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ML4Bratwurst t1_iuciuk2 wrote

You guys can legally access Reddit?


nillouise t1_iucvjru wrote

Technically, it's illegal, but gov is rare to arreset people for it. Anyway, China is not ban world network or cut people network like Russia or north Korean, it is a lucky thing.


stainsonthecarpet t1_iuemjz7 wrote

sup bro. the US media has us thinking a certain way about you guys as i’m sure your media has you thinking about us. cool so see someone from over there on reddit. i hope huge advances in AGI will liberate us


Vorontsar t1_iueislq wrote

No one cuts or ban anyone from anything in Russia wtf


Southern-Trip-1102 t1_iucqx95 wrote

It's not illegal for them to use vpns


-ZeroRelevance- t1_iugdj0v wrote

I was going to correct you, but it looks like you’re actually right. It seems like the actual illegal thing is distribution of VPNs instead, while usage is mostly fine.


sir_duckingtale t1_iucx2vw wrote

They do own Reddit, don‘t they?


Kaarssteun t1_iudfpti wrote

Reddit is an american corporation


sir_duckingtale t1_iudiogj wrote

Hasn‘t Chinese investors brought them up recently,

Am I misremembering?


Saerain t1_iudl5u5 wrote

Tencent ponied up most of the investment in 2019, but as far as I can tell they overall have 5%.


TheRidgeAndTheLadder t1_iue1946 wrote

Nah, tencent is a minority investor. Wouldn't seem it if you just get news from memes