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nillouise t1_iucfgq2 wrote

I am a chinese, there is not any public forum in China talking about AGI like this sub. Althought they are insteresting in AI like stable diffusion(many China people have try it), but they will not relate it to AGI. Some of them (have a good education) think this AI just puzzle some picture, with very confidently.

And China leader is more concentrate on chip than AI, I think they are mislead by US's policy, imo, assume chip is more importan than AI is a very stupid opinion, but china leader just want to bet on chip.

Not only the China leader is so shortsighted, but also the tech company in China. If you have been play the Genshin Impact, it's company is Mihoyo, say they want to create virtual world in ten year, so they have invested something like BCI, VR, but the generative AI, which can produce waifu, they have not invest this opportunity, in fact, I think they do not carefully think about the future. Other company even worse than Mihoyo.

All in all, this country is hard to contribute the AI progress, I just want this fool and evil country don't invade Taiwan and harm the world AI progress.


ML4Bratwurst t1_iuciuk2 wrote

You guys can legally access Reddit?


nillouise t1_iucvjru wrote

Technically, it's illegal, but gov is rare to arreset people for it. Anyway, China is not ban world network or cut people network like Russia or north Korean, it is a lucky thing.


stainsonthecarpet t1_iuemjz7 wrote

sup bro. the US media has us thinking a certain way about you guys as i’m sure your media has you thinking about us. cool so see someone from over there on reddit. i hope huge advances in AGI will liberate us


Vorontsar t1_iueislq wrote

No one cuts or ban anyone from anything in Russia wtf


Southern-Trip-1102 t1_iucqx95 wrote

It's not illegal for them to use vpns


-ZeroRelevance- t1_iugdj0v wrote

I was going to correct you, but it looks like you’re actually right. It seems like the actual illegal thing is distribution of VPNs instead, while usage is mostly fine.


sir_duckingtale t1_iucx2vw wrote

They do own Reddit, don‘t they?


Kaarssteun t1_iudfpti wrote

Reddit is an american corporation


sir_duckingtale t1_iudiogj wrote

Hasn‘t Chinese investors brought them up recently,

Am I misremembering?


Saerain t1_iudl5u5 wrote

Tencent ponied up most of the investment in 2019, but as far as I can tell they overall have 5%.


TheRidgeAndTheLadder t1_iue1946 wrote

Nah, tencent is a minority investor. Wouldn't seem it if you just get news from memes


epSos-DE t1_iud6nsj wrote

AI coder jobs are the best paying jobs at the moment.

How many Chinese use that opportunity to exit China for higher income in other places ?


nillouise t1_iud82ad wrote

You say programmer or AI researcher? The details number I don't know, many programmer exit China not just for high pay, but for avoid the crazy totalitarian gov, and exit China to other country is not an easy thing, many of them are failed.

But in the other hand, programmer in China is a good job, they can earn enough money (compare to other job), many of them are enjoy their life and don't want to exit China just for more money(even thought they know they will lead by a fool gov).


ButaButaPig t1_iude5po wrote

I work in China as s programmer. The salary levels in the big cities are the same as Silicon Valley for the big international companies. I doubt many people would want to leave since the only place with comparable salaries are the big tech companies in the US. Also despite what you'd think from reading reddit, it's not like you feel that you have any less freedom here than elsewhere so no incentive to leave especially since money goes a lot further here.


ShitofFeceus t1_iuesor5 wrote

>t's not like you feel that you have any less freedom here than elsewhere

1001 days in the life of a Chinese citizen.


camdoodlebop t1_iuha02g wrote

i don't get it


ShitofFeceus t1_iuiifl1 wrote

The turkey thinks that life is constantly improving, and will do so forever, until it discovers the true nature of its existence on Thanksgiving.

Chinese people think their country is basically the same as a Western country, and a lack of democracy, constitutionalism and freedom of expression don’t have any “real” consequences, until one day


Kinexity t1_iuf18my wrote

>it's not like you feel that you have any less freedom here than elsewhere

The important part is "feel". Chinese governemnt makes sure that as long as you are "law-abiding" citzen you can fuck around and they don't bother you. The freedoms disappear like a puff of smoke if they don't like you and the problematic part are the reasons they may not like you.


Booboo77775 t1_iucveqq wrote

you are totally wrong and misguided. China is leading in AI research. The party just wants you to think that they are not..


nillouise t1_iucxhn6 wrote

Maybe I can more clear my opinion, some of China organizationes are doing AI research, but none of them claim they want to create AGI ( In twitter, you can see a lot of US researcher say they working on AGI. But in China, I don't found such people), I think AI is a wide range research, China is leading in some areas may be possible, but they just not interesting in AGI.

The party is not so omnipotent, or else they don't need to beg to US sell chip to them.


Countingblackcrows t1_iud2w9u wrote

Based on what evidence


Booboo77775 t1_iud3c36 wrote

evidence i've seen on youtube!!


Countingblackcrows t1_iud4asa wrote

That sounds very trustworthy /s


Booboo77775 t1_iufouti wrote

Yeah it is, cause I usually watch smart people videos like Numberphile and similar. And it sounded very factual and scientific. I didn't check sources but I believed it.


beezlebub33 t1_iud1xrl wrote

Certainly in terms of ML all you have to do is look at NeurIPS or other top-level conference to see that they are publishing more. But I got the impression that u/nillouise was discussing AGI which most ML is not. In terms of the singularity (this sub), I don't see it and it is because of the technical focus on applications.


nillouise t1_iud5nt5 wrote

Yes, stable diffusion is very hot in China, all major AI project (like gpt3, alphago) have a China copy version, and many people want to do AI research. But they less care about the AGI. And I don't see any break change of AI is from China.

Anyway, I am not AI researcher and do not particate in AI conference. But if China can do some crazy AI, I will know it eventually.


Lopsided_ t1_iucvzyw wrote

You're telling a Chinese man he's wrong about AI in China?


Rughen t1_iucx8hd wrote

Plenty of Chinese claim the opposite. Are you gonna tell those Chinese people they are wrong about AI in China?


mutherhrg t1_iudcwr4 wrote

Yeah of course. He's just some random dude. If an American came to me and told me that Biden stole the elections and that 5G caused covid, would you want me to believe that shit because he's American? It's pretty fucking clear that China is all in on A.I at this point, one random dude non-withstanding, as evidence by the massive amount of money and resources they're throwing into it.