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Shelfrock77 OP t1_iqzh9dd wrote

“Stanford University researchers have discovered a rapid and sustainable way to synthetically produce a promising cancer-fighting compound right in the lab. The compound's availability has been limited because its only currently known natural source is a single plant species that grows solely in a small rainforest region of Northeastern Australia.”


dontpet t1_iqzjahu wrote

I'm unsure if all these opportunities via the various tools creates an exponential development of new medicines. So many options and all take rigorous testing before we get a product.

So, maybe exponential with lots of bottlenecks?


Shelfrock77 OP t1_iqzjkt1 wrote

AI can test way faster than humans because it has streamlined access to it’s computer labs. For example, the way we developed covid vaccines so quickly is because we used simulations.


dontpet t1_iqzkckq wrote

True. I can imagine other medicines not being waved thru as swiftly though. I hope it doesn't hobble developments too much. I've maybe 25 years left and hope to live indefinitely.