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Yourbubblestink t1_jec4qjm wrote

China thinks like Russia - first one to AGI wins everything


ThePokemon_BandaiD t1_jecl14x wrote

So it thinks like the US... the US is just as interested in world domination as Russia or China.


Aggravating_Lake_657 OP t1_jec7pv8 wrote

Partially agree. China is more strategic, cautious, intentional, and technocratic.


Shadez_Actual t1_jed0a5x wrote

And less tied down by bureaucracy


milsatr t1_jed8eye wrote

Thank God for capitalism I guess


Shadez_Actual t1_jee7b4g wrote

Capitalism has nothing to do with bureaucracy facing the US government… damn redditors are dumb af sometimes


milsatr t1_jeezw5i wrote

It's capitalism that bypassed the gov bureaucracy and put AI on American shores.


Fantastic-Ad4559 t1_jecx0so wrote

As a Chinese , I can tell you that the mainstream opinion of Chinese thinking AI safety is that they don't care, as there is not much difference between serving as a tool for capitalists or as a flesh-and-blood battery for AI. The more discussed topic is that why we can never create something like ChatGPT.


FrogFister t1_jedfkxl wrote

Is it safe for tourists to visit China?


ConstantQuestion101 t1_jee85s1 wrote

it was mind blowing visiting a few cities in China. My first time in big cities where i didn't see a single homeless and didn't have to deal with that guilt.

was also cheap and extremely well received by everyone.

after my first time, I've been there three more and honestly loving asia more and more.

a lot you hear about china in western media is laughed about by them because it's straight up nonsense antichinese propaganda.

just go man, I bet you will absolutely love it.

im going at least once this year again to visit a different city, hopefully will be able to make two trips but that's another story.


Bierculles t1_jeekjco wrote

Your houses have even worse build quality than the US


ConstantQuestion101 t1_jeevpa2 wrote

I live in Canada brother, and I'm not asian, i don't understand what you mean


Fantastic-Ad4559 t1_jedg972 wrote

You won't experience anything danger in China.


FrogFister t1_jedi46k wrote

Now that I think of it, if everything is under camera and surveillance on streets, I should feel safe in a way. Though I was more suggesting being randomly detained by officials under suspicion of being an international spy agent.

I am interested to see the Old China. so mostly nature but also see some cities sure. but would love to see more of the rural areas and places that seem to still have a bond with the old times.


ConstantQuestion101 t1_jee8hhd wrote

dude Lol i think I'm replying to you again because i had the same stupid fear.

that doesn't happen, period.

police there are actually friendly as fuck and i even got to smoke a few cigarettes with a couple of them while sheltering from a storm in a fruit shop lol

if you can speak a little chinese or make friends with locals (my case) you will be able to solve a lot of your misconceptions about the country.


Stinky_the_Grump23 t1_jedkjw2 wrote

It's safer than the West


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Redzombieolme t1_jee0vp6 wrote

Is it? I heard that despite the surveilance a lot of the people who would act on the crimes such as police are highly corrupt which is why child kidnapping in china is so common.


Canigetyouanything t1_jedltt4 wrote

As American, i feel most of us humans inside know better , actually care for each other and have less jealous and selfish intent on a human level than what us humans as a whole have been acting like due to the thoughts, opinions, and actions few in power. Hopefully AI will help us come together as we know we should and build a great future. Pride, that’s something that should come from achieving positive deeds, we’re at a, no, THE crossroads, where will we let ourselves go (or be taken) from here? Out of 1 comes many, and nobody wants to be dead, dead sucks.…


Iffykindofguy t1_jec08qm wrote

Doesnt matter. Only matters what Xi thinks. The average chinese person wants the same thing the average american does. Xi wants to control everything so you can bet they have something powerful in the works.


Aggravating_Lake_657 OP t1_jec7kpe wrote

That makes sense, so what does Xi think? Also, given that China is authoritarian but technocratic, it seems plausible that they are not reckless and have some reason behind how they want AI to develop.


joondori21 t1_jecdwy7 wrote

How do you expect to learn this by asking redditors?


Iffykindofguy t1_jedb82f wrote

I never understood this. I've had redditors provide me with great research. I've even had a redditor give me a well paying job. You get what you put into it, maybe you should think about yourself.


Iffykindofguy t1_jedbf03 wrote

>And Xi Jinping's Government knows this. It sees AI as an economic game-changer, something that will "profoundly change human social life and the world".
>"By 2030, we shall make artificial intelligence theory, technology, and application at the world's leading level," the Chinese Government said in its top-level AI plan.


this was 2018. Xi ordered a politubro study on how China could pursue leadership in AI and has been focusing on it since.


xott t1_jecegvu wrote

China and the CCP are deeply invested in keeping the country stable. Xi is not a mad dog. He seeks economic power rather than military so I'd imagine any ai models will be aimed at market dominance rather than warfare.


Hatemael t1_jecvxq7 wrote

Rather than military? Are you joking? They have a larger navy than the US, rapidly building up nuclear stockpile and advancing military weapons at a monster clip.


straightedge1974 t1_jecw8c8 wrote

They now have a navy larger than the U.S. and they're not interested in military power? lol


deadlands_goon t1_jeceywy wrote

i dig your optimism


felix_using_reddit t1_jecgpgp wrote

Best way to see he‘s correct is China‘s reluctance to attack Taiwan.


deadlands_goon t1_jecgxmr wrote

idk the fact they havent done that yet doesnt seem like concrete proof to me


felix_using_reddit t1_jechmi7 wrote

You can’t ever get any concrete proof for a broad statement like "China focuses on economic growth first and foremost, rather than militarization and forceful expansion". But the best proof you can get is this precise situation. Of course even looking at it from a purely militarist perspective attacking Taiwan is very bold. Considering it’s geography and the potential of third party‘s (USA) intervening militarily.. but hey, Putin faced similar concerns and didn’t give two fu*ks. The main reasons Taiwan is not under attack yet are of economic nature. It’s semiconductor monopoly that China depends upon and the possibility of Western sanctions crippling China‘s export business, as well as the possibility of Western companies pulling out of China. Both of these Xi does not want to have under any circumstances, as it appears.


thatnameagain t1_jed6jyy wrote

China is not reluctant to attack, they just have no chance of succeeding in an invasion yet. When they can, things will change.


_JellyFox_ t1_jebywwy wrote

They probably only care so far as it not destroying China.


Aggravating_Lake_657 OP t1_jebz9sz wrote

A lot of the catastrophic situations folks worry about would affect everyone in the world. Any regulation or "pause" as proposed on advancing past GPT-4 won't work if China has a totally different perspective. Not that I expect us to pump the brakes anyway...


norby2 t1_jeca14i wrote

Same way they feel about clean air.


Crulefuture t1_jecbq6g wrote

I would imagine it's about as much as your average Capitalist in the United States or the Pentagon.


tangent26_18 t1_jed7jui wrote

The citizens are already basically robots under 24/7 surveillance. What difference would it make whether they served a computer or a human as long as they bought food, reproduced, and didn’t jaywalk.?


Stinky_the_Grump23 t1_jedlbqc wrote

If anyone ever wanted to see the accomplishment of propaganda astroturfing on Reddit, look no further than this thread and comments like these. AI is going to be used by your own government to keep you in this bubble


Justtelf t1_jeceiez wrote

Imagine an agi with the primary function being furthering the ccp’s agenda… and people want to pause our progress


Important_Log t1_jedb44k wrote

China's Great Firewall uses AI to catch and ban stuff the CCP doesn't find kosher. There's a war in the background between Chinese coomers trying to get their porn and the firewall AI trying to ban that stuff. Here's a summary post. So the CCP already extensively uses AI for their power. I don't exactly know how this maps to their ideas about AI Safety, but they've widely deployed AIs into the wild already.


Stinky_the_Grump23 t1_jedleaq wrote

All governments will employ this. The internet has become a space for war of narratives, including Reddit.


thesuburbanman t1_jed4ao9 wrote

Possibly safety for what governs the AI, not the AI consumers and interactions.


Ok-Ice1295 t1_jed69jj wrote

Actually, I thank they are very cautious about AGI. Once it threads the CCP, they will shut it down immediately.


Loud-Ideal t1_jednu0r wrote

China cuts corners on safety, AI will be the same.


TMWNN t1_jed6si6 wrote

A Chinese equivalent of this week's open letter calling for a 6-month moratorium would never, ever be written, let alone published.


paulalesius t1_jedqbg5 wrote

Artificial Intelligence alignment in China: nobody touch anything or your credit score gets it! 😂


Federal_Two_1189 t1_jecqwax wrote

Government in foreign countries don't have the morals that Americans do. They're like animals they probably arent even thinking about the dangers of AI, they just want power. They would've been spoken out about it if this weren't the case.


Mysterious_Ayytee t1_jed4r79 wrote

That's hate speak bro


milsatr t1_jed9wj8 wrote



Mysterious_Ayytee t1_jedloov wrote

Governments are people too, equating people(s) with animals is hate speak I got a 3 day ban from reddit admins for comparing the paramount leader with a well known Disney figure.


Canigetyouanything t1_jedms72 wrote

This is the stuff we need to change, We Americans are no better than anyone else, we go around poking beehives, this breeds a false sense of superiority, it brainwashes our people into thinking our leaders will do anything at all thats benevolent and good for mankind. This type of attitude comes from those of us that have our people gunning eachother down in schools and stores. Be better to yourself and open your mind a bit, its all good man.