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Riverrat423 t1_is4xguf wrote

Can they add human brain cells to a human brain?


-ZeroRelevance- t1_is4yo8n wrote

That’s kind of interesting actually. I wonder if growing brain cells in a lab from stem cells then putting them in someone’s head would actually allow them to become smarter.


StillBurningInside t1_is683fu wrote

It's not necessarily the cells themselves that make you smarter, its the dendrites that do all the connecting to the network. The Cells themselves are like hubs. What you need to do is too strengthen the network. That's basically brain training. You want strong signals in your neural network.

It's all repetition, hence... practice makes perfect.


whenhaveiever t1_is6ky81 wrote

Or give them a new kind of multiple personality disorder.


HelloYesNaive t1_is6tl3q wrote

Does anyone know any immediate reasons why this might not work (like some fundamental incompatibility between foreign brain cells and a new brain)? It's an interesting idea but seems like it could create problems for the complex structure and connections of brain regions.


Wafflus t1_is7wylt wrote

We should put mice brain cells into humans!


Riverrat423 t1_is7x60l wrote

We would be better at running mazes and finding cheese.


Wafflus t1_is7xnoe wrote

To escape the rat race one must become the rat


petermobeter t1_is3zsi2 wrote

can they put MY brain in a rat????

i wanna turn into an animal


Shelfrock77 OP t1_is4agke wrote

I’m still trying to comprehend that lol. Is a part of “you” with the animal or is the animal a part of “you” ?


Shelfrock77 OP t1_is3xv66 wrote

“In a study published in the journal Nature today, lab-grown clumps of human brain cells were transplanted into the brains of newborn rats. They grew and integrated with the rodents’ own neural circuits, eventually making up around one-sixth of their brains. These animals could be used to learn more about human neuropsychiatric disorders, say the researchers behind the work.”


overlordpotatoe t1_is54icz wrote

Does this actually impact the rat's mental function in any way, or do the cells just act like a rat's brain cells? I would guess it's the latter.


HelloYesNaive t1_is6tpd1 wrote

I think they will be able to do many experiments with this


WallSignificant5930 t1_is50yj4 wrote

Excellent,consciousness without human rights has never been closer.


prototyperspective t1_is52k82 wrote

Raises bioethics questions, see for example


Carl_The_Sagan t1_is5usv5 wrote

The author doesn’t even address any ethics questions it’s quite odd


jsalsman t1_is5xtlp wrote

The independent ethics review panel process is generally good and certainly better than prior approaches, but it hides the ethics discussion from the public. This is clearly one of the cases where laypeople and experts alike are obviously going to be interested in the ethics implications, so you're right it's odd and sad we don't get at least a short paragraph summary.


Carl_The_Sagan t1_is657ev wrote

To be a bit overstating, the ethics panel are generally just rubber stampers for the institution. Its mostly made out of researchers or those affiliated with who rarely deny anything, or maybe with some modifications. It's basically ethics washing, and I agree obscures stuff from the public.


Mstonebranch t1_is5bbpe wrote

Thank god we need Master Splinter more than ever.


4quatloos t1_is67ax3 wrote

Pinky will try to take over the world.


mathtech t1_is62ui0 wrote

So the Skaven then


damnedspot t1_is6seit wrote

Exactly! You want Skaven? This is how we end up with Skaven.


ViveIn t1_is53ekx wrote

Uh. So, relatively speaking, they could become super intelligent rats? Great…


Jedi_Ninja t1_is6zutb wrote

Pinky and the Brain! How long before they conquer the world?!


Alexandertheape t1_is5cbp8 wrote

zzzzz…. wake me up when it can cook a mean Rattatouille.


northlondonhippy t1_is5mg1v wrote

And that kids, is why we have rat people now. #rights4ratpeoplenow


yucko-ono t1_is5z2o1 wrote

Deep Blue Sea but with rats


katiecharm t1_is66ncx wrote

Quick question: what the fuck


RemyVonLion t1_is6sat4 wrote

Imagine if we do this with chimpanzees, then maybe give them some shrooms... And neuralink, get crazy with it.


buscuitsANDgravy t1_is6t0m1 wrote

I am ok if my boss is a rat, but I am not ok to have a rat as my boss ….yet


JosceOfGloucester t1_is7021j wrote

This is heresy. Guards! round up the scientists involved!


SFTExP t1_is7fbrr wrote

Just in time for Halloween. Frankenrats.

Is this how Ben came to be?


NightmareOmega t1_is4b2py wrote

This sounds suuuper unethical.


Shelfrock77 OP t1_is4dlfj wrote

lmfao okayy rascist🙄


NightmareOmega t1_is4m3q2 wrote

Given your post a bit further down I'm going to assume this was an unsuccessful attempt at humor.


gobbo t1_is4eayq wrote

I took a quick look at the comment history of the person you are accusing of racism, and nothing obvious showed up. Either excoriate someone properly with arguments and evidence or sit down, but shame on you for false accusations.

If you are trying to make a weak joke, then shame on you in 3 other ways.

Also: spelling, ffs.


Shelfrock77 OP t1_is4fp4t wrote

So what if my gf doesn’t look human ? What you gon do about it ? H03z don’t only just exist on Earth stoopid🤐. Just ask the avengers.😹


endlessbull t1_is5a27j wrote

Hey where the hell am I?????