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Bakoro t1_iuiunf2 wrote

Lower prices mean nothing if people don't have income to buy goods.

AI is not like other past technologies where it will create more jobs than it takes. It will create a small number of initially higher paid jobs while taking ten or a thousand jobs for every one created. Then the competition for those jobs will reduce wages. The capitalists who own everything will keep the profits.

We've already seen this past pandemic that the mass inflation we've seen is due to corporate greed, far more than anything. They will continue to suck the blood out of people if nothing changes.


Quealdlor t1_iujcje8 wrote

In 2022 there are more job openings than people willing to take them. There is a shortage of workers, despite what Singularitarians were writing 10 years ago. There's no technological unemployment. That's just science-fiction. And cheaper stuff doesn't come from UBI. The whole idea of the soon incoming mass technological unemployment is mistaken. Change doesn't happen so fast. Just look at Tesla Optimus. It's just a one robot and it's so far from doing everything a human can, but better.


Bakoro t1_iujkg0f wrote

In 2022 there are lot of shit-tier jobs no one wants, and a lack of workers because millions of people died, retired, or otherwise left the work force.
There is an ample supply of workers for higher level jobs, the corporations don't want to invest in training and paying people.

What's going on now is not relevant to the conversation about the very near future where AI replaces tens of millions of workers.

If you don't understand that, then you haven't been paying attention to anything but headlines.
Change doesn't happen so fast? Change is happening on the daily, I can't keep up with the pace of improvements. Literally every single day I am reading about new technologies and techniques. New specialized hardware is coming down the pipeline that will put AI on steroids.

Change isn't going to just happen fast, it's going to be so fast you won't see it coming. When the corporatists make a switch, maybe you'll hear about some test cases, but a lot of it is going to happen literally overnight. People will show up to work and learn they've been replaced.

The near future is not about one robot that does everything, it's about a thousand robots tuned to a thousand different tasks.

Manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing are already on the chopping block, and AI is coming for just about all of our jobs. Even a shift of a few percent is enough to collapse the modern economy, and it's not going to be just a few percent.


just_thisGuy t1_iuj6ekm wrote

Higher prices after pandemic are because we have less stuff, because we shutdown stuff (does not matter if you agree with shutdowns or not), some people think stuff just comes from stores, people need to make stuff, less work less stuff, period. Yes we get more efficient, producing more stuff with less work, but we just want more stuff so we end up working even more. Higher prices are also because governments printed money, the money is not what is important it’s stuff. Yes we will need UBI, when we actually have robots to do much of the work, right now it’s mostly just humans who actually do the work.


just_thisGuy t1_iujdrcc wrote

Wow, I must have triggered you, repeating the same thing over and over and calling people names, is that how you talk to people and try to convince them? I got news for you, that’s not going to work. Btw, sure there is a bunch of corporate greed, I never said otherwise. But you seem to be a child.


Bakoro t1_iujenjj wrote

I didn't call you names, I said to get fucked. Totally different.

I don't need to convince you, I'm leaving information for people who are actually interested in what's going on instead of spewing corporate propaganda.