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Surur t1_jddzmgo wrote


ManasZankhana t1_jden3ev wrote

An asi will probably guide me. Self driving drones locating invasive species and identifying areas of more and less biodiversity. The information we’ll have to restore habitats will be amazing


polybium t1_jdggm8d wrote

Watched over by machines of loving grace.


Kindly-Spring5205 t1_jdes8qb wrote

The Culture is indeed the best future


Yesyesnaaooo t1_jdgt47b wrote

Do you think the alignment problem can be solved by making the first thing the AI trains on be books like 'The Culture' and other works of fiction?

So the AI builds it's moral base off stories of AI in the world - like human's built their moral base off of religion?


Just spitballing like


0002millertime t1_jdfd08u wrote

Whoa, whoa, whoa. AI is supposed to be intelligent. Are they also supposed to be wise?