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Hands0L0 t1_iuavjc5 wrote

I've been toying around with Simple Diffusion and I feel like I could make my own Manga with some of the models that are out there, completely auto generated. Like, this is insane the quality that ai art is pumping out with simple text prompts and editing weights


PM_ME_UR_ETHDONATION t1_iubcr3k wrote

You can already do that with Waifu Diffusion but it can't do text yet, you would have to insert your own manga bubbles.


Hands0L0 t1_iuc3tg9 wrote

I mean I would have to do some editing, sure. But the actual art?? I can command a computer to produce whatever I want


Baron_Samedi_ t1_iuc9fn5 wrote

If you have your computer has a story worth telling, then why not put it out there?


ElvinRath t1_iuco3s5 wrote

I don't think you can really do that.

Yeah, it works great with static panels with one character, but if you want to make a panel with some characters interacting between them... It doesn't work well at all.


AI need to improve a lot to be able to handle several characters+details+action. A lot.

Of course, "a lot" in this field might be acomplished in 1-2 years, but I wouldn't be susprised if it took more time.


MattDaMannnn t1_iubnxue wrote

r/aicomics already has a few that aren’t bad (art wise, no idea about the story)


PolymorphismPrince t1_iuc2ta4 wrote


Has been banned apparently?


ElvinRath t1_iucnwf7 wrote

Anyone have info on why?


alphabet_order_bot t1_iucnwxy wrote

Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

I have checked 1,135,328,890 comments, and only 222,076 of them were in alphabetical order.


MattDaMannnn t1_iud5zew wrote

That’s really weird, I was on it just a few days ago


azriel777 t1_iudth5n wrote

Looks banned, WTF? What could they have possible been banned for? Any alt subs for it?


KimmiG1 t1_iudoxc0 wrote

Can they keep character design consistent between images?


quantummufasa t1_iuh94wk wrote

Not yet unfortunately, I wanted to make 40k comics but its not viable yet.


Ortamis t1_iubwars wrote

Can current AI models create new art styles? For example it was humans that came up with gothic art style, Berserk manga art style or Inkblot Cartoon art style.

We combined many different elements to give us that specific art style vibe that we were looking for. These art styles haven't existed before and took our society by storm once the creative part of the human brain created that concept.

Can current AI do that as well? Can it create art styles or themes that we haven't seen before? Is it capable of being a new Junji Ito or a new Hayao Miyazaki?

I feel like current AI can create amazing art, but innovation in the creative sector is still going to be done by humans for at least a couple of years. I could be wrong though so please let me know.


i_wayyy_over_think t1_iubynmg wrote

new styles? you can train on existing styles, then just add some random noise to the latent space. Or you can mix existing styles like you can mix various amounts of red, green, and blue to create new colors.

But I’d say humans would still be involved because even though an ai can generate a new style, it’s ultimately up to humans to decide If the art style is worth while to look at. But you can automate that ranking of art style a bit, indeed ai was used to filter on images worth training stable diffusion on.


jangid t1_iueckux wrote

You are talking about the styles which became popular. For every successful style there are 999 other styles that failed to become mainstream.

I agree, with AI the failure rate may be high for new styles in the early days. But over time, this will also improve. And may be there will be a time when AI can generate a new popular style at will.


mootcat t1_iuciuau wrote

Really? How do you address continuity in representing the same characters in multiple scenes? I've heard there are approaches for this, but haven't seen any played around with yet.