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This is a truly mindblowing idea. The fact that AI generated movies, tv, short films, documentaries could be possible in the next 5-10 years is insane.

What does this mean for the entertainment industry? Will Actors, producers, directors, crew, CGI, all be out of jobs? If we assume AI can eventually create a movie that is oscar nomination worthy every 10 seconds for essentially no cost, does that mean there will be no reason to create human made productions? The average movie that hollywood makes is not very good quality and costs a lot of time and money, and especially when you compare it to an AI that can always produce a Godfather level if not 10x better!

Do you think it will be possible for AI to create a movie that is 100x better than the godfather? Or is there a limit to how "good" it can be? Will the AI be able to create original plots that aren't obviously derivative of previous human made works that it is trained from? Will it become more common for actors to license their likeness?

I have so many questions.

How long do you think until AI will be able to create an Oscar worthy movie? Will there still be value to "human created" art, even when AI can create a consistently high quality work with virtually no cost and time? Will you open Netflix in 20 years and see all AI generated content?

Also, if AI can create a virtually unlimited amount of high quality, entertaining, emotionally moving movies... how will the sheer volume affect the market? Will there be no more studios? Maybe a new website/company will emerge and be sort of a YouTube for AI generated video?



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timecoyote t1_iqytpck wrote

This is a really interesting topic and I'd say the potential for this sort of thing is limitless. It reminds me of Remembrance of Earth's Past when the aliens start making movies and shows with human likenesses, targeted at human audiences, basically so they could trick us into thinking they were friendly and not a threat.


ekmeh t1_ir0h22m wrote

Three body’s coming true


spazzadourx t1_iqzff2y wrote

Many movies don't end up making much money and millions of youtube videos are made just for fun. When AI gets to that level other jobs would be automated as well giving humans much more free time to do what they want which will be pursue the arts. People will still make movies even if they don't have to. It'll be like those art and craft DIY things that cost more to make than buy mass produced. The stereotype about film students is that theyre trust fund babies and don't need to find a job that pays anyways I doubt they care


krayzieeight t1_ir0kgyn wrote

Would people really pursue arts though? Most people I think would give it a shot and get bored/ give up in a few days. I really doubt patience would be a value people respect or have in a fully automated world.


spazzadourx t1_ir4i51r wrote

everyone has to do something in their free time and in a fully automated world it's obviously not 'work' as we know it now. If we look at what trust fund babies, royal families...people that are set for life and don't have to work do its usually some type of useless art


ace111L t1_iqz623c wrote

The hardest part will be the creativity part. Even if you software that can produce 8K photorealistic video footage, you still need original/creative plotlines.

AI is not creative yet. I think we will need AGI for true creativity. A static image is much easier to pass the "creative" test than a whole storyline.


Villad_rock t1_iqzij3p wrote

But the barrier to entry will be much lower and regular people could help the ai with the plotlines.


DarkCeldori t1_iqzligv wrote

Depends on what you mean by creativity.

Creativity seems to be just taking or selecting meaningful and significant output from random combinations of learned material. And even current ais can do that to limited extent.

Future systems like gpt4 are likely to do so even better.


FaxDwellerCat t1_iqznf1f wrote

Already at the start of 2022, AI could be much more creative than the plot of many new movies wit the right tuning and enough memory to make it coherent.


cjeam t1_ir2jkkx wrote

Think that's mostly a reflection on how people can still appreciate extremely simple plots though rather than production ability. I mean some TV shows that are very popular are remarkably shit to my mind.


RelentlessExtropian t1_iqzc4qv wrote

Well what if it gets good enough you can say, "Based on The Dresden Files, single player rpg, hyper-realist noir." Then a bit of fine tuning. Would be neat to have A.I. good enough that you'll be pleasantly surprised with what they come up with. Most of the time I don't need something completely new. Having something familiar, executed well, can be such a nice experience.


Mr_pb_hole t1_iqznjes wrote

Asking it to create a thing based on a human made thing won't last long. That will be the early days of humans prompting ai.


RelentlessExtropian t1_iqzo6aa wrote

At what point do you think the output wouldn't have been influenced by human made content? Ever? I mean, when your foundation is the repository of digitized human content, seems like you'd never grow passed your foundation. Some piece, way down deep, still would have connections to us.


ToxicMonk_ji t1_iqzec9r wrote

I had thought of this concept like 4-5 years ago, when GAN and transformer architecture implementation was at their nascent stage from general POV. Heck, Imagine a SAAS based web app where the followng steps are provided as services:

1- Select a genre and generate a script - From high fantasy to cyberpunk, literally any genre. (You train the model with PDF data of all the available material and tag the data) Once the script is generated, you have the ability to add creativity, edit the script and finalise it.

2- Draw a storyboard - Create a rough outline of the generated script in low anime version.

3- Generate cast and edit the facial and body structure- This includes the facial, racial, voice, geographic setting of the cast and structures.

4- Generate cutscenes and edit.

5- Automate marketing campaign on social media/ members of the community

6- Release it on a dao based OTT powered app.

Future version can include features as, User can engage in creating custom made movie with their own avatars.


fignewtgingrich OP t1_iqzmusx wrote

I think at first it will definitely look like this!

I think the AI could EVENTUALLY (whether that takes 5-50 years) become good enough to handle the whole thing. For some reason I am imagining it being more in the AI hands. I see it your way where we essentially work closely with it but I think it is our tendencies to want to still feel valuable speaking. I think it won’t need us, at least for this process. I see it as easy as generating Dalle images.


ToxicMonk_ji t1_ir00ndy wrote

Ye, my point is today's Transformer based models which relies on One-shot learning can actually automate all of the above steps from a product prespective. Today, The downside is the compute units (which would require a lot of brute force). The other concern is it might not be as creative as we want it to be which stems into further problems like 1- Generic content after a point of time. 2- copyright issues.

what might it actually do is speed up the pre production process by atleast 6x-12x time(Considering approvals and reviews by human reviewers).

But this could be a kickass use case for short video on youtube and other video sharing platforms and content creators who need content, sell content for easy bucks.


TriangularStudios t1_ir03bd7 wrote

It means the holodeck is one step closer to reality. Forget TV/Movies, media will merge into 1 thing the holodeck.


w33dSw4gD4wg360 t1_ir2hfpo wrote

Eventually in fulldive we will be creating fully interactive experiences, sharing them, and modifying them as they move from person to person. Copyright will likely dissolve, as everyone will be evolving eachothers work, mixing and matching ideas in endless ways


Marcus_111 t1_ir06o3g wrote

You are not seeing the whole picture. Within the next 10-15 years, when AI will be able to create Oscar award-worthy movies, AI will also be making advances in medical sciences, AI will be able to change the neurotransmitters via nanobots in your brain so that you don't need any movies or drugs to achieve euphoria or ecstasy. Even further, when the Computer brain interface is achieved, your consciousness will be able to transcend across the human body. You watch movies so that it alters serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain so you feel happiness. So, happiness is the subject of your brain, when you(i mean your consciousness) will be able to leave your human body, happiness doesn't even matter, so oscar-worthy movies generated by AI will be irrelevant.


flyblackbox t1_ir2a7u3 wrote

Gtfoh where did you read this?


Marcus_111 t1_ir2cfv2 wrote

I didn't read that, I am trying to predict the future with logical arguments. If you have any counter arguments, kindly present here.


w33dSw4gD4wg360 t1_ir2i2bo wrote

He just observed the evolution of technology over time, and used his gathered understanding to extrapolate into the future, just as AI does with image generation today; compiling existing information in new ways in order to create novel ideas.


fignewtgingrich OP t1_ir2ufoh wrote

very interesting response!

You are arguing that once we can hack our biology via nuralink and nanobots we will no longer rely on traditional media consumption to entertain us/make us happy? Or you are saying we won't need happiness eventually? I disagree and don't understand. Why won't we still want happiness? You are also making the big leap that we can indeed move our consciousness out of our body, I think it is likely it will be a copy of our consciousness rather than us. Obviously its a big point of contention but you are making a big leap IMO that we will no longer want to be happy and do crave things that bring us happiness.


Marcus_111 t1_ir5boou wrote

I think that consciousness has no inherent nature of happiness or sadness. Happiness and sadness are the subject of the brain, these feelings of happiness and sadness were developed during evolution so that living beings are motivated to do the actions which increase their survival value. These feelings are created in the brain. When we don't have a human body in the post singularity era, we will not crave for happiness anymore.


fignewtgingrich OP t1_ir7b4pp wrote

I totally agree with this point. I just have been feeling less optimistic lately about our chances of transcending our human bodies and still be conscious.


CremeEmotional6561 t1_iqz4cl2 wrote

When movies (and interactive games as well) will become worthless in the future, they will just go the same way as music today.


TheDavidMichaels t1_ir0hwa5 wrote

i do not thinks so, YouTube is already virtually infinite yet despite unlimited content there are definitely creators who make tons of money. in fact it does better then the standard TV and movie model and more average people make money on platforms like youtube and other than in the "real" movie industry. you tube make tons of money on music!!!!


TheSingulatarian t1_ir0dkvq wrote

Feed every script into the AI, Feed every movie that is half way decent into the AI.

Genre Western

Stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Henry Fonda, Charles Laughton.

High action, high conflict

Press enter.


StringNut t1_iqz6umr wrote

Entertainment is a measure of the ability of a medium to capture the attention of some entity for a period of time. When the ability to generate entertaining content is a trivial task, the creation of content will serve other purposes. Government propaganda, Education, Information dense communication of complex ideas, Social engineering and manipulation, ect.


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Poemy_Puzzlehead t1_ir017jl wrote

AI directed research could create incredibly in depth and detailed documentaries.

Say you feed the AI prompts on ‘Jack the Ripper’ and allow the program to hyperlink a mountain of evidence and footage together into a narrative time-line. I think AI could actually solve murders conclusively and the process would be highly entertaining.


Reddituser45005 t1_ir02xm0 wrote

If you look at music recording, there was a time when it required a dedicated multimillion dollar multi-track studio with effects and a team including engineers and producers to make and distribute an album. Now individuals and bands can do that on their own. Yes, studios and record companies still exist and control the top selling artists but independents can and do get themselves out their using readily available and relatively low cost hardware and software. I suspect AI movie production will go the same way. There will an underground of independent movie makers writing and producing films without actors or sets. They will create the story and the script and then curate the AI to turn the story into a movie.


mcfluffy0451 t1_ir3uq0f wrote

I think it will be many years before AI can create feature length movies. Right now, it can create these small basic but kinda creative short videos. It will take a while for the tech to develop to make everything smooth, to make it high quality, and to make a lot of details like in an ordinary movie. Plus, i imagine it will be a lot of computing power in order to create these full length movies. So i guess it'll be years before AI can do this.

But that's just creating them. What about the actual artistry/story/characters of the film?

Actors will probably license out their likeness eventually, but there will always be an underground scene using their likeness anyway. It will be akin to piracy today. Huge numbers of people do it. But there will be those individuals, companies and governments that will want to go the legal and official way when creating stuff and so will license out the likeness. They'll do it because it's the legal way but they'll also frame it as helping to pay actors/give them work (the actors will probably hire themselves out to help fine tune their likeness for each individual paid product) because the AI will have shortened the acting industry and put a lot of actors out of work.

The AI films in the near future will need to be directed. It might be decades before AI can self-direct good films on their own. People are saying we're only years away from this, but i think we're much further away. The AI would need to be sophisticated enough in technology and artistry, and also be creatively adept enough, which i think is so far away, because it takes a much longer time to put "soul" into how an AI acts. To put the human element in it. To put the genuine creativity and structuring of a story and themes and characters and arcs.

With all the directing duties an individual or team will be able to do when AI can make full length movies, in re-arranging and crafting all the elements of the film and story, i think it will still take a while to do. But the movie making process will be much shorter and easier, and the results will be far better in the hands of capable story tellers and filmmakers. Being absorbed in the easy and simple process of directing the movie with AI and all the details, and it would be especially immersive if you were creating it in VR. Imagine being directly in the movie and sculping everything as you look around, saying voice commands to the AI in how you want a scene to happen, describing the backgrounds and character actions.

Or you can teleport to any scene in your movie and start making changes. Create any sound effect or music you want. Create any sci-fi or fantasy world and sculp it with as much realism as you want. Make spaceships flying through the universe in seconds. The long term possibilities are truly incredible. But how long will it take for us to get there?

Full control like that i feel is like at least 10 years away. And AI creating it's own good movies much later.

I remember when modern VR first came out around 2014 with the Oculus Rift on kickstarter. It was a view into a whole new world, and we of course expected the technology to get better over time and become mainstream. I mean it's literally virtual reality, for real. But in reality, the tech has improved slowly, and hasn't become mainstream yet, and it's been 8 years since the release of the Oculus Rift, and we're still in the beginning stages.

What's interesting about predictions of future technology, is that we're often surprised at what happens, as it goes in directions we didn't expect. And areas advance faster than others. For me and i think a lot of people, we didn't even think much about AI in regards to artworks, yet in the past month it's taken us by storm, and though it's not mainstream yet, i feel like it's quickly working it's way towards that, especially for those in the art world. For years there was always discussions about AI taking jobs, and the discussions were always around jobs that weren't about art, and then the AI improvements have turned the table upside and gone for artists as one of the first casualties. So it'll be interesting to see how AI continues to advance.

In regards to video and movies, creators can only make very basic stuff right now. I still love it in a way, the earliest experimental steps with this technology, and it's quaint and new. But when creators can full make their visions come to life with the help of this technology, then i think we will see content that is better than most if not all of what has gone before. Because of the sheer freedom of creativity and potential that creators will have because of this technology. The stories and character arc will be incredible, whether it's original or something remade. Deeper and longer character arcs and stories of classic characters will be possible. All different kinds of filiming styles too.

It should be right, that the next generation of humanity surpasses the previous one. So should it be with art, as we surpass the art that has gone previously. To continue helping and forwarding the advancement of humanity. Because it's also that, most of us are going to die eventually, maybe all of us, and our art that remains won't matter to us because we'll be dead, and we need to make room for the art of future artists for their world. There's already an insane amount of art of all varities floating around the world. It's already a congested quagmire. Paintings, movies, tv shows, anime, video games. Past art shoudn't remain as pinnacles, but should only serve as a guide for us to surpass them. Future artists years, decades, centuries and millenia from now, millions and billions of them, will be born into a world which is ever more congested with people's art. They should aim to surpass it, to create better art and help advance humanity, themselves, and art itself.

That's my view on the sanctity of art. Fuck it.

In a way, i get wanting one's art to be sacred and one's own, and i feel that a lot myself. But i think we have to eventually adapt to an increasingly changing world. I want to tell stories, but i welcome when AI would eventually surpass me in telling them. That i could no longer make a living because the AI has taken my job. I welcome it, for greater creative expression now exists in the world and for everyone else, and i would focus more on my own personal pursuits, and seek a different career path should i choose.

We are in the midst of the AI art revolution. There's a new technology related to it being made every week it seems, and i am always impressed by the artwork people have made from it.

I've seen both sides of the discussions when it comes to artists. Some embracing the technology, some adapting, some angry, some sad, some fearing. I understand the fear about the threat of this AI technology and it eventually coming for their job, and they have a right to fear it. But what can you do? No one can stop the advancement of technology.

Once this becomes mainstream, some governments may try to ban it, because of all the copyright complexities and deep fakes of people complexities, but that won't stop it. It will continue underground and eventually force itself back into public view but it will be unstoppable this time because of it's widespread use and how powerful the technology is. Plus, not every world government will ban it, and that government and it's people will use it and have an advantage, and the governments that banned it will see that and then combined with the other reasons i mentioned, will unban it so as not to have a disadvantage when it comes to other countries. So maybe governments in the first place won't ban it because of those reasons.


Akimbo333 t1_iqyudka wrote

Interesting but I'm sure that there will still be a market for it though!


fignewtgingrich OP t1_iqyugpx wrote

what do you mean? why not?


Akimbo333 t1_iqyuu0y wrote

I mean there's Broadway and Hamilton. People may still like human actors!


fignewtgingrich OP t1_iqyv1d3 wrote

Yes but if an AI can create a movie where you can't tell if it is the real Tom Cruise or not, then what is the difference? Or are you speaking particularly of live Broadway?


Akimbo333 t1_iqyw7ro wrote

Yeah kinda both! People might actually like to see a movie with the actual Tom Cruise.


fignewtgingrich OP t1_iqywqz0 wrote

But what if the fake Tom cruise movie is way better every time? And what if it could be personalized to fit EXACTLY your preferences in what you want to see in a movie? The argument is that the quality of the content is so good it drives the value of human made productions way down. I’d rather see a amazing Tom cruise movie by AI (where I can’t tell the difference and it seems totally real) than a decent Tom cruise movie with the “real” Tom cruise.


fignewtgingrich OP t1_iqyym90 wrote

I also think we will start to see value in movies with actors that aren’t real people. I often get taken out of the immersion when I see the same 25 faces in every movie. Having realistic and compelling actors that aren’t real people could be game changing.


RelentlessExtropian t1_iqzcbnu wrote

You'll have people that are masters of using these tools to create compelling narratives. Probably still will take a level of work most people don't want to commit to or simply like that creator's style.


fignewtgingrich OP t1_iqzfp99 wrote

why not as simple as talking to a natural language ai? In theory a child can have an AI make a beautiful film the same way a child can make Dalle-2 make a beautiful static picture. I feel like it will mostly be out of our hands


RelentlessExtropian t1_iqzghq3 wrote

Maybe. I find my brother (he's way into all that A.I. stuff) gets much better results than what I generally see posted. So there's something to it. Understanding the nuances of the system, it's strengths and weaknesses etc, to really make the end product shine. Ya know what I mean?


fignewtgingrich OP t1_iqzj6jp wrote

Yeah I know what you mean for sure. Maybe the system will be so good at talking to us it can use anyone for great art? Eventually speaking. I agree some people will be better than others at telling it what to make and getting the best out of it. I just think the difference might not be huge. We'll see


visarga t1_iqzerze wrote

> If we assume AI can eventually create a movie that is oscar nomination worthy every 10 seconds for essentially no cost

It's not gonna be a "movie" but more like a sim or a game, and we're not going to make it for entertainment but as a training ground for AI. Simulation goes hand in hand with AI because real world data is expensive and limited but sims only cost electricity to run.

We are already seeing generative models as source of training data. link


fignewtgingrich OP t1_iqzfho9 wrote

I see, but why not also for entertainment? Why not use it to produce movies for consumption for example?


visarga t1_ir12jh9 wrote

I agree it's gonna be "abused" by humans as well.


Akimbo333 t1_iqzm4gd wrote

I think that it would see entertainment lol!


TheSingulatarian t1_ir0coqy wrote

There are only a limited number of plots

Man against Man

Man against Himself

Man against Woman

Man Against Authority

Man Against Nature



hangheadstowardssun t1_ir0slka wrote

I have a hard stop mentally at purely ai content.

Is there no appreciation of talent? Are we looking at the destruction of entertainment? What creative innovation could AI have if it is trained on other models of films?

Now if the AI is truly sentient, then I think some interesting things happen.

But AI generated marvel films sound even more targeted and soulless than they are right now. Think of how much bullshit would be turned out, by a passionless machine, operated by a greedy movie studio.

Truly sounds like hell to me and the death of artistic purpose.


DamienLasseur t1_ir1vlpu wrote

Looks like someone read the prologue of Max Tegmark's Life 3.0 hahaha


Kinexity t1_ir1rza6 wrote

We can't make AI write a book and you think we'll get AI generated movies in 5-10 years? Yeah, no.


Reasonable-Room-307 t1_ir3233x wrote

Yeah but could they make movies and TV shows that aren’t complete shit though? This is less a comment about AI than the current state of the film and TV business.


TheDavidMichaels t1_ir0ggw6 wrote

i feel the entire above statement starts on a many false premises, AI has not created anything yet. it not high quality, and likely will always need human to add the narrative, all these AI so far are doing is reorganizing and labeling other PEOPLES creativity, billions and billions of human man hrs including the AI it self. AI take the work of human's , pre render creativity and randomly reorganizing that pre render creativity and work. What does DALLE do with out a prompt? What new style has DALLE created? These tools are powerful, allowing the billions of other people's pre developed ideas and putting it in everyone hands to apply to their ideas. its like being the director of a huge movie production company the many artist below, However at ever step the People did the work. What this will allow is for people with tiny budgets to create like people with all human creativity assisting them. Additionally movies and music industry need to go away. the centralization of any resources into the hand of a few evil middle men has always stagnated and corrupted all sectors of human existence!! So this tech will allow anyone with a good idea to create a story in some VR 3d interactive multiplayer story. IN the end nothing will really change, those with good ideas and those who go the extra miles will rise! While most will just just do nothing! When people can make most anything they want most will just make shit and issues!!