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Shelfrock77 OP t1_ira24uz wrote

“Scientists have found what turns off the molecular alarm system, which is crucial in our immune response.”


SmithMano t1_irbn6bx wrote

Wish there were a bit more details. Surely there have to be more factors. I mean if there really was a single point of 'failure', some virus would have exploited it? (Maybe some do) Is this only an "off switch" for one aspect of the immune system, like how it mentions white blood cells?


-ZeroRelevance- t1_irby32v wrote

I was thinking that too - there’s definitely a catch here somewhere


SmoothBrainSavant t1_ircutri wrote

Reset the immune system, would be nice. Fuck allergies


Paraphrand t1_irdeq0m wrote

Have you tried turning off and on again?


SmoothBrainSavant t1_irekz2r wrote

Lol the wetware managing my mind-body connection is sadly not allowing me administrator access.

I need the b-cell mod.


BbxTx t1_isst3lu wrote

A way to block or “reset” immune responses is really needed to find a cure for type-1 diabetes and other auto immune diseases.