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wowimsupergay OP t1_jeeunal wrote

You bring a good point. But how deep is their version of language? Is it as refined as human language, able to translate entire stories, I'm purely language? Or do they just use a very primitive proto language to warn of dangers and where food is? If they just use language for survival, and only just survival, then they only have a a lexicon of potentially 100 words or less, and also the inability to chain together ideas in their language.

But literally what do I know? If you are correct, then language is just not enough


shawnmalloyrocks t1_jeft2xq wrote

Also dolphins. They have a communication called echo location that seems to be pretty complex. Also dolphins do things like masturbate and have sex for pleasure. They also use puffer fish to get high.


Waste_Inc t1_jeg8n4m wrote

Not an expert of these things but read couple of books about the subject and studied some psychology. Some dogs have been tested to know few hundred words and teached to create language by researchers. But then again most animals are inteligent to a degree and feel possibly things quite similar to us. I think from cognitive neuro science(broad topic though) perspective ”intelligence” is much more complex than that. Language in terms of our assosiative memory is possibly linked atleast to our knowledge of things.

From AI perspective I think theyre mind wouldn’t for now work like ours. Partly because we don’t fully understand how our mind works yet. Ai though will probably help us to map and understand our own mind faster than ever before.