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Lets just assume AGI has worked out and most aspects of human life are now automated and taken care of by an AGI. Your food, housing and transportation (etc.) needs fully taken care of. How are you going to spend your days? How are you going to make meaning in your life? Essentially you are retired (whatever age you are). How do you see a day in your new life going?



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ManasZankhana t1_jddjblh wrote

I would join a project of rewilding our destroyed habitats


Surur t1_jddzmgo wrote

And a wise ASI would just leave you to it, even if it could do it faster.


ManasZankhana t1_jden3ev wrote

An asi will probably guide me. Self driving drones locating invasive species and identifying areas of more and less biodiversity. The information we’ll have to restore habitats will be amazing


polybium t1_jdggm8d wrote

Watched over by machines of loving grace.


Kindly-Spring5205 t1_jdes8qb wrote

The Culture is indeed the best future


Yesyesnaaooo t1_jdgt47b wrote

Do you think the alignment problem can be solved by making the first thing the AI trains on be books like 'The Culture' and other works of fiction?

So the AI builds it's moral base off stories of AI in the world - like human's built their moral base off of religion?


Just spitballing like


0002millertime t1_jdfd08u wrote

Whoa, whoa, whoa. AI is supposed to be intelligent. Are they also supposed to be wise?


gantork t1_jddmae8 wrote

Full dive VR, excercise unless we can get those benefits from drugs or genetic engineering, hang out with friends and family, watch movies/tv/anime, eat amazing food, visit amazing places, etc.

Knowing myself I would probably get interested in some hobby, do it for some months/years and then pick up something else. Same with personal projects. Maybe one day I get a cool idea for a video game or movie and now I have all the technology and resources to make it happen, just for fun, no pressure.

Edit: Asked GPT4 to turn my comment into a short story.

"Jordan led a life filled with exploration and creativity. With the dawn of advanced artificial general intelligence, humanity had conquered most of its pressing issues, giving way to a golden age of leisure and self-discovery. Gone were the days of working for survival; now, everyone lived to unlock their inner potential.

Jordan's days began with a full dive into the virtual world, where reality and fantasy merged into a seamless experience. Sometimes, they trained in martial arts with ancient masters, while other times, they practiced painting alongside Vincent van Gogh. With VR technology capable of simulating any environment, the world was theirs to explore.

Exercise, once considered a chore by many, was now a luxury. Advanced genetic engineering and biotechnology allowed Jordan to maintain peak physical health without the need for strenuous workouts. However, they still enjoyed the occasional run in the park, feeling the wind on their face and the earth beneath their feet.

Afternoons were spent with friends and family, either in-person or in virtual gatherings. Together, they watched movies, TV shows, and anime, discussing their favorite storylines and characters. The group often indulged in delicious feasts, thanks to molecular gastronomy and nano-fabricated food that catered to everyone's tastes and dietary needs.

Jordan's evenings were a time for personal growth and exploration. They often became engrossed in a new hobby, learning and mastering it before moving on to the next. They had tried their hand at pottery, robotics, and even space gardening. As each hobby passed, the knowledge and experience accumulated, shaping Jordan into a well-rounded individual.

One day, Jordan came up with a brilliant idea for a video game. With unlimited resources and advanced technology at their disposal, they set out to create an immersive gaming experience unlike any other. Collaborating with a team of like-minded individuals, they designed a game that combined elements of mystery, adventure, and strategy, all set within an expansive virtual world.

The game was a resounding success, not for financial gain, but for the sheer joy and satisfaction it brought to Jordan and countless others. As Jordan continued to create, invent, and explore in this post-scarcity utopia, they discovered that the most valuable resource was their own limitless potential."


bodden3113 t1_jdfbrjk wrote

Way better then all the apocalyptic stories most people seem to have.


jadams2345 t1_jdfyto5 wrote

Of course it’s better, but it doesn’t make it more plausible 😅


Wassux t1_jdv2kca wrote

It does actually. What do you think is easier for AI, exterminate the most formidable and aggressive species has ever seen or just give them deep dive and let them be?


jadams2345 t1_jdvo1qh wrote

You can't really reason in the place of AI. What seems logical to you might not seem "logical" to "it". What if AI ends up behaving like in the movie The Matrix? Because as long as humans are alive and well, they represent a threat. Humans will want to control AI to do their bidding. AI will want to do its own. For humans, it's either AI under control or no AI at all.


Wassux t1_jdvtir7 wrote

Ofcourse I can because it is purely logical. We made it, so we can predict how it thinks. Especially me as a AI engineer. I know which function it optimizes for.

AI doesn't even consider threats. It doesn't want to live like us. I think you confuse general AI with conscious AI. Conscious AI is a terrible idea other than experimentation.

And AI doing our bidding is just as fine for AI as not doing our bidding. It has no emotions, no fear, no anger, no point. It just exists and does what it is told to do. General AI just means that it can make use of tools so it can do anything that it is told to do.

Again even if it is consious and not under our control but without emotions. Why would it fight us? It could just move over to mars and not risk it's existence. Not to mention it can outperform us any day, so we aren't a threat.

There is no reason to think it would hurt us other than irrational fear. And there is no chance that AI will have irrational fear.


jadams2345 t1_jdx5jvf wrote

>Ofcourse I can because it is purely logical. We made it, so we can predict how it thinks. Especially me as a AI engineer. I know which function it optimizes for.

The AI we have now only minimizes the cost function we specify, yes.

>AI doesn't even consider threats. It doesn't want to live like us. I think you confuse general AI with conscious AI. Conscious AI is a terrible idea other than experimentation.

Yes. I might have confused the two.

>And AI doing our bidding is just as fine for AI as not doing our bidding. It has no emotions, no fear, no anger, no point. It just exists and does what it is told to do. General AI just means that it can make use of tools so it can do anything that it is told to do.


>Again even if it is consious and not under our control but without emotions. Why would it fight us? It could just move over to mars and not risk it's existence. Not to mention it can outperform us any day, so we aren't a threat.

Here I don’t agree. When it’s possible to take control, people do take control. Why would a conscious AI go to Mars??? It takes control here and makes sure humans can’t shut it down.

>There is no reason to think it would hurt us other than irrational fear. And there is no chance that AI will have irrational fear.

AI won’t hurt us because it fears us, no. Rather, because it wants to eliminate all its weaknesses, which is a very logical thing to do.


AdorableBackground83 t1_jddjiia wrote

Everyday will feel like a different day

But let me give the average day of the life in a post AGI and really post-singularity world.

Friday March 23, 2063 (40 years from now)

At least 8 hours of sleep + maybe an extra hour or two of being cozy and not have to answer to some boss at some job I dislike.

I would like to spend another 8 hours hanging out with friends and family. All that time spending in a 9-5 can be devoted to spending time with your loved ones and even develop new friendships.

The rest of it will be spent mostly doing leisure activities from playing sports to eating at good restaurants.

If needed to I wouldn’t mind spending an hour or two volunteering for the greater good. Also I would like to be involved in some insane science projects like creating a spaceship that could travel at a million mph. Chances are an AI will develop and create the spaceship before a team of humans could conceive of it buts it’s all good. As long as humanity is thriving and progressing the right way then I welcome our AI overlords.


Redditing-Dutchman t1_jdfz9qo wrote

I mean i switched to being self employed 10 years ago already and live basically like this now. No AGI needed. I would never go back to office work even if it pays much more.


AdorableBackground83 t1_jdghdvb wrote

I hear you. In a Post AGI world where the 9-5 is a distant memory and with the necessities and even luxuries of life provided unconditionally we will see a level of freedom never before seen. True freedom, not the BS you hear from politicians. Stress levels will drop to all time lows and people can finally pursue the dreams they actually want without worrying about “making ends meet”.

In fact somebody in the comments was like “majority of people would get bored. They might wanna go back to work to fulfill their time”.

Im like dude GTFO. I would rather be a couch potato than be some corporate slave 1 billion out of a billion times.


Azuladagio t1_jdha8t2 wrote

447 km/s. Still too slow. I would ask an AGI to help us invent superluminal drives.


World_May_Wobble t1_jddxzqm wrote


11am - Wake up
12pm - AI powered VR porn
1pm - AI powered VR porn
2pm - AI powered VR porn
3pm - AI powered VR porn
4pm - DnD
5pm - DnD
6pm - DnD
7pm - DnD
8pm - Browse Reddit
9pm - Vidya
10pm - Vidya
11pm - Vidya
12am - Vidya
1am - Write poetry under the stars.
2am - AI powered VR porn
3am - AI powered VR porn
4am - Sleep


DreaminDemon177 OP t1_jde9wwf wrote

Why didn't I think of that...


World_May_Wobble t1_jdeal1y wrote

I joke, but I do see this as the long suicide of our species. There's a skinner box in each of our futures.


Jamezzzzz69 t1_jdfgmiy wrote

Brave new world type shit….


skylord_luke t1_jdgftx8 wrote

We are gonna have the same fate as eldar in warhammer 40k


Bierculles t1_jdhze2s wrote

It would be the ultimate irony if our entire species falls appart because after millenia of hedonism the majority of our species became so depraved that everything collapses on itself. Though creating a god this way is probably not going to happen, i think.


Bierculles t1_jdhz34n wrote

I don't now what Vidya is but the rest of my day would probably look roughly the same though i would play more systems than DnD and more videogames


World_May_Wobble t1_jdi0se0 wrote

Vidya is vidya gaem.


Frosty_Awareness572 t1_jddke7c wrote

Exercise, sleep well, learn an instrument, play video games etc


breaditbans t1_jdf5xxg wrote

Unfortunately, more beer than I already drink.

I, sadly, think we need to be compelled to get out of bed.


Ytumith t1_jdh65hu wrote

All the excess humans will just sleep themselves to death.

It's honestly what most memes say that they want.

But I swear, then they will wake up after a series of fever dreams when their subconsciousness has finally caught up to the weird and wild life conditions that they are in. And then some will probably just do expressive dance, others might start entertaining themselves.


PixelForgDev t1_jddkerk wrote

A combination of

a) Entertainment - I have so much time for anime, manga, games, visual novels, books etc etc

b) Studying - I'll study almost all topics, there are so many cool things to learn about!

c) Traveling

d) Playing cricket

The key here is to not overdo any of these, otherwise it'll start feeling boring.


REDD__baus t1_jddtcfh wrote

I just want an adequate time and resources to heal from unimaginable traumas, for my mom too. I wish to spend more with my parents and feel the joys of life, instead of constant nightmare of existence and having to constantly hide it, mask it


mescalelf t1_jdfjunl wrote

Same here. This life, in its present form, is profoundly unkind.


Special_Freedom_8069 t1_jddo9f1 wrote

Gaming, coding, contributing to open source projects if I could, traveling, or just chilling out to some nice music


Surur t1_jde0sn2 wrote

I assume lots of people are going to have and raise a few kids.


the_alex197 t1_jde8laj wrote

Hmm, that's true. I hadn't considered that. There will probably be an ENORMOUS baby boom once the good times arrive.


iNstein t1_jdf24ln wrote

If aging is overcome, I can see a lot of people having a second set of kids. It will be easier too thanks to automated help. Might even do so myself which is certainly not something I'd consider right now. There goes the shrinking population problem.


uswhole t1_jdfcdyk wrote

wait til they make law banning UBI recipient having kids


Surur t1_jdfhpzh wrote

The U in UBI is universal. That would mean no one is allowed to have children.


GenoHuman t1_jddwyyn wrote

games and porn 😍


Kiryln t1_jddox2r wrote

Majority of people will get bored. As much as humans love having leisure time and spending time with family and friends, there’s only so much you can have before you grow bored, its the reason most retirees choose to go back to work, it gives them something to do for most of the day.

I don’t see everyone spending all their time at home and doing leisurely activities, instead they’ll probably seek out work once they’ve had their fill. Or current jobs we think of as work might shift into a hobby of sorts.

Cause as humans, we naturally want to solve problems and do shit, so the AGI is gonna have to give us something to do otherwise we’re gonna get restless.

(Sorry if this seems jumbled, i sprained my toe whilst sleeping and trying to think through the pain is difficult.)


TheOGCrackSniffer t1_jdefz43 wrote

i really disagree with this, also the solution to boredom or lacking meaning in life is absolutely not getting a job, you are still not awake


clinical27 t1_jdeui5l wrote

Right, but most people don't understand that and the majority of people will get bored. It will be the bee movie scenario, a bunch of people sitting around with nothing to drive them or entice them to work hard.


QseanRay t1_jdf04k2 wrote

"most retirees choose to go back to work" uh yeah, this is absolutely not true.

The most I found was "1 in 6" go back to work, and more than 50% of them said it was due to needing more money.

If you can't think of anything outside of a traditional job you could do to keep yourself entertained, you likley have just been conditioned that way. I think you will find that when you don't have work to do you will discover a world of creative endeavours and hobbies that could keep you entertained for multiple lifetimes.

In my lifetime, even if I could retire right now in my 20's I know that I will not have enough time to do all the things I want to do. If I could live forever, I would learn 10 languages, instruments, read thousands of books, learn to code, make a game, etc etc.


Professional_Job_307 t1_jderc56 wrote

The ASI could just invent a cure for boredom. I don't see why we can't just inject dopamine into our brains and do some fancy science stuff to not make our brains more resistant to it.


PolentaMagritte t1_jdds7xh wrote

I worry that you are right. Humans need meaning in their lives, and too often it is manifests as violence. Think of all the conflicts that are started over stupid disagreements and people being unable to put aside their pride and apologize, or reach a compromise. Ideally this impulse could be directed outwards toward space colonization, or other super projects, or inwards towards overcoming one’s own ego. If the AI really is that smart, it’ll be smart enough to help us figure out how to live in a post-scarcity society!


SgathTriallair t1_jdgwgep wrote

Yes, but the work we'll do will be fundamentally different. One summer I'll build a garden. That winter I'll learn carpentry and build a chair. Since I don't have to use my carpentry to survive I can do things which interest me and when I'm bored of it I can move into something else. We will definitely DO things but we'll do them because we want to and they make us happy rather than because someone is forcing us to on pain of death.


Kiryln t1_jdhja8h wrote

That’s what I mean, that’s what some users here misunderstand.


SgathTriallair t1_jdhpcsq wrote

I think it was the mention of retirees going back to work that made everyone think you were on the side of people need bosses and paychecks to feel valuable.


Zealousideal-Skill84 t1_jde9j2s wrote

This is very true. Good implementation of ai would seek to make work easier and more community based/impactful instead of eradicating it completely. Or atleast it would give us the illusion of purpose, and gives us impact less but meaningful tasks. Sort of like how caretakers give elderly dementia patients silly tasks like "can you help me sort the blue plates from the red plates" or "I need help sorting the laundry, you mind helping?"


majima_san_1 t1_jddm4nj wrote

Spend time with family and friends, travel, eat food, video games, hobbies, chores.


iNstein t1_jdf9v0s wrote

Good list but you can cross chores off the list, your personal butler will take care of those for you.


theferalturtle t1_jde2kmw wrote

Probably take up woodworking or metal sculpture of knifemakeming. Something with my hands


PandaBoyWonder t1_jdedz77 wrote

I do woodworking after my fulltime job, you should look into it on YouTube. There are ways to do it without having a giant workshop filled with tools. Look up "Woodworking for mortals' videos


sadboyleto2 t1_jdedcwb wrote

go back to being a kid again.

on the streets the whole day biking, skating, hanging out, whatever!


dasnihil t1_jdduc4q wrote

keep doing what i do everyday expect "work" from home. i love waking up early when everyone's still asleep and watch some hard scifi like solaris i did last Saturday.

i also love making things on computer and just fiddling with whatever sparks my interest on a given day.

I'm also learning music the way i always wanted to, apparently I'm not only relative but also absolute pitch recognizer, figured this pretty late but i don't have any desire to be a rockstar so there's never any sadness about not meeting my made up expectations.

post singularity, if time allows, i also want to make more sketches and paintings that I've always wanted but never got the time to. I've made maybe 7 sketches in 37 years of being alive and each one of those represent a phase of my life.

anyway, with or without agi, my life doesn't change much.


iNstein t1_jdf36ay wrote

With agi, you get aging stopped, ongoing perfect health and a peaceful world. I think it would change the longer term outcome of your life.


the_alex197 t1_jde7w98 wrote

I'd like to become transhuman and stand on the surface of Mars without a suit


Technical-Berry8471 t1_jded08q wrote

The same way I do now, as a 66-year-old retiree, I adapt. I have taken up hobbies and interests within my means and capabilities. In my particular case, digital art, creative writing, poetry, and self-publishing what I produce.

The world has changed since I was young; none of the digital resources existed when I was born. We adopt and adapt to change... It is the only way forward.


Feebleminded10 t1_jdecp6y wrote

I believe people should spend their lives finding what they are good at and trying new things exploring and being thankful for being alive. It’s more to life than just working until we die. Even with AI I believe humans haven’t reached the full potential yet for inventing and creativity. Learn the piano learn to dance or explore space.


gardenina t1_jddv06k wrote

I am going to travel and see places, visit friends and family. I am going to work in my garden and grow nutritious food for my family. Maybe I'll get a couple of chickens! I am going to volunteer at the local animal shelter and maybe foster a dog or two. I am going to exercise more, including hiking and backpacking. I am going to learn to speak Greek and Italian, then travel to those places to explore my roots. I am going to learn everything I can about math and physics, for FUN! I am going to take piano lessons.

There's a ton of stuff to do. I've already begun!


GoSouthYoungMan t1_jdduig6 wrote

I'm going to spend a very large amount of time on one activity in particular haha. Maybe I have some hobbies or play FDVR (maybe while still doing main activity with my waifu).


[deleted] t1_jddup3v wrote

Development of replicator and medi-bay and robotics and exploration of cosmos using autonomous ships


aalluubbaa t1_jdefypg wrote

Try to live a long time and try to make a trip to other planets. Just the excitement of not knowing what to expect to see creatures from other planets is just unparalleled. You cannot even imagine how weird or familiar they would be.

The universe is huge and first we gotta build some huge and comfortable starships and we need to prepare for the ultimate frontier.

There are tons of things to do and the best of all is that you can take a long break if you choose to chill out a bit from those ventures.


ShoonSean t1_jdfhgmq wrote

I love bushcrafting, so having more time to disappear into the woods for a few days at a time would be awesome. Oh, and if AI helps create the hyper-realistic VR realities I've dreamed about, then I'll be disappearing into a few fictional Universes I've always wanted to explore.


Desi___Gigachad t1_jdgkz4a wrote

Upload my mind and become a Post-Human and do all kinds of unimaginable things humans just cannot.


SkyeandJett t1_jddkyr0 wrote

Fitness takes a couple hours of my day. I'd go back to playing piano. Gaming would probably fill the bulk.


Caring_Cactus t1_jde8p53 wrote

According to existentialism, we create our own meaning, and it is something we all have already been doing intuitively regardless of AGI just from simply living. Hopefully there will be greater emphasis on our emotional well-being, better practice and guidance in this area because so many people suffer from an insecure self at the whims of meaning they're not creating for themselves :/


Bierculles t1_jdi0is7 wrote

A lot of people are going to seriosuly struggle with finding meaning in thir life without work. For many peopletheir work has been the biggest source of meaning in their life. Not me though, i can't wait to ditch the absolute meaningless thing people call work.


Caring_Cactus t1_jdit6qw wrote

So true because of the way many of us have confused transactional societal worth with our own personal individual self-worth.

Maybe a new emotional or spiritual Renaissance will happen, a re-connection with ourselves! I can see this happening, and I think there are some theories out there that point toward such societal growth, such as social development theory.

What separates work from purpose are whether a person chooses to accept it as their own choice.


ertgbnm t1_jdegpsc wrote

I think that world is so unknowable it's pretty much impossible to say.

First, I let AGI plan my day because it will probably be way better at that than me.

I think the utopic future will be made up of time with friends and family, mental and physical stimulation, good food, good rest, novel experiences, novel destinations.


xjames55 t1_jdejwpk wrote

travel, do drugs, party, eat, and have nanobots remove my excess fat and build up my muscles, as well as toxins from drugs and drinks to avoid hangovers and the like.


Bierculles t1_jdhzsdq wrote

If getting fat was not an issue i would probably tripple my food intake, i hope this gets solved in the near future


bodden3113 t1_jdf5wg7 wrote

As a fully disabled person I can already see how I would spend my time since I live that now but if AGI means I'll finally be cured of disability then I'll join all the folks protesting about AI taking jobs.



thatsprieguy t1_jdg1x8r wrote

I’d pick up new creative projects often and just live out my day as the modern day DaVinci.


ArcticWinterZzZ t1_jdg3n3o wrote

Wander. See the world. Meet as many people as possible. Enjoy full dive VR. Simulate all the crazy fantasies I've always dreamed of. Design the perfect video game. Relive my favorite games of the past, but for real. Enjoy an infinite virtual collection of all the stuff I've always wanted to own. Probably still browse Reddit a lot. Spend even more time arguing online.


MystikGohan t1_jde62uy wrote

I just started raising livestock in my spare time. Travel and do that, probably!

I was thinking about the time before merging with AI and having proto agi. After a merger, you can't really appreciate it in the same way, I think.

I think once your IQ goes that high, you wouldn't enjoy the things you used to. And so it's only magic if you're human still. So I'll try and really enjoy the magic of AI before the brain upgrades make those things seem silly.


themoonpigeon t1_jde8la4 wrote

I would work on developing a deep meditation practice, traveling indefinitely, creating art, socializing and help others find meaning, and giving back to nature in some way. Number one is to try and contribute to building a better world however that manifests. I think one of the great things about ai is how it levels the playing field. We can augment our abilities to be able to make dreams a reality at a much quicker pace.


QuartzPuffyStar t1_jdevro4 wrote

Waiting a week for ASGI to appear and flip the coin on human existence.


BigInhale t1_jdfpdjs wrote

Get better at juggling, more family time, more time raving


Akimbo333 t1_jdg2seb wrote

Make my AI generated video games! And porn! And Robot girls!


Puzzleheaded_Pop_743 t1_jdhdfz7 wrote

I will keep doing what I already do. Study and create math. I am creative. Those people talking about playing videogames and watching porn all day have no idea how happiness works lol. They are dreaming up a recipe for depression.


Zealousideal-Skill84 t1_jde8wre wrote

Community projects for neighborhood kids, like arts and crafts and simple natural science studies... or practicing my own art more and learning animation/pottery.


ivanmakovetskiy t1_jdehebm wrote

mostly sitting in a helmet that guides one into deep meditative states, such as jhana helmets


raicorreia t1_jdeos4u wrote

Travel the world making friendship across cultures, learning more language I know 4 now, read psychology books and do art(specially writing, playing piano) as a hobby, learn to draw, meditate to enhance myself as a person and be more light as a spirit.

And I'm anxious for that, hope that becomes reality as soon as possible to be free of being a hard working engineer, and be out of the market competition because machines will win the rat race


e-scape t1_jdes7zt wrote

Traveling, creating, learning, coding, reading, partying


Frumpagumpus t1_jdf25ka wrote

if we get to this point hopefully i'll be dead (from slicing my brain up to scan it into the computer) and (one of?) my software copy(ies) will be floating in a solar array near to the sun working on some infinite dimensional geometry problem (while simultaneously exploring a virtual multiverse with several permutations of "himself")


[deleted] t1_jdffhsz wrote

I would master 10 different martial arts, climb K2, sail to antartica, build a city on the slope of vesuvius, live dangerously!


kinetsu_hayabusa t1_jdfl4nq wrote

I will build a simulated universe just like ours and play with my simulated humans


mbcoalson t1_jdghld9 wrote

Reading, writing, playing video games, going out dancing, and studying esoteric subjects. I'd bump my D&D game up from twice a month to once a week. I would go hiking and camping. I'd learn how to sail. I'd spend lazy Sunday mornings in bed with my wife. I'm ready, sign me up.


Graveheartart t1_jdh0u80 wrote

I will volunteer more at the state park and make art! Expect really cool animated projects I normally crawl on cause I’m so tired.


Ytumith t1_jdh5ynt wrote

I work now to get training on integrated devices and see myself as an engineer in some years. If I didn't have to maintain my money, I would still have to prove my academic degrees. In fact my spending is optimized so that I have 0,00€ at the end of each month.
If the world was finally automatized and I could just live, I wouldn't change a thing except do sports and arts projects more often.

I honestly hope that I become obsolete during my lifetime, because that would mean engineers as a total have won the game.

My plan for retirement now is that when I am too old to focus on anything anymore, I will save up to buy a boat, probably a tug boat.
Then get some people to join me to go collect plastic from the garbage patches on the pacific ocean. Idk what to do with the plastic, but probably recycle it into granulate.
It's going to be old fuckin' people with all sorts of diseases and mental dysfuncitonality playing One Piece, fighting ocean pollution. If my genetical profile holds true to my family, I'll develop Alzheimers disease at about 90, so I'll have about 12 years time to control a boat. Unless of course somebody finds a cure, which looks promising.


Bierculles t1_jdhxsli wrote

Finally and indefinitely existing, no looming deadlines on the horizon, no future date where i have to go back to work, just beeing free in the moment and forever from the scourge we call work. I could laze around and casually pursue my hobbies at a leisure pace for all eternity. I would be so relaxed and free from dread that Budha would look like a coked up stressfactory compared to me. Unlike most people i met i need 0 external motivations to justify my reason to live and have a meaningfull life, i get more than enough meaning from existing alone for me to go on forever doing whatever i feel like doing that day.


PizzaPeppe t1_jddzk46 wrote

I will die out like all of humanity, hope the easy way


HydrousIt t1_jde4smk wrote

Get good sleep, get some good exercise and play sports with friends, do some charity work because I don't think we'll ever have utopia, and just study stuff I'm into


sqwuakler t1_jdeeiz5 wrote

When AGI hits, I'll be asking it how to cure cancer, invent an efficient fusion reactor, produce faster-than-light travel, etc. I'm stoked for the leap forward to when we start getting all that tech we don't know how to make yet. If we're really lucky, we can use it to heal societal issues like race and class.

Basically, I'll still be working. I'm the kind of person who produces things in my off-time, so the border between work and leisure isn't as clear. This tech will make everything I do bigger and better.


TheOGCrackSniffer t1_jdefmlh wrote

nothing, i would go outside with the knowledge that i am free and truly take in the world. other than that i would do what i currently do cus im jobless rn :/


Unprepped321 t1_jdeha81 wrote

I’d be too busy escaping FEMA camps, fighting in WW3 or raiding stores for food


Ivanthedog2013 t1_jdepw3e wrote

i would find every possible way to accelerate achieving my goals of transcending and merging with the AI or other ways of achieving immortality and super intelligence


gameryamen t1_jderqwx wrote

I have this dream often. I spend a few months working on a new project, maybe it's an art collection, maybe it's a new game, maybe it's a book, whatever is catching my passion at the time. When it's ready, I plan an event weekend for my friends and fans to come out and enjoy. The event is full of decorations and food and activities that compliment the project. What I want is to take that feeling when you and all your friends dive into a new hobby together, and turn it into a party where everyone is doing that. That way right at the most exciting time, you're surrounded by a bunch of fellow enthusiasts.

Then I'd take break for a week or two, touring around to see the project launch events of my friends and favorite creators. I want to spend time soaking in new ideas and enjoying the culture other minds create, then come back to my studio to synthesize it all into something new and fun to contribute myself.


pirax-82 t1_jdetowj wrote

Government will come and charge all AI/AGI companies additional taxes which will lead into „pension“ for ppl who can’t do advanced tasks.

Meaning of life will just remain to the „upper classes“


Flimsy-Wolverine4825 t1_jdexs6a wrote

I never worked a day in my life so it will be exactly the same for me.
I find meaning into enjoying every moment before I die or stuff/people that I love die, improve my wisdom and my knowledge, learn new skills,travelling and mainly music and all the little free stuf that nature are provinding us.

I really like life as it is right now, I feel that we will loose a lot of stuff in the future,everyday our planet is getting more polluted and life is decreasing drastically every day as well.
I think we loose a lot of humanity the last 20/30 years because of the tech and that most of people are forgeting,in my opinion, what really matter in life, actually forgeting to live.

I think that A.I is fascinating to follow but if I could press a butom and stop all the progress I think I will because based our the human nature, need and greed I don't think one scenario where these way too much powerfull tools will be use wisely.

But it doesn't prevent me to enjoy life, it actually make it more enjoyable and precious I think because I live like the end is near, anyway there is nothing that I can't do to prevent it so let's enjoy the ride wherever it drive us.

In the same time I respect all the people who are enthusiastic and working in the tech field, most of them are actually trying to make a better world I think and the next few years will be exciting to follow without too much chaos yet.


feelmedoyou t1_jdf1bhx wrote

I’ll ask the Magic Conch- I mean AI what to do next.


imlaggingsobad t1_jdf28n7 wrote

I'd build my own humanoid robot, start a business, invest, read a lot, try out full-dive VR, help find the cure to aging, travel etc


Gratitude15 t1_jdf2fu1 wrote

If you design a society, and people have no cost of living and engage with life life a free transaction, they will have more kids. They will create more waste streams in a variety of ways. The system will inevitably degenerate.

As a social designer, you've got to be able to inventivize pro social behavior that regenerates community and ecology, hopefully along with wellbeing. That means connecting upside with actions like volunteering, building networks, living healthy, etc.


Jawwwed t1_jdf61uy wrote

Well I think one of the most motivating things about life today is the struggle towards the goal; the light at the end of the tunnel, if you will. I wish to play my part in that.

But when all is said and done and utopia comes into fruition, while I do think many will rejoice, I have a feeling that there will also be many who will fall into a depressed, nihilistic state of mind. I don’t agree nor intend to follow either.

At the point in which humanity not only realizes our own creation in its maturity, but pass the torch to it; when we rid ourselves of inequality, oppression, hunger, suffering; that is when I’ll either do one of four things, or all of them: let out the biggest sigh of relief and resign myself to simply watch from the distance from here on out in content, pursuing whatever endeavor meets my fancy; get a ship and explore the universe on my own or with others; integrate into the AI hivemind; or kill myself, as I’d be able to rest knowing that humanity—or whatever may be by then—will be A-Ok 👌


masoniusmaximus t1_jdfbcqg wrote

Probably trying to keep young John Connor alive.


rand0mmm t1_jdfboax wrote

Everyone beco,es either a student or a tourist. So we shall tour about and find something to study.. local flavor becomes the thing.


uswhole t1_jdfcadl wrote

working out, travel, learning,


PaperbackBuddha t1_jdfccl0 wrote

Whatever your answer, think of any reasons you aren’t doing that already. Is it money? Time? Approval? Habit? What would substantially change your ability or propensity to do it, and how attainable is that now?


wildgurularry t1_jdfipjl wrote

Honestly, I would still be doing what I'm doing, except I would be writing the software that I want to write, instead of the software that some company wants me to write.

And the AI assistance would help my projects go way, way faster.


Heinrick_Veston t1_jdfm0o0 wrote

Play instruments, make art and music, spend time with friends and families, explore the world and hopefully others too.


geekaustin_777 t1_jdfsk7d wrote

I would dive into electronics and repair stuff. Probably travel and eat all the weird fruits and veggies we don’t have here. I’d also set up a Skyhub and watch for uap. Practice throwing axes.


jadams2345 t1_jdfxa46 wrote

Yeah, like someone is going to pay you and have your needs met without any effort from you! That’s not going to happen, AGI or no AGI 🤭

Have you learned nothing, my good sir/madam?


ididntwin t1_jdg1c3o wrote

Spend time with family, play sports, video games with friends, get better at chess.

I can't imagine a more enjoyable life. Being able to have dinner with my family every night. Hanging out with friends during the day. I hope this life can happen soon. Hinges on 1) the technology being there 2) the government realizing capitalism no longer works and offering some sort of UBI.

Not sure how UBI would work though. Some people have different expenses. If you have a high mortgage that you're able to pay now because you have a high paying job. But that job gets eliminated. Then what happens if the UBI isn't enough to cover the mortgage? What if you have more kids and mouths to feed? Will UBI be same for everyone or will certain factors be taken into consideration. So many unknowns.


Honest_Performer2301 t1_jdg8s9y wrote

In a matrix that I create. You will literally be able to be who you want to be. Before all the judgement etc


Dempsey64 t1_jdg9n5t wrote

School, research, volunteering, traveling, outdoors…


DaCosmicHoop t1_jdgaq9m wrote

Make a Skyrim playthrough with every mod installed.


widepeeepohappy t1_jdgcjk2 wrote

Doing things you actually enjoy? Spending more time with the family.


CertainMiddle2382 t1_jdgnl9b wrote

Like everybody else, fulfilling our urges in other ways than productive work.

Due to mimetism, we want things that we cannot have (often because they cannot be shared).

I predict I explosion in tasks that are difficult, time consuming, hierarchical, but totally unproductive:

Sports, fitness, “bodybuilding/improving” is the obious one.

For people with few gifts at this, non physical sports (much harder to exclude AI cheating though).

Anything producing artifacts, like music/plastic arts also will still exist but be enormously diluted by AI production. Apart live performances that will be in great demand, and I imagine will merge with the first activities (people at the top of physical competition will be able to diversify by providing live art, AI generated or not).

But my take is that the human body is going to be central in AI times.

Any other ideas?


ibm2017 t1_jdgnwh0 wrote

AGI is B2B rather than B2C, so there is no direct business opportunity for individuals to earn money from it.


Scarlet_pot2 t1_jdgu2j6 wrote

Do I have access to an ASI? If I don't then I would spend time trying to build one. Of course I'd spend most time family, friends, life. but for job replacement I'd focus on AI R&D


No_Ninja3309_NoNoYes t1_jdh070y wrote

  1. Radiate out from my home to neighboring cities. Each week staying in a different one, thanks to cheap rooms to rent or whatever.

  2. Avoid cold weather by adopting a temporary new base once a year.

  3. Play the guitar.

  4. Make websites for fun with GPT 12.

  5. Make simple games for fun.

  6. Learn languages.

  7. Play badminton or squash.

  8. Write stories with GPT 12.

  9. Make images for the stories in 8 with Stable Diffusion 12.

  10. Post generated content on websites made in 4.

  11. Brag about my content from 10 on social media.

  12. Make up new activities with GPT 12.


Beneficial_Fall2518 t1_jdh3p4o wrote

I don't know yet. But once I plug directly into the world brain then I'll know.


kiyotaka-6 t1_jdhcdan wrote

Nothing, i will probably die. And it's fine


Makebigbensad t1_jdhenqw wrote

I am going to spend my days creating. To think you don't need to worry about recharge from work. Not pausing idea because you need to go to sleep for work. Or simple lose an idea because you are at work and can't create.

Instead just spend days and night endless creating for no other person then to fill your soul.

And best of all not being limited by the lack of training instead using AI to fill in any gaps. Today write, tomorrow paint and maybe day after that create a song.


Bingach t1_jdhherv wrote

Get uploaded hopefully


SerdarCS t1_jdhommt wrote

Traveling and if possible space exploration


mihmandarofus t1_jdhyv97 wrote

I would be discovering the sea life, there’s a lot waiting to be discovered


dkent248 t1_jds463h wrote

Actually doing things I enjoy!


Artanthos t1_jddnbav wrote

The real question is what, if any, resources will be available beyond the basic necessities.

Most forms of entertainment want you to pay for them in some way.

Advertising won’t be an option if the government is directly providing necessities. You have no income, so you are not a potential customer.

No subscriptions, you have no money to spend.

So, options will be limited to available resources and activities that require no resources. E.g. you could meditate, do pushups, or interact socially with your immediate peer group.

Hopefully at least some form of enlightenment will be provided. This may include TV lounges, ping pong tables, sports, etc. All fairly low budget.


Surur t1_jde08hf wrote

With things virtually free, you could do whatever you want on a tiny stipend.


Artanthos t1_jdehw2p wrote

You assume things will be virtually free.

That’s a large assumption.

  1. compute power won’t increase the availability of material or energy resources
  2. the whole basis of UBI is taxation, a cost that will be passed on
  3. those who own the systems will still want compensation and profit.
  4. demand for basic services won’t decrease unless population is reduced.
  5. some very basic resources are already facing reduced availability, e.g. the right types of sand for silicon chips and concrete.

Surur t1_jdelj8k wrote

> compute power won’t increase the availability of material or energy resources

Of course it will. When everything gets automated, there is no cost except energy, which can be gotten from the sun for free

Does the forest cost money to grow? When we have solar powered robots building solar powered robots, any project can be done for free, because the inputs will also be generated by solar powered robots.


Artanthos t1_jdelzzu wrote

Automation won’t magically produce raw materials out of thin air.

You still need to buy those.


Surur t1_jdepojo wrote

a) Actually, like plants, automation could pull carbon for example right from the air.

b) the places making the raw materials would also be automated.

Automated mines, automated refineries, automated solar panel factories, automated installers, automated powerlines - very biological.

You know von neumann machines, right - no one is saying those are unaffordable, because they are self-reproducing.


Artanthos t1_jdevuxm wrote

  1. Congratulations, you have carbon. Now you need everything else.
  2. mines can be automated, but there are a limited number of mines and those mines have a finite amount of resources.
  3. arable land is a declining resource
  4. there is only just so much available for a lot of other resources, see my sand example

Limited resources means supply and demand. The owners of those resources have only a finite amount available and will be selling them to the highest bidders. Just like today’s commodities markets.

The more limited resources will go up in at a rapidly increasing pace as demand increases. See lithium prices over time. And there’s not a lot to automate with lithium production.


Surur t1_jdf6vsn wrote

Please turn your eyes to the heavens and look up. We have infinite resources.

To add, we never run out of resources, just easily accessible resources, and with near infinite energy, we can even filter our minerals from seawater.

You need to let go of your scarcity mindset.


Artanthos t1_jdheokh wrote

We have to make it up there in a cost efficient manner for it to be usable.

That’s a long ways away.

But what the heck. Elon Musk is taking the lead on getting us there. I’m sure everyone on Reddit will be ecstatic if he succeeds and becomes the world’s first trillionaire.


DankestMage99 t1_jdgg9tw wrote

The only limiting thing is energy. Once you have that solved, you solve everything else. And with AI’s help, I believe that will be solved very soon. We already recently had a fusion breakthrough, it won’t take much more. Also, solar will cover the rest in concert with the improvements in battery storage. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if AI will be able to help us figure out zero point energy.

I don’t think you aren’t thinking “big enough,” because every problem you mentioned is easily solved with AI and unlimited energy.

We have everything we could ever need, material-wise, sitting in our landfills and littering the planet currently that we don’t need to mine anything ever again. The only reason we continue to mine is because it’s still cheaper/easier to pull it from the ground than pull the materials from trash. AI will solve this problem.

Also, people will use substantially less. If you had access to everything for free, you wouldn’t want/need most of the crap you own. How much stuff sits in our world unused as a backup or kept around as some form of a sunk cost? You don’t need 99% of it. If everything is free and on-demand, you just recycle stuff once you don’t need it or it breaks and order something new. You could have new clothes made for yourself daily. Why would you need an entire wardrobe? Extrapolate that to everything you use in your life. You could 3D print yourself anything you need. All the extra stuff could be recycled and used as raw materials. And when you multiple this reduction and recycling of materials for 6 billion people, it becomes easy to see how we have more than we could ever need.

Arable land could be solved by huge desalination facilities. Again, this is only restrictive now due to energy consumption. If we had free unlimited energy, the Sahara desert could be reclaimed for everything from farming to lush jungles. Again, that’s more than we would ever need to supply food for the planet—hell, we can feed the planet now if it weren’t for the limiting economic and distribution issues. We throw away so much food away now it’s unbelievable.

I could go on and on, but my point should be clear.

There are only two things that are going to limit this future:

  • whether humans can give up need for the few to remain in power/control
  • whether we can create an AI that won’t destroy us

Artanthos t1_jdhca32 wrote

I would love to see raw resources manufactured using only energy, but this is not Star Trek.


DankestMage99 t1_jdpeigl wrote

If we get AGI, you will be living in Star Trek. That’s the point.


Artanthos t1_jdr2a7b wrote

The more feasible parts of Star Trek are already here, only better.

The Hollywood Magic parts will remain Hollywood magic.

No amount of AI is going to change physics and start creating something from nothing.


SgathTriallair t1_jdgwnxy wrote

Businesses already pay employees. When they don't have employees they can pay that same amount of money directly into a UBI. Businesses can't exist without summertime buying their product so the government will quickly start instituting UBI, just like they did during the pandemic.


Artanthos t1_jdhc50m wrote

Or those who own the automation and the material resources will switch to a smaller, less inclusive economic system.

True wealth is resources, manufacturing capacity, and knowledge. Most of those left unemployed will have none of the above.


SgathTriallair t1_jdhpzha wrote

Who is going to buy their products?

Also, TRUE wealth is the ability to make the world into what you want it to be. Money is only useful insomuch as it lets you shape the world, whether that is through transforming a building into your dwelling or convincing a senator to pass a law you like.

The only reason we dislike billionaires is because their wealth gives them outsized influence on society. If all it did was buy them extra stuff no one would care.


Artanthos t1_jdhqiye wrote

No one person, even among the wealthy, will have all required resources.

So, humanity moves from its current economy to an economy with only 30 million participants.

They continue to buy and sell among themselves.


SgathTriallair t1_jdhsfwh wrote

You are still underestimating what AI can and will do. Those 30 million jobs can also be automated. The only job which can't be automated is owner because the owner isn't based on what they do but the fact that they real the profits. An economy that is just Gates and Elon isn't an economy.

Also, the other 7.97 billion of will riot if we are all told to go die. Those 30 million will not be able to stand up to that. The sea of humanity will demand the means of survival, which will be UBI. We did it in Rome, we did it in COVID, and we'll definitely do it with an AI induced layoff. That assumes of course that humans are still in charge of anything.


Artanthos t1_jdhu0d1 wrote

Not 30 million jobs.

30 million owners trading among themselves.


SgathTriallair t1_jdhvao6 wrote

Capitalism always concentrates wealth. Also, stop and calculate the economics for a few minutes and you'll realize that makes no sense. A single individual can only buy so many shirts and movie tickets. A 30 million global economy couldn't sustain itself at anywhere near the level we have now, it would be practically stone age.


Artanthos t1_jdhztqr wrote

  1. You think on a much smaller scale than even today’s wealthy.
  2. Automation will reduce costs.

NVincarnate t1_jdeogod wrote

I'll live out the rest of my life reminding people daily about the horrible construct of greed and wanton destruction called Capitalism so that no one ever makes that stupid fucking mistake ever again.

I'll literally reference the complicit governments responsible as a Holocaust survivor refers to the German Nazi Regime.