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Ok-Fig903 t1_jefhhav wrote

"Animals can also see, hear, smell, touch etc. They have all those models too. But they don't have language, and thus can't share ideas, can't communicate at all, can only communicate in body language which is simply not enough."

The cetaceans of earth would like for you to issue an apology for your ignorance. Humans aren't the only species with language by far. Elephants, dolphins, whales all have language.


wowimsupergay OP t1_jefznll wrote

i mean.... I guess my next question would be, has their language evolved enough that they can share memes? haha

complex language is more than just "avoid this area", "food here". that could be done without language as well. ,do we even know if the most intelligent animals, the most linguistic animals, are sharing complex ideas through language?


Ok-Fig903 t1_jeg0jm1 wrote

Evidence that sperm whales evaded whalers by communication:

That's just one example though.

Such collaboration on the whales part means that they were communicating complex ideas and solutions with each other.

And if you want my opinion? They do have memes. But thats just based on my subjective experiences with these beings.