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dangerousamal t1_it4llfh wrote

You've kind of made my point though. You said "Wheels are ways humans conserve energy when transporting goods. How does nature transport goods? It doesn't." .. from your point of view, humans are something outside of nature.. something supernatural.. paranormal even. You seem to misunderstand the simple truth that we are a product of nature, and our inventions are also natural. We do not exist outside nature. There are also other tool using species like apes, birds, and even insects.. would you say these animals and their inventions are outside of nature also? Not to toss further rain on this parade, but actually wheels did evolve "natrually" as well -


Prayers4Wuhan t1_it4n0fe wrote

Not kind of. I did exactly that. I was agreeing with you.

It seems you’re looking to be argumentative


dangerousamal t1_ita4et4 wrote

Possibly :) as someone said above.. welcome to Reddit hahah .. It's hard to get clarity on here sometimes, particularly when multiple comment threads at the same time.