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wowimsupergay OP t1_jef57ko wrote

Okay in your head, go grab something. You can walk to it, you can fly to it, I don't care. Then tell me what it looks like, but in vision first, then the translation.

You're more gifted than you think. Self-reflect on your visual understanding of the world, and you may be our key to understanding the process of "understanding"


Absolute-Nobody0079 t1_jef6t9e wrote

I visualize a monkey spanner and rotate it in my head. I can visualize a few different kinds of them with different colors. I think I can create an 'exploded' view of its parts.


aalluubbaa t1_jegbreq wrote

The point is that when you read these exact words while I type, do you first convert those English words into visual before having an idea what I mean?

When I read, I just sort of skim thru the words without any real pause and ideas are generated. I don't even visualize anything unless the statements are about something descriptive.

You would be amazed how little communication or written language is actually used for description of the physical world. Like everything I just typed, most of them are abstract ideas so I would argue that most human beings read without visualizing anything most of the time.


Absolute-Nobody0079 t1_jegdyuh wrote

TBH I really don't pay much attention to my own thinking process, beside that I am really good at visual thinking process.


activatore t1_jeh3kyx wrote

I have no way to describe it but when I read text I feel like I am reading braille and can “feel” certain elements and components of the text.