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Down_The_Rabbithole t1_itpcjv9 wrote

I agree, Save up and expect to be out of a job during a transitionary period.

I'm a programmer with a CS degree. I expect all facets of CS to be automated away over the next 5-10 years. It's not a save career at all.

I also don't think investing in AI companies is a sure bet. Not because I don't think AI will dominate. But because the primary beneficiaries of AI technologies will actually not be the AI companies. It will be the entities that will be able to generate the most value once AI technology is in their hands. This isn't software companies that provide the AI technology. These are value generating sectors that are mostly being bottlenecked by human labor constraints..

In fact I can actually see AI businesses go out of business the more they succeed at building competent AI because the technology would inherently get commodified over time which is the worst position a company could find themselves in.

Remember that the companies that built the first railroads almost all went bankrupt, it was the ticket sellers that profited the most. I suspect the same to be true for AI since the dynamics are the same. The companies building the AI will almost all go bankrupt as the capital investment to build the AI is fixed but the rewards of AI will not inherently benefit the builder of the AI but the user of the AI.

That said, here's what you should do:

  • 1: Lower your dependence on external producers as much as possible. Generate your own electricity, own your own place, maybe even generate your own food, Get a 3D printer to print your own replacement parts

  • 2: Get as much savings as possible. Make sure this is a properly diversified portfolio, paper cash, digital savings on a bank, Government Bonds, Company Bonds, Stocks in every sector, Precious metals, maybe even some crypto.

  • 3: Ensure that your job has as much physical components to it as possible. Physical jobs are harder to automate as they need a physical capital investment in most cases. I'm a programmer myself so I'm probably one of the first to go, but I could switch to computer engineering with my degree and pedigree quite easily which would require hardware tinkering which makes me harder to replace.

Drivers, Miners, Janitors, Construction workers etc are the ones to be automated away last, Digital intellectual workers that sit in front of a computer all day to manipulate data in some way or another are going to be the first to get automated. This means all programmers, lawyers, digital artists, system admins, data entry, office workers and everyone else using a keyboard and mouse to generate income is going to go the way of the dodo in the next 5-10 years time.


Ivanthedog2013 t1_itq7pft wrote

How are drivers and physical jobs the last to be automate?

We are already making a lot of progress with autonomous cars And if AI can build cars then why can't they build computer hardware ?