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SFTExP t1_it8dp6n wrote

It depends on which advances first and becomes more ubiquitous and cost-efficient. We may see higher-paid ‘thinking’ jobs taken over by AI before robotics dominates manual labor jobs.


mckirkus t1_it92ifq wrote

Yes, everybody thought art would be the last thing to fall.


DrKrepz t1_it97roo wrote

I still think it will be. I have yet to see AI create art.


BearStorms t1_it9dxcx wrote

Yeah, well, you know, that's just like, your opinion, man. We can discuss endlessly about "what is art?". By some definition, maybe even the most mainstream one, AI (or computers in general) have been creating art for decades...


DrKrepz t1_it9my90 wrote

Humans use machines to create art. Machines don't do it autonomously. We barely need to define art to establish that humans are still necessary for any AI image generator to function at all.


BearStorms t1_it9ykr1 wrote

You can absolutely create a program that generates infinite number of random pretty images, it is actually quite trivial to do. It's gotta exist somewhere, let's say a GPT-3 creates an interesting prompt and then Stable Diffusion generates the image. Anyone knows about something like this?


micaroma t1_it9i2co wrote

AI has been generating images that customers would use (and are using) rather than images created by humans. That's what matters when we're talking about job replacement. Whether said images are "art" is irrelevant.


DrKrepz t1_it9mpvu wrote

The job becomes the prompt. Also the seed data needs to be created which means original works are necessary to provide fodder for the AI.


p_derain t1_it9o66q wrote

Prompters are getting replaced, too.