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AndiLittle t1_jef15pc wrote

Just because you don't understand other animals' language doesn't mean it's not there. Do some research on corvids, dolphins, whales and octopi just for a start. As for consciousness, my theory at least is that it has to do with the complexity of your neural network. Whether it is an emergent or intrinsic property to life, that remains to be seen (if ever). It could either emerge from the complexity of our brains, or, the more complex a brain is, the better functions as a receiver of consciousness. Both theories are equally valid in my opinion. Language is just another tool we, living things, use to our benefit, I doubt it in itself gives rise to consciousness.


wowimsupergay OP t1_jef43ti wrote

I am fully aware of all of these beings have a very complex language and can trade ideas... But truly how complex is this language?

I think I agree with your second theory. The more complex the neural net, The more it functions as a receiver of consciousness. If language really is just another tool that we've invented to understand our model of the world, It's the best tool we've created so far by far. Literally nothing compares. Except maybe math, and we still trade the ideas in math in language (the math notation) We still invented language for math, so that we could standardize a way to communicate mathematical ideas.

If language is just a tool, it's a tool for literally everything, including "truth" through math

But yeah this is all speculation


AndiLittle t1_jefwpls wrote

If you think about it, form follows function. Our language is so complex because our environment requires it. We need a lot of words to express the reality we live in and that the smartest of us were able to create for us. We also need a lot of language to deceive. Other species don't hold elections so they don't need to be that verbose. :) Makes sense?