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SnowyNW t1_ispl8go wrote

Well, the planet is dying and the general public has been lied to about it too long for us to have any time to overhaul current infrastructure enough. Also, billions of poor and suffering will be the first to go, and are about to all be sacrificed to drought, flood, and starvation over the next five years, so are you really sure that jobs in their current conception will continue to exist much longer? Especially considering most coding is simply for the optimization of selling things to consumers that are directly responsible for the ecological disaster we are currently facing?.


Artanthos t1_isq91qb wrote

The timeframe is a bit longer than 5 years and will render equatorial regions inhospitable first.

If this happens, yes, billions will die. And billions more will survive, mostly in wealthy countries that are better able to adapt.

It would also mean that the surviving countries, facing an existential threat, will become a more brutal than they are today.

Drought is already a solvable issue. Israel has already demonstrated this. Nearly their entire water supply, including agricultural, comes from desalination.

Vertical farming allows for food growth independent of climate. It’s just not cost efficient. That can change real quick if crops start failing.

If automation does leave most people unemployed, those unemployed will be in a very bad position when food prices skyrocket and those at the top are forced to make existential choices.

But humanity will survive and the survivors will write history to reflect that they made the necessary choices while vilifying the people today for putting the world into a state of crisis.


Key_Abbreviations658 t1_isqsmrs wrote

It’s people saying things like billion of people will die tomorrow if we don’t destroy the economy that get environmentalism laughed at.


SnowyNW t1_isqvknh wrote

Tomorrow, huh? Looks like it’s already too late then. Why would you want anyone to believe that though


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SnowyNW t1_isr8p9j wrote

Which part of the economy do you think needs to be destroyed? I don’t think our utilities, which are mostly tax funded, need consumerism to survive.


Key_Abbreviations658 t1_isrdv25 wrote

those are taxes on value created by consumerism anyways obligatory ????


SnowyNW t1_isre013 wrote

Really? Amazon’s tax rate was far lower than those working essential jobs such as teachers and nurses. Almost all corporate tax rates are far lower after incentives and write offs. What are you talking about lol


Key_Abbreviations658 t1_isshg6m wrote

True Amazon does weird things to pay less taxes but they create a huge amount of value and their workers and shareholders of which there are quite a few are taxed.