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Riverrat423 t1_is4xguf wrote

Can they add human brain cells to a human brain?


-ZeroRelevance- t1_is4yo8n wrote

That’s kind of interesting actually. I wonder if growing brain cells in a lab from stem cells then putting them in someone’s head would actually allow them to become smarter.


StillBurningInside t1_is683fu wrote

It's not necessarily the cells themselves that make you smarter, its the dendrites that do all the connecting to the network. The Cells themselves are like hubs. What you need to do is too strengthen the network. That's basically brain training. You want strong signals in your neural network.

It's all repetition, hence... practice makes perfect.


whenhaveiever t1_is6ky81 wrote

Or give them a new kind of multiple personality disorder.


HelloYesNaive t1_is6tl3q wrote

Does anyone know any immediate reasons why this might not work (like some fundamental incompatibility between foreign brain cells and a new brain)? It's an interesting idea but seems like it could create problems for the complex structure and connections of brain regions.


Wafflus t1_is7wylt wrote

We should put mice brain cells into humans!


Riverrat423 t1_is7x60l wrote

We would be better at running mazes and finding cheese.


Wafflus t1_is7xnoe wrote

To escape the rat race one must become the rat