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AsthmaBeyondBorders t1_it9en7w wrote

Publishing papers is a very human way to make science understandable and easily accessible / readable by people. We probably shouldn't expect AI to write papers and publish them in formats similar to ours, they would have more efficient piecewise continuous flow of data and information online that do not ressemble journal papers at all, are much faster, less readable for humans and completely interconnected. Maybe completely ditching natural language unless we force them to use readable language for humans (which may make them less efficient).

At some point even their scientific methods will escape the sphere of human comprehension (at least without artificially augmented cognition).


Designer_Sense_ t1_it9pm92 wrote

Yes I think one main principle of technology is to be more energy efficient.

Scientifc method as word is already kind of limited for the object it tries to describe. Probably we need new words. Neural network is already blackbox so it's causality is not comprehended by human mind in case network is very complex. Network with few parameters can be causally comprehended with mind. So even if it is black box we can control and guide it.

I think AGI might be big black box with steering wheel and pedals. You see some stuff pass by from windows.