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wowimsupergay OP t1_jees14b wrote

Looks like he was right before anybody knew man. Language could really just be everything, and our model of language is simply too restricted for an AI. Like the other guy said, I long for models that understand the universe in a way that we can never understand. A model that can simulate the universe in its entirety, and make sense of it.

Until then, I truly do believe that language is all we need. I still think we should try and make AIs truly multimodal, but that could be an impossible goal. Language could be really all we need, and then eventually AIs will create their own little invention, similar language, but totally out of this world. They may ascend to ASI with that alone


Prevailing_Power t1_jef8zfr wrote

Makes sense to me. I've known for a long time language was power. You can bind concepts to words so that just thinking the word lets you experience what that word means. If you are an expert at some subject, you can only really think about that subject my knowing all the jargon because it allows you to compare complex thoughts side by side by merely invoking two words. Eventually you can create a more complex experience that can be binded into a new word. That word will hold the power of those two other words, and on and on.

Your reality is literally shaped by the words you know. Your perspective is only as good as your words.