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DATCO-BERLIN t1_jeddub2 wrote



el_chaquiste t1_jedle3l wrote

Yeah, nothing is stopping him from doing that.

Besides dogs are good listeners.


errllu t1_jedxk7y wrote

Fr tho, there is a language for dogs. OP is just too fucking lazy to teach it. Or reaserch the topic at all tbh.


Patrick26 t1_jedduo1 wrote

If you can talk, then you can talk to your dog whenever it is near, but if you hear your dog talking back then you may need to lie down for a wee nap.


1a1b t1_jedve2g wrote

The more you talk to your dog, the more it learns about language. GPT-4 does not even have a concept of a word, just character substrings (tokens) that don't correspond to words. Similarly, your dog doesn't know the sounds we are making are "words". No such thing as words exists to dogs or GPT-4.

Despite this, with enough training data being listened to by a dog, they no longer are responding to sound like an oscilloscope. Instead they respond to patterns which represent to us the underlying meaning of speech, read emotions and context.

Similarly, GPT with enough training has begun to associate tokens with not just other tokens, but patterns of tokens. Like a dog, the more data they are trained on, the better they become at identifying these patterns and making accurate predictions about what should come next.


garden_frog t1_jedxfqg wrote

There is an ongoing project to use LLM to decode whale language.

But I don't think dog language is complex enough to allow a meaningful conversation.


ItIsIThePope t1_jedsx9c wrote

hmm, you can communicate to him now and him communicate back

but if you mean in a way like two humans do, you might need your dog to grow some thinking muscles to keep up


jlowe212 t1_jee348w wrote

Dogs can clearly understand some human speech. I mean, the evidence is overwhelming. Some dogs even try to talk back. Dogs are also clearly capable of experiencing wide range of emotions and feelings just like a human. A dog is only separated from a human by a small bit of intelligence. A smarter dog is essentially a human a four legs. A dog is closer to a human than AGI will likely ever be, and deserve more rights as well, if for no other reason than the fact that they can clearly experience suffering.


CriticalEgg4238 t1_jee4b1m wrote

Learn how to communicate with them and you can today. Me and my dog are close as fuck.


Frumpagumpus t1_jeedblr wrote

they remove this? thats a tragedy