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If an ASI is developed and it doesn't kill us all, what will we be able to learn about the past? It would have access to all records ever and maybe research methods we could not even imagen. Could an ASI be able to build a family tree back hundreds of years past what humans can do with the available evidence or would be limited by the lack of records in the same way humans are? I'm specifically interested in what you have to say about the genealogical implications of ASI.



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Rakshear t1_irjl842 wrote

It would be limited to the records but not as limited as us, there are dead languages that could be revived by cross referencing the languages they transformed into, but the writings would be based on surviving documents.


LeavingTheCradle t1_irllezi wrote

And some things could be resolved probabilistically but only to a % confidence integer.


Rakshear t1_irlqtq9 wrote

True, without direct observation by using a camo intangible surveillance drone beamed to the past, recording history and storing it in the moons core, for recovery when we invent the drone, we can only go to a certain point before an assumption has to be made.


SnooPies1357 t1_irkd6eu wrote

i am far more interested the future. although would be great to see evolution of species in simulation. or alternate histories. what if Hitler suddenly became sane during ww2?


BigMemeKing t1_irkf2qt wrote

Now, think. What if this was the thinking of another civilization that hit the asi milestone. And they wanted to see the evolution of different species in a simulation? What would happen if monkeys evolved into something sentient? And here we are.


OneRedditAccount2000 t1_irmljsc wrote


The simulation hypothesis does solve the Fermi Paradox. And if the universe is procedurally generated, now you've just explained quantum mechanics. Also there will always be more video games than real worlds? So what's more likely, that you were born in the real physical universe, or in one of the septillions of simulations created by all of the A.Is of that universe?

There are many reasons why a conscious/conscious-like ASI or a civilization with an ASI might decide to create one.


BigMemeKing t1_irmm6fp wrote

Yeah, I've been a big believer in simulated earth for a good while now. It makes sense to me. It also helps with a unified theory of everything imo. Including Gods, and the Devils. I'd say they're just representations and avatars of the civilization that created us, or parts of the machine created to balance the system and not let it devolve into anarchy and chaos. And I'd even wager there are neutral parts watching us as well. Eventually everything rolls in on itself and our cosmic karma will be weighed against us before we each get to jump into these other societies and civilizations with different standards than us. I could talk about it all day and not get bored.


OneRedditAccount2000 t1_irmo4a1 wrote

You know what's funny? Maybe the simulation started yesterday, and we're just sentient AGIs with fake memories, that fool us into believing that we've been here in this world for (insert how old you are). Everything you've experienced in your life: from your birthdays to when your grandmother died all of that never happened, it's just a false memory, because the simulation actually started yesterday. Even crazier than that, maybe you're the only player in it, and if you live with someone in your house, maybe they're just an AI that's not even conscious, an NPC That would be solipsism. Maybe this simulation was created just for you. If we're not cattle, then maybe this is a vacation? Living false memories in a simulation?

Well we don't know how time works outside the simulation, I mean the clock in our virtual universe doesn't necessarily have to be 1:1 to that of the world that's simulating us.


BigMemeKing t1_irmoa03 wrote

That's actually sort of a theory already circulating called Last Thursdayism


BigMemeKing t1_irmotz9 wrote

I also support the being the only player in it bit. But more in the sense that we're each our own pocket universe and the universe creates probabilities for everyone outside of you. The people of course would genuinely exist in their own dimensions, and when you interact with them it would affect their home dimensions. It's a lot to type and would really make no sense unless broken down. I'd be better at talking ab it. But in short I do believe people are real but not real at the same time.


OneRedditAccount2000 t1_irmqzl7 wrote

I think I get it, Idealism, right? We all live in our mental bubble, but these mental bubbles can interact with other mental bubbles, is that what you mean? I mean scientifically it's already true that you've only ever perceived the data that your brain interprets from your senses. Idealism goes even further than that and states that there's only the data stream without the physical world (And there is no brain either).

These" theories" are indeed fascinating but we have to be honest with ourselves, they're also unfalsifiable.


BigMemeKing t1_irnf34q wrote

Yeah, the mental bubble idea fits perfect. I feel like a brain is necessary for my beliefs system tho, like, I think each of us is just basically AI running around as self contained computer systems, living life and helping the system find what is and isn't beneficial for a future society. And based on what we do in life the system will just drop us into another simulation that lends to either mending dangerous or hindering behaviors or advance us into a more advanced simulation where we advance further into the future. Basically "traveling back or forward through time to tame and cull certain flawed behaviors.

More or less we are in a permanent state of either moving forward or backwards based on our life choices.


StarChild413 t1_is54dga wrote

A. what does that say about our video games/the likelihood we might be in even a Variant of one of ours?

B. someone has to be in the real physical universe and anyone in a universe capable of coming up with this idea could make that claim equally validly


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Convergent evolution

>Convergent evolution is the independent evolution of similar features in species of different periods or epochs in time. Convergent evolution creates analogous structures that have similar form or function but were not present in the last common ancestor of those groups. The cladistic term for the same phenomenon is homoplasy. The recurrent evolution of flight is a classic example, as flying insects, birds, pterosaurs, and bats have independently evolved the useful capacity of flight.

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