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BinyaminDelta t1_itc8b00 wrote


We're going to have to supervise it.


No-Shopping-3980 t1_itclbnz wrote

AGI will just end all carbon life, and then terraform the earth for silicone life.


solidwhetstone t1_itcs4c0 wrote

We're assuming agi won't have any sentimentality towards humanity like we do towards animals.


Dark-Arts t1_itea6wi wrote

It’s a good assumption to make though. Why would it have any sentimentality at all?


solidwhetstone t1_iteddqf wrote

Because we're sentimental as a species and we're making agi in our image. I suppose the thing though is that an agi could quickly evolve to see sentimentality as a weakness and silence it with a chorus of other voices in its mind.


ipatimo t1_itdu03h wrote

Silicone is already outdated


No-Shopping-3980 t1_itdub3z wrote

Fine; maybe it’s some amalgamation of biosynthetic and non-organic programmable matter? Either way, in the end, it will be the same - end of organic life.


insectpeople t1_itejlz5 wrote

I find it so silly that people assume an AGI will follow the same barbaric “logic” that our most flawed shitty greedy humans do and just kill us all.

Alternative possibility: the AGI will look at our system and see what it promises us (prosperity) and see contradictions it produces, that fly in the face of that promise. Wherever there are contradictions it can find solutions that resolve those problems and provide the promised prosperity instead. Congratulations, the AGI is Marxist (think Star Trek, not Stalin, ok)

This is prettymuch guaranteed. People don’t realise that there’s nothing sinister about Marxism / communism; the problem solving process described above (dialectic materialism) sits at the heart of these systems and it simply looks for these sorts of problems and offers solutions to them when it sees them in our economic system so of course an AGI is going to do that. People are often still so badly affected by red scare propaganda from the Cold War to engage in this without the partisan politics (especially a lot of Americans) but it’s hard to deny when we engage in an unbiased analysis of our current system.

Aside: for the same reason, more advanced alien life are also going to have progressed to this stage of communist economic development, or even further to some new system beyond that which we can’t predict yet because we are stuck in the more primitive stage. So an alien invasion might dispose of our leaders and possibly police / army but is unlikely to be hostile towards the majority of people: it’s more advanced not more barbaric.


HeinrichTheWolf_17 t1_itcpjd9 wrote

I mean, to be fair, it’s not human beings per se that are the issue. It’s our waste disposal, vehicles and energy production methods that are the actual problem, and we have many people trying to correct that. AGI/ASI really just needs to tackle those problems. If you ask me, a bigger issue is going to be implementing AGI’s inventions at a faster rate, we’ll still need to construct the infrastructure it invents.

As for stabilizing the climate to a state of perpetual hospitality, that I do believe we can also do but it’ll require hard nano IMO.


Iguman t1_ite8807 wrote

This is unironically the only solution


thePsychonautDad t1_itdwwef wrote

Nah, just the corrupt & stupid political leaders, as well as oil industry executives, lobbyist, Fox executives...

Seems like a waste of efficiency to kill everybody. Cut the head, solve the issue.


YoghurtDull1466 t1_itcv3fz wrote

Probably kill all roughly 300,000 billionaires


DukkyDrake t1_itcwc5q wrote

There are less than 4,000 of those.