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SGC-UNIT-555 t1_jcd2egb wrote

The process has already begun I've noticed more and more low effort memes being posted, (saw that SpongeBob one this afternoon) it'll inevitably become a terminal situation and r/singularity will devolve into meme sub 100000000. It happens to every subreddit that becomes more and more popular.


-ZeroRelevance- t1_jceyi0y wrote

Yep, ever since it passed the 100k members threshold, it’s only been a matter of time


expelten t1_jcfts15 wrote

Moderation is also weird, they sometimes allow low-effort memes like that but often delete more interesting threads.


0002millertime t1_jcfu0sh wrote

You can get around this by setting rules and having community monitoring of the rules. For example, just say, "no meme posts", "no personal attacks", have minimum karma requirements, etc.


Spreadwarnotlove t1_jcj6e1b wrote

No doomerism too. Hopefully. That's far more annoying than personal attacks.