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Redvolition OP t1_iub1ure wrote

Call me a dreamer, but I envision a future where we are all isolated brains with our nerves connected to a computer and supported by artificial vascular systems.

I've read a paper recently summarizing all of the BCI methods, and nerve interception seemed the most promising to me, instead of attempting to interact directly with the brain, as Neuralink and its competitors seem to be doing.

The technology will surely begin threading the corporate landscape by restoring function to people with disabilities, but we could eventually connect AI generators to nerve endings and emulate all 5 senses in an immersive virtual reality, fully controlled by ourselves.


gangstasadvocate t1_iuddeie wrote

Hell yeah Iā€™d like to know what vision is like, and to be smarter.


BigMemeKing t1_iuflupx wrote

And all of our thoughts, hopes, dreams will be owned by corporations that run the machine. Whatever wealth machine we have created on this dust ball with be the engine that powers our existence in this world you speak of. And should that wealth machine cease to provide income, the government will terminate your programing due to a lack of funding. The amount of people pulling for your continued existence will keep you going for a minute, but how long until they have to prioritize their kin and intimate loved ones before they decide to toss you aside and you're forgotten. Self sustained existence now will lead to self sustained existence in this future where we all simply exist as conscious brains in our own imagination. And to that end, those imaginations will fuel the rich and powerful who have a much greater capitalist engine.

Corporations will become our owners, and as long as we're able to distribute our wealth between them in a manner that gives them reason not to strip it away into its base parts and maximize their profits immediately. Bright ideas will dim as new ones overtake them, tangible wealth will be sold off to better suitors, and unless you currently rank top 1% eventually you too will be deemed unnecessary. Until the last man is left driving spaceship earth.