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Exel0n t1_jeecgex wrote

who said its easy? rote memorization is not easy. but it doesnt require very high intelligence. thats the point. it doesnt require critical thinking skill, or creativity, or being able to innovate.

all one do is memorize and memorize. boring af. just coz its braindead chore doesnt mean its easy.

e.g. one thing law school students do is to read tons of cases. do you have the patience to read 100 pages a day, something like that? most people have no such patience. but it doesnt really require high intelligence. one just have to sit through it.


Chatbotfriends t1_jeede1t wrote

You have no conception of how medicine works. By its very nature it is a art and not a science. Not all meds work the same way for everyone. There are side effects and risks. I did study medicine. No, it is not only rote memorization. Yes, it does require intelligence. You are insulting everyone who works in the medical field. I am done discussing this with you.