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TupewDeZew t1_je9w4o8 wrote

Can someone explain this to me in simpler terms?


FaceDeer t1_jeak8mn wrote

I ran it through ChatGPT's "simplify this please" process twice:

> AI researchers need huge data centers to train and run large models like ChatGPT, which are mostly developed by companies for profit and not shared publicly. A non-profit called LAION wants to create a big international data center that's publicly funded for researchers to use to train and share large open source foundation models. It's kind of like how particle accelerators are publicly funded for physics research, but for AI development.


> Big robots need lots of space to learn and think. Only some people have the space and they don't like to share. A group of nice people want to build a big space for everyone to use, like a playground for robots to learn and play together. Just like how some people share their toys, these nice people want to share their robot space so everyone can learn and have fun.

I think it may have got a bit sarcastic with that last pass. :)


el_chaquiste t1_jeameqc wrote

> for everyone to use

This is the part I don't buy. There will be queues and some will be more equal than others.


FaceDeer t1_jeato6p wrote

The part you don't buy comes from ChatGPT's simplified verison.