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MagnanimousBacon t1_is3buv9 wrote

Hentai themed MMOS with deep engaging story WHEN?!


HelenaICP8 t1_is3jygs wrote

VR chat comes to mind. If something like that, coupled with the ai tailoring mentioned here gets invented, now that would be impressive.


Nearby_Personality55 t1_is35wbb wrote

Maybe if there were some kind of community associated with it where you get to play in other people's games or share experiences.

Part of the joy of playing games like "Journey" to me is that other people have played through the same game, and experienced the same things.


imlaggingsobad t1_is3o6l8 wrote

I think we'll see AI NPCs, which alone will completely change the gaming experience.


mathtech t1_is48zeh wrote

In a long enough timeline video games will only get closer and closer to a 1:1 simulation of reality. Will we give rights to these virtual sapient beings?


Motherboy_TheBand t1_is3hfvv wrote

you're right. It'll be interesting how they'll build an engine that creates custom levels and determines whether you're enjoying them.

i think the regular vs custom-AI game will fit the netflix vs tiktok comparison. You'll have some amount of custom experiences tuned to your preferences (I'm deep in "woodworking tiktok" rn based on my continued likes/watchtime), but there are some overall viral experiences/memes that will get delivered widely (as long as people keep liking/engaging).


greztreckler t1_is3l3m0 wrote

Agreed, I think it will take the form of a video game but be something much stranger as it has the potential to be super personalized with generative content. I like what Soularis is proposing though its unclear what stage of development this is in.


FREE-AOL-CDS t1_is3m8fv wrote

Can’t wait for Jane to adapt the Giant’s Game for us


UnionMountain4680t t1_is44mhj wrote

There will be digital mushroom/ ayahuasca trips where Neuralink will read your fears and will make you dive in them bit by bit. You will have couple of sessions like this that will fully wash away all your traumas and clean your brain.


thegoldengoober t1_is4ciox wrote

Apparently researchers are already able to produce psychedelic like trips with the VR HMDs we already have. Which is wild.


UnionMountain4680t t1_is4ei5i wrote

Yes but visual part is just a part, it should be a multi modal experience but for sure we are heading there. Also when it only visual you still can count time with other feelings, when we will connect to the brain I bet time can be “controlled” as well where we basically will be able to have a week experience in a minute.