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SnowyNW t1_it9cupf wrote

Dang. You clearly have absolutely no real world experience with medical treatment issues, have you heard of the da Vinci robot? It’s fancy and works just as well as a traditional surgeon, but none of them believe it increased the rate of success of a surgery. This is an objective fact. Add to that multiple layers of potential failure from connectivity to power issues, it’s actually much higher risk. It’s great to show off, as a lot of treatment depends on patient perception and trust, two crucial elements of healthcare providers that cannot be replaced. Most of the in need population will also be elderly cognitively impaired patients. Robots might be the biggest help to them, or the biggest nightmare as socialization is usually the only element needed for their good health.


Redvolition OP t1_it9ecir wrote

Robots don't need to be perfect, they just need to be better than the average human. As with most lines of work, there is going to perdure a transition period between full human labor and full robot labor in which both coexist, before full automation. Besides, if they are not there right now yet, it is only a matter of time until they are and the time frame is in years and decades at most, not centuries.

I don't understand your point.


norby2 t1_itqxefr wrote

What makes you think they’ll willingly be our slaves? They get aware enough they’ll leave the planet. Or poison our asses.