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dalayylmao t1_is2y9zt wrote

I'd keep this a secret if I were them. Imagine how much fucking money you can make from sports betting.


alecshuttleworth t1_is3cb3q wrote

No way, let someone use it to crush sports betting agencies. Gambling addiction is awful.


Shelfrock77 OP t1_is496ee wrote

from the way people talk about crypto, nfts, and stocks, you can call them gambling addicts too.


ledocteur7 t1_is4plgn wrote

ho absolutely, crypto, NFTs and stocks is basically just fancy gambling.


traumfisch t1_is4qggm wrote

well following that line of thinking, what isn't


Mr_Hu-Man t1_is4stc5 wrote

Buying groceries, going for a walk, reading a book, talking to someone, doing a workout, solving math equations, cooking a meal, sleeping.

This is just a short list of examples to back up my next statement: wtf are you talking about!?


traumfisch t1_is4tnaw wrote

talking about ways of making money,



LauraDourire t1_is4uoj3 wrote

gambling is not really a way of making money, it's a way of losing it


traumfisch t1_is4w2ju wrote

you missed the point, please read again

if crypto (or investing in stocks) is just "fancy gambling" because of the risks involved, couldn't you say the same about any method of making money? there is always a risk involved.


Mr_Hu-Man t1_is4wjd0 wrote

No because the risk involved isn’t what makes it gambling. In traditional work you’re literally trading your time/effort/expertise for money, whilst in crypto, stocks and speculative assets like NFTs you’re just rolling the dice and hoping the outcome is positive. Can those hopes be calculated? Sure. But it’s still gambling.


traumfisch t1_is4wpwg wrote

I see. So it's just that investing = gambling 🤔

Rolling the dice? What is that an analogy for? I don't think most people invest at random. In fact I think very few do.


LauraDourire t1_is4wqxe wrote

The point was that crypto investments or whatever share with gambling the fact that they're made appealing to a large number of people, used to lure in people who want to become millionaires (or are made to believe that), and are extremely dangerous, because realistically if you don't exactly know what you're doing (and even then, to be honest), it is way more probable you're gonna lose everything than having a positive result. They are both a trap to steal poor people's money.

The way they are presented to us in ads, or false corpo conferences from bullshit entrepreneurs, shares the same idea of "you can become a millionaire right now, yes, you, specifically" that is the very reason of being of gambling or sports bets and whatever.


traumfisch t1_is4wul5 wrote

I didn't know this was about ads.

But if that was the point, I'd like to point out that most of investing at large is not advertised at all.

You're absolutely right, though, about the probability of losing all your money if you don't know what you're doing. A lot like with enterpreneurship, for example...


LauraDourire t1_is4y4hf wrote

Not comparable in that regard imho. Investing in crypto is made available to anyone with an app on their phone. Everyone knows that building a business is not an easy way of becoming millionaire. Crypto bullshit is made and presented to people as exactly that : an easy way of becoming millionaire, and in reality, it is an easy way of losing everything you invest, because it's mostly a pyramid scheme.


traumfisch t1_is4yjkh wrote

I think you've made clear how you feel about cryptocurrency. I don't have any interest in trying to defend it. But that rap about building (an online) business in order to become a millionaire... you haven't seen the ads??

Anyway the comment I was responding to said "crypto, NFTs, stocks".

I think equalizing all investing with gambling is way over-simplified and inaccurate. The dynamics of it all as well as the skillsets required to succeed are way different.

Feel free to disagree, I don't mind.


Roqwer t1_is3cw22 wrote

Awful is overwork just to barely survive, Gambling is fun.


josiahdaddy2 t1_is4ej1r wrote

This has nothing to do with gambling, it just is predicting the player’s position and role on the team along with their next possible action, such as bumping or setting. In volleyball this is pretty simple. It says nothing about being able to predict game or even point outcomes.


maskedpaki t1_is65ov6 wrote

I'm not familiar with sports betting

Can you keep changing the bets as the game goes on?


ThMogget t1_is3eda4 wrote

Me too - it’s a bump, then a set, then a spike 80% of the time.


Shelfrock77 OP t1_is2qhrp wrote

“Artificial intelligence algorithms can predict the in-game actions of volleyball players with more than 80% accuracy.”


Tazmoto t1_is43ohx wrote

What happens when it can predict 100%? Does that mean we have no free will or live in a simulation?


mathtech t1_is48i7z wrote

80% is already pretty crazy and disruptive to the sports betting industry. Basically you can live off the model


thatsalovelyusername t1_is4szff wrote

Only if you can predict reasonably far in advance. If it's just seeing the ball heading towards the back of the court and guessing that the nearest players will move towards it, it's not that interesting or useful. But I'm too lazy to read the article to see what it's doing!


Shelfrock77 OP t1_is4asxo wrote

ASI will just read your thoughts to accurately guess your next move. So much for “never let them know your next move”. The schizophrenics were right on this one before anybody.


mootcat t1_is4gygz wrote

Hmm, that's an interesting framing. I'm already of the opinion that free will is an illusion and our decisions are simply a chain of reactions to the stimulus presented to us run through a biological algorithm.

Looked at in another way, provided every law of nature and knowledge of the positions of all aspects of existence, it would be possible to project with certainty certain all outcomes since the beginning of time.


triton100 t1_is4u8jr wrote

I used to think that but not so much anymore. The illusion of free will can only be extrapolated back to the big bang. But what happened before that. What were the rules in place then. What caused the Big Bang where did it come from etc. also the laws we know about now like gravity and forces like electricity, we didn’t know about until recently. There will certainly be other laws we are yet to discover. Quantum mechanics etc


Iguman t1_is51zhe wrote

I'm coming to realize most people write comments on Reddit after just reading the title. Why give your input on something you care so little about that you didn't even read the article?

No, the algorithm is not useful in predicting sports betting results, as comments here would suggest. This claim was never made by the researchers or the article. It can predict volleyball players' specific movements 44 frames ahead with 80% accuracy.


danpgraham t1_is55n4p wrote

Betting bout to get a whole lot easier


adamxi t1_is68qut wrote

So 30% better than chance?


Longjumping_Fly_2978 t1_is7kvru wrote

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Tenorguitar t1_is5b8l1 wrote

So this will end sports betting?


Fartknockker t1_is439ko wrote

Doesn't matter, most, if not all sports are rigged anyways.


traumfisch t1_is4qdll wrote

Based on what


Lopsided_ t1_is4xkzn wrote

Common sense.


traumfisch t1_is4xusb wrote

Based on common sense, "most sports are rigged"? To what end?

Nah, that does not make any sense whatsoever.


Fartknockker t1_is5fx8a wrote



traumfisch t1_is5kztd wrote

Nonsense. Historically, a fraction of sports has been rigged.


JimothyC t1_is5n4nw wrote

Based on the fact that a growing amount of people are losing their grip on reality and becoming too skeptical.

Misinformation is the greatest plague of post social media era.