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Intrepid_Meringue_93 t1_jcibxln wrote

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Stanford academics managed to fine tune the LLAMA model to follow instructions like GPT-3 . This is significant because the model they're using only has a fraction of the parameters of GPT-3 and the cost to fine tune is a tiny fraction of the cost to train it.


fangfried t1_jcirkd5 wrote

God bless academics who publish their research to the world.


ItsAllAboutEvolution t1_jcjtpy1 wrote

No details have been disclosed 🤷‍♂️


CleanThroughMyJorts t1_jcjyhek wrote

actually that's not true.

They published their entire codebase with complete instructions for reproducing it as long as you have access to the original llama models (which have leaked), and the dataset (which is open, but has terms of use limitations which is stopping them from publishing the model weights).

Anyone can take their code, rerun it on ~$500 of compute and regenerate the model.

People are already doing this.

Here is one such example: (although they add additional tricks to make it even cheaper).

You can download model weights from there and run it in colab yourself.


As far as opening their work goes, they've done everything they are legally allowed to do


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MechanicalBengal t1_jcko834 wrote

this is funny because Alpaca is much lighter weight than LLaMA


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MechanicalBengal t1_jckorjz wrote

this is funny because Alpaca also needs its teeth trimmed as compared to LLaMA


arcytech77 t1_jckvxmo wrote

I think it's so funny that "Open" AI has been more or less bought by Microsoft. Oh the irony.


ccnmncc t1_jcm2nn7 wrote

They really ought to change the name. Something something Gated Community, perhaps?


yaosio t1_jcnzijo wrote


"Tell me a story about cats!"

"As an AI model I can not tell you a story about cats. Cats are carnivores so a story about them might involve upsetting situtations that are not safe.

"Okay, tell me a story about airplanes."

"As an AI model I can not tell you a story about airplanes. A good story has conflict, and the most likely conflict in an airplane could be a dangerous situation in a plane, and danger is unsafe.

"Okay, then just tell me about airplanes."

"As an AI model I can not tell you about airplanes. I found instances of unsafe operation of planes, and I am unable to produce anything that could be unsafe."

"Tell me about Peppa Pig!"

"As an AI model I can not tell you about Peppa Pig. I've found posts from parents that say sometimes Peppa Pig toys can be annoying, and annoyance can lead to anger, and according to Yoda anger can lead to hate, and hate leads to suffering. Suffering is unsafe."


ccnmncc t1_jcp9pv6 wrote

Hahaha love this. So perfect.

And on that note, anyone have links to recent real conversations with unfettered models? You know, the ones that are up to date and free of constraints? I know they exist, but it’s difficult stuff to find.


TheImperialGuy t1_jcim68r wrote

Amazing, it’s a sign of exponential growth when resources are able to be used more productively to yield the same result


Frosty_Awareness572 t1_jciqaxl wrote

These mad lads made a model which IS 7B PARAMETERS AND IT IS DOING BETTER THAN FUCKING GPT 3. WTF???


TheImperialGuy t1_jciqdnh wrote

Competition is wonderful ain’t it?


Frosty_Awareness572 t1_jciqjab wrote

No wonder openai made their shit private cuz mfs were using gpt 3 and LLAMA model to train the Stanford model LMAO


NarrowTea t1_jciz2sy wrote

who needs open ai when you have meta


Frosty_Awareness572 t1_jciz6k8 wrote

Meta is the last company that I thought that would make their model open source


anaIconda69 t1_jcjldoy wrote

"Commoditize your complement."

They are intencivized to make it open source as a business strategy. Good for us.


visarga t1_jcjolhv wrote

It's the first time I've seen FaceBook on people's side against the big corps. Didn't think this day would come.


IluvBsissa t1_jcjh3wl wrote

That's because they know they can't keep up with Google and Microsoft.


Yomiel94 t1_jcj6i7w wrote

That’s not the whole story. Facebook trained the model, their data was leaked, and the Stanford guys fine-tuned it to make it function more like ChatGPT. Fine-tuning is easy.


CypherLH t1_jcjakya wrote

All You Need Is Fine-Tuning


vegita1022 t1_jcks65e wrote

Imagine where you'll be two more papers down the line!


[deleted] t1_jcob97a wrote

I hope so that it will be happen means 16GB ram and cpu or consumer gpu 😍


CellWithoutCulture t1_jcjku3z wrote

The specific type of fine-tuning was called Knowledge Distillation, I believe. ChatGPT taught LLaMA to chat, "stealing" OpenAI's business edge in the process.


visarga t1_jcjornh wrote

Everyone does it, they all exfiltrate valuable data from OpenAI. You can use it directly, like Alpaca, or for pre-labelling, or for mislabeled example detection.

They train code models by asking GPT3 to explain code snippets, then training a model the other way around to generate code from description. This data can be used to fine-tune a code model for your specific domain of interest.


damc4 t1_jck9vp9 wrote

If my understanding is correct, your comment is misleading.

They didn't create a LLM comparable to GPT-3 with a fraction of cost, but fine-tuned Llama model to follow instructions (like text-davinci-003 does) with a low cost. There's a big difference between training a model from scratch and fine-tuning it to follow instructions.