t1_jd3mhyr wrote

I see. So yes, that is one of the resources it sent me to. And you are correct, that is a bing tool. What I'm talking about, and I think the tweet is talking about, is that the bing chat will soon encompass your links capabilities as well, instead of having to go to different websites for chat or for image gen.


randomrealname t1_jd4pjk9 wrote

No its a separate window, for the moment anyway. The one the demos in the video is available just now


Ostrichman975 t1_jd7v5kr wrote

I got it to try to generate an image. It only worked on “creative” mode. All other modes said it can’t do it. However, 20 minutes have passed and I’m still waiting on my image. It shows a progress bar that just starts over when it is done.


GoldenRain t1_jd3ywsn wrote


RobbexRobbex t1_jd3z3gk wrote

The tweet is about Bing chat being able to create images. Not the separate system in your link.


DaffyDuck t1_jd5dlur wrote

You are correct that it doesn’t seem to be integrated in chat right now. Hopefully that will change soon.


Ostrichman975 t1_jd7vdjy wrote

I got it to attempt to create an image by changing it to “creative” mode. However, 20 minutes have passed and still no generated image. Shows it’s working on it.


Zealousideal_Ad3783 t1_jd3g3sr wrote

Unfortunately when you ask it to adjust the images, it just does a whole new prompt (see the UMich example they showed). I’m looking forward to when we have a chatbot that can keep images exactly the same and just add the element you want.


Marcus_111 OP t1_jd3ggzz wrote

It's just a tweak away for bing. The underlying dalle 2 can already do this.


Zealousideal_Ad3783 t1_jd3n2sb wrote

I don’t think that’s true. What I’m talking about is having a whole back-and-forth conversation, in natural language, with Bing that allows you to perfect an image to your liking. The same way you’d be able to do it with a human graphic designer.


ThoughtSafe9928 t1_jd3pon2 wrote

Yeah that’s a feature that GPT-4 is capable of.


Zealousideal_Ad3783 t1_jd3pqxj wrote

Uh, no, it only outputs text


ThoughtSafe9928 t1_jd3pv7n wrote

I mean you can either use what’s publicly available and decide that’s what it’s capable of or watch the developer showcase and see what the model itself is capable of.


Zealousideal_Ad3783 t1_jd3q0rs wrote

GPT-4 only outputs text in both the publicly available version and the demo version


ThoughtSafe9928 t1_jd3q55v wrote

It appears humans like me are also prone to hallucinations - I genuinely think I must have dreamed that capability immediately after the dev showcase.



DaffyDuck t1_jd5dune wrote

It will be able to take a photo as input and generate text based on the image.


ThoughtSafe9928 t1_jdeueib wrote

According to this article that was just released yesterday, the unrestricted model of GPT-4 can produce images.

On page 16, "the model appears to have a genuine ability for visual tasks, rather than just copying code from similar examples in the training data. The evidence below strongly supports this claim, and demonstrates that the model can handle visual concepts, despite its text-only training"

I'm still not sure whether my initial assumption was from information I gleaned somewhere or because I hallucinated it. Regardless, GPT-4 can indeed output images.


jugalator t1_jd427y8 wrote

I guess it's a pretty good version of DALL-E 2 but the generated images still look like sharing the DALL-E DNA to me. I think it's far behind Midjourney V5 and maybe even V4. It succeeded pretty well at my five fingers test though.

Given the recent trend with Bing Chat and GPT-4, I'm a little surprised they broke their streak by not underpromising and overdelivering here. Enthusiasts probably won't turn to this one and it'll be more of a gimmick for now.


Snipgan t1_jd3dm4u wrote

Let the games begin!


CleanThroughMyJorts t1_jd3ssc9 wrote

don't get too excited; it's just calling Dall-e 2(.5?) via their api


Z1BattleBoy21 t1_jd3wg7r wrote

Microsoft being bottlenecked by OpenAI's subpar diffusion model, sad


Cr4zko t1_jd49n6b wrote

Just use SD then, it's open source


Z1BattleBoy21 t1_jd4d1ti wrote

I mean they're partnered with OpenAI, I don't see that happening.


Dioder1 t1_jd3wpq1 wrote

Wooow, that's just... sad


plusacuss t1_jd7vnyh wrote

I mean, that is the same thing that Bing Chat is doing. It is GPT 4 plugged into their search engine. Why would Microsoft develop new AI tech from the ground up when they spent millions on partnering and integrating OpenAI tech?


feelmedoyou t1_jd3qrqw wrote

It works pretty well but it’s no Stable Diff or Midjourney


It’s pretty good actually. See image:


street view of a medieval fantasy town with people riding on small dragon mounts. super high resolution. digital painting. greg rutkowski


danysdragons t1_jd47w44 wrote

I got pretty good results, except some faces are mildly grotesque looking. Oddly when the face is the main focus of the image the quality is pretty good, but not when it’s a small part of the image.


randomrealname t1_jd4p8p2 wrote

ITs not very good a photos of people doing stuff, I tried to get it to show me a picture of people dirnking cocktails out side but it just got an image of people outside and superimposed cocktails into the image, the lighting, saturation and placement was way off.


ecnecn t1_jd3gpd3 wrote

Does it use DALL-E v2.0 beta? The images are very good and very clean.


Ohigetjokes t1_jd41nvp wrote

Right but then I'd have to use Bing. And Edge.

No chance.


gentlewaterfall t1_jd63hvy wrote

Try StableHorde, works wonderfully, has various models you can pick from that are fine tuned for different things, and you don't have to involve Microsoft or Google - it works just fine on Firefox


[deleted] t1_jd4i163 wrote laughs


Marcus_111 OP t1_jd4nccn wrote

Bing chat is way better. started early, but i don't think it can survive in this fierce AI battle.


gardenina t1_jd5enxr wrote

The Shrike according to Sydney

"A tall, four-armed, spiky sci-fi monster made of silver metal with glowing red eyes"

It rejected several of my prompts because of the word "blade" I think. Or maybe because I tried to stay as true to the author's description as possible, so maybe it thought plagiarism? idk

It threatened to ban me though, so I had to use the word "spiky" and not "covered with blades". I reported the mistakenly rejected prompts so they can fine-tune their filters.


Superschlenz t1_jd6fi6l wrote

So you need to register a Microsoft account, then you get 25 image creations for free, and after that it is msrewardswalled?