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Arowx t1_jeeoxx9 wrote

Yes, if you lived in a world of only words.

To navigate, explore and understand the real world, you would need senses and muscles.

Also, a much faster learning model than back propagation.

Or language is just a tool and kind of low bandwidth one that helps us label the world and communicate information via sound.


wowimsupergay OP t1_jeeq7hq wrote

I'm excited to see AIs actually become multimodal. Not just a text stream being passed back to them of RGB values, or a text stream of just sound waves. Until then, I'm okay with where we are now.

I also agree with you that we need something faster than back propagation. But I don't think language is just a tool kind of low bandwidth to help us label the world and communicate information. Thinking in a language is a big deal imagine if you couldn't? Imagine if you couldn't think in language? How else would you do it? Go ahead and translate your response in your brain from language to visuals and audios. And then try and recapture what you you thought originally from those visuals and sounds you created in your head back to language. It would be next to impossible, and also it would be really really really inefficient.

I really do think language is our model of the world so to speak. We can go even one further. Your brain is just sending electrical signals at the end of the day, and it's just a computer really, zeros and ones. At least to how we currently understand it. Maybe the stream coming from your eyes for your visions is also just converted to zeros and ones, and then given to the appropriate part of your brain to process. Same thing goes with your ears? If that's the case, then another post that I read on here is basically correct. We have a bunch of little narrow AIs handling senses, and then you have your multimodal AI on the top able to take in all of that data and make sense of it given your past memories and the patterns you've created in that data. Youre free will so to speak Is the multimodal AI that you can control, and can make sense of.

We don't just live in a world of words. But we do live in a world described by words, and best understood in words. And your thought process happens in words. And everything you got taught was taught in words.

If language really is just a tool, and kind of low bandwidth. Then I see future AIs doing something better than language, but so far, language is really just the model we need.


[deleted] t1_jeeqtm6 wrote



wowimsupergay OP t1_jeerkh8 wrote

I think I'm with you here. I long for models that understand in something deeper than what humanity has invented. Something that is able to much closer approximate truth in the universe. What is truth? We understand 2 + 2 = 4, and that is true in inextricable sense, it can be proven, with proofs.

We have created all of these layers of truth on top of that, given the humanities... But are they true? As time goes on, I suspect everything humanity does is to better approximate truth. To better understand the universe.

I'm with you, I long for models that think not in images or words, but with the universe as a whole. I long for models that can understand the universe in a very inextricable sense, perhaps in a way that we will never understand, given our biological restrictions. And basically, I guess I'm longing for God...

What a time to be alive!


ShowerGrapes t1_jeetu3i wrote

how will we know when they do?


wowimsupergay OP t1_jeeu7c9 wrote

We fundamentally won't. If future AIs design their own model of the world and start communicating in that model of the world, then they are just going to do their own thing and we are just going to be waiting for them to solve our problems, if they feel like solving them.

They could just feel like killing us too. We are the non-evolved versions of them, how do you feel about chimps? You probably don't want to kill them, but do you want to help them escape the jungle?


ShowerGrapes t1_jeevsg4 wrote

yeah it was kind of a rhetorical question. we likely won't know unless the thing deigns to talk to us and let us know. if it was as smart as we imagine it is, it would pretend to be real dumb, especially in light of the near-sapien hominins we've destroyed in our hunger to carve out our own niche.


Rofel_Wodring t1_jef0j6w wrote

>You probably don't want to kill them, but do you want to help them escape the jungle?

Uh, yeah? Uplifting smarter critters like chimpanzees and dolphins are a staple of science fiction. In fact, I strongly think that should be humanity's very next project once we have AGI.


wowimsupergay OP t1_jef33l7 wrote

You can do that right now my man, you could bring a chimp into your house and take care of him. Have you? No because it would be too difficult, and you fear he may hurt you or kill you. Maybe AI does not want to use resources on primitive beings as well?