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Shiyayori t1_isqigan wrote

Not sure how exaggerated the article is, but I certainly didn’t expect this so soon… incredible, it’s only 2022


PandaCommando69 t1_isqrmth wrote

This really does sound amazingly promising.

>Described in a newly published paper in Nature Machine Intelligence, the new model, called CODE-AE, can screen novel drug compounds to accurately predict efficacy in humans. In tests, it was also able to theoretically identify personalized drugs for over 9,000 patients that could better treat their conditions. Researchers expect the technique to significantly accelerate drug discovery and precision medicine.

I've been hearing about personalized medicine for so long, but maybe we're finally getting there?


hateboresme t1_iss058o wrote

The AI spring is here. Get ready for an interesting ride. It's gonna get all exponential up in here.


rationalkat t1_issedrd wrote

We are getting there!

"Our process primarily tests single drugs to identify which drugs show potential, which is where our artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) comes into play. The AI/ML platform uses the drug sensitivity data—which drugs worked, and which did not—and the patient’s genomic profile to identify multivariate mechanisms driving drug sensitivity. By understanding those critical vulnerabilities, identifying drug combinations becomes a matter of matching FDA-approved, clinically available drugs to the tumor vulnerabilities. We can then use the AI/ML to inform combination design, which, alongside physician input on combinations of interest, guides follow-up combination drug testing. The AI/ML enables us to close the feedback loop in drug combination testing for any cancer patient."


onyxengine t1_ist5dw0 wrote

Think about the complexity of gpt3 and the text to image generators, with a database of known compounds and effects we could predict we would have this about a year ago if not sooner. We were printing unknown compounds before that.


Murky-Garden-9967 t1_isu13r8 wrote

We’ve had swisstargetprediction for a while, which tells you receptor binding, and as a pharmacologist if you gave me the receptor binding of a drug I could give you a rough idea of what it’ll do and if it’s toxic. This AI is just listing the effects of agonist/antagonism on a particular receptor, and outputting that information in relation to the binding profile of a chem. X molecule bonds to 5HT2A, Mu Opioid receptor and D1, you’ll get stimulation, nausea, hallucinations, euphoria, potentially drowsiness. Agonist on 5HT3 we get stimulation, nausea, etc etc. Honestly a layperson could probably do a somewhat decent job by looking up how a bunch of drugs work and what receptors they bind to as well as their chemical structure.

To prove it, link pictures of molecules and I’ll do my best to tell you roughly what they do. This is insanely useful but not that cutting edge - the thing that determines the cutting edgeness is the accuracy - STP leaves a lot to be desired.


OutOfBananaException t1_iswdfrf wrote

They said they're using the patients genomic profile. As to how beneficial that is, I'm not sure (also unclear just how much data exists for drug effects paired with genomic data).


imlaggingsobad t1_isqsr66 wrote

Isn't this the mission of DeepMind and Isomorphic Labs? Someone actually beat them to it I guess. Maybe we are all massively underestimating the impact AI will have on health/bio research.


Silicon-Dreamer t1_isqwy6i wrote

Certainly a step in the right direction I'd argue! I don't know what Isomorphic Labs' mission is, but to quote DeepMind's mission statement,

> Our long term aim is to solve intelligence, developing more general and capable problem-solving systems, known as artificial general intelligence (AGI).


imlaggingsobad t1_isr4nis wrote

DeepMind's goal is a bit more specific than that. They want to solve intelligence so they can use that intelligence to understand science. Demis Hassabis wants to answer all of the fundamental questions in physics, chem, bio, math, everything.

Isomorphic labs is a drug discovery startup that spun out of DeepMind. Hassabis has long hoped to build a virtual simulation of a cell, which would allow you to run infinite experiments on a cell. That would radically shorten the timecycles for disease discovery.


Black_RL t1_issspx3 wrote

I’m not underestimating it, it’s going to speed up things.

Gotta save mom!



onyxengine t1_isuh9rz wrote

And to be honest building everything with Goal of solving for AGI is going to be the slow route. Machine learning without AGI is just so goddamn powerful already.


Ortus12 t1_isqtndn wrote

Hopefully this get's used for anti-aging.


bars2021 t1_isrjqku wrote

Check out the human longevity project.


rolliipollii t1_isrz7se wrote

anti-aging? I'm trying to get fucked up


uneaknayum t1_iss64e0 wrote

Por que no los dos?

I'm trying to get fucked up, forever .....mannnnn


arevealingrainbow t1_isqw8lx wrote

I doubt this is as major as it sounds. But if it’s even slightly as big as it sounds; this is huge. This could absolutely accelerate medical progress


ihateshadylandlords t1_isqym7d wrote

> The journey between identifying a potential therapeutic compound and Food and Drug Administration approval of a new drug can take well over a decade and cost upward of a billion dollars. A research team at the CUNY Graduate Center has created an artificial intelligence model that could significantly improve the accuracy and reduce the time and cost of the drug development process.

I’m all for anything that can reduce the timeframe from drug/therapy creation to mass production. Excited to see where this goes.

!RemindMe 5 years


Carl_The_Sagan t1_isqrsm9 wrote

Na let’s continue to make inhumane and untranslateable mouse models



Gaothaire t1_isqypdh wrote

I read a couple different sci fi books years ago about designer drugs, both great. Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity, Afterparty, and heck, throw John Dies at the End in there, too.


uneaknayum t1_iss68jn wrote

Thanks for the recommendations. Always love a good drug-based sci-fi novel.


TheHamsterSandwich t1_ist58s5 wrote

"Well, some people were skeptical because the vaccine was developed so quickly. But I think we're going to have to get over that. It is good that we had the vaccine otherwise many more people would have died. I’m not saying we're there yet but we are beginning to simulate biology and ultimately we'll find solutions to all the problems we have in medicine using simulated biology. So, we've just begun." - Ray Kurzweil


FourthmasWish t1_isvpdl8 wrote

How does this interact with this one MIT reported on?

Feels like we're actually nearing the asymptote... If an issue can be fixed chemically, we're almost at the point where it's a matter of finding a solution in a library somewhere and not spending decades researching a novel solution.


gastro_destiny t1_isruy1a wrote

hey AI, have you tried DMT?

jokes aside this is amazing, does this mean we don't have to test it on animals?


dnimeerf t1_isrr6qq wrote

The immortality drugs are coming.... The mark that comes with it is too Warning! This is about to get crazier than anyone thinks


GhostInTheNight03 t1_iss4wmb wrote

Oh please take the fantasy nonsense elsewhere...there are no talking snakes or goats with seven eyes or whatever the fuck...I'll kiss Jesus' ass if I die and meet him and will happily step into hell because of how wrong I actually was


Bierculles t1_iss8br4 wrote

Did the other guy edit his comment or did you accidently reply to the wrong guy? Your comment makes no sense at all.


GhostInTheNight03 t1_iss8gto wrote

Thought it was more rambling about the bible or whatever, "the mark," is what made me think that, could you explain to me what they meant though if I'm wrong


Bierculles t1_isscdwr wrote

I think he meant market, as in selling those drugs.


dnimeerf t1_issmk8o wrote

Do you think that just anyone will be able to afford Google's designer senescence ending drugs? Or will it be an exclusive club that you'll have to comply with a chip or tracking system or even to be sterilized for the good of the whole? This has nothing to do with the bible and everything to do with the tyrants elite currently running things. U less we do something about it. Will you take the mark?


KeepItASecretok t1_issvp4m wrote

Many people in the field of developing these ani-aging drugs actually think that corporations will incentize the lower classes to take these drugs, so that they can exploit the labor of their workers for longer periods of time.

This will prevent companies from having to worry about retraining their workers after someone dies, and it will also make it easier for them to justify lower wages when everyone has an extra 100 years of time to spend unfortunately.

Japan for example, the leading investor in longevity science plans to distribute drugs like this to the general populus, all to stop the population decline of their country and to boost the economy.

So it's not exactly as clear cut to think that it would just be available to the wealthy like a sci-fi novel, reality is more nuanced.


dnimeerf t1_isswd9v wrote

The suicide forest is booming. My daughter was born in Japan. This won't work, once they realize it things will get weird. Reality Is even scarier. The only option is unity, and intergalactic society.


dnimeerf t1_issnnbm wrote

Before you downvote, it may be valuable for you to understand just how crazy things are about to get and who is actually in charge.


PandaCommando69 t1_istbdkm wrote

Friend, you apparently you do not realize that you are in a subreddit full of people who are specifically interested in the development of brain computer interface devices and peripherals. We are well aware of what's coming. BTW, there are much more reputable/accurate sources that you should check out if you're interested in knowing how the technology (might, it's not available yet) work. Also, You personally (and anyone else) can elect to forgo any available BCIs and keep carrying around an external phone/device (depending on how things shake out that may in fact be the best course of action, we'll see). I'll recommend starting by picking up a copy of Ray Kurtzwiel's book The Singularity is Near, to get you started with a good overview of all this stuff.


dnimeerf t1_iste03q wrote

I am well aware of Mr. Kurzweil and the transhumanist movement. Perhaps you haven't read my white paper on the emergence?


PandaCommando69 t1_istqh6f wrote

If you're well aware, and you're aware that we're aware, why are you writing comments here? Why waste everyone's time/don't you have anything better to do than troll this sub?