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Ezekiel_W OP t1_iujm6xp wrote

>Using a two-step phage-editing and enrichment method, we achieved seven markerless genome edits in three diverse phages with 100% efficiency, including edits as large as multi-gene deletions and as small as replacing a single codon. Cas13a can be applied as a generalizable tool for editing the most abundant and diverse biological entities on Earth.

We can now efficiently edit the genes of viruses that infect bacteria with the newer versions of CRISPR.


DukkyDrake t1_iujqbym wrote

Hope this doesn't inspire George Church to start working on his idea to solve global warming by making ocean bacteria immune to bacteriophage. The idea being if ocean bacteria aren't regularly exterminated by bacteriophage, they would quickly eat up dissolved co2 in the oceans.

This was one of the most terrifying things I've ever heard of at the time.