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PandaCommando69 OP t1_itt2no1 wrote

>For the first time and in near-atomic detail, scientists at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) have revealed the structure of the key part of the inner ear responsible for hearing.

>“This is the last sensory system in which that fundamental molecular machinery has remained unknown,” said senior author Eric Gouaux, Ph.D. He is a senior scientist with the OHSU Vollum Institute and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. “The molecular machinery that carries out this absolutely amazing process has been unresolved for decades.”

>Until now.


ihateshadylandlords t1_itt69o7 wrote

Cool, excited to see what comes from this.

!RemindMe 10 years


Sashinii t1_itt8j4i wrote

We likely need molecular nanotechnology before full dive VR can happen, but once that happens, it'll be possible to enable perfect hearing in many ways, including regenerating the eardrums.


PandaCommando69 OP t1_ittaw57 wrote

Yes, and this is what's going to allow that. Until now we haven't understood the molecular mechanism whereby the ear turns sound vibrations into electrical impulses (that are then transmitted to the auditory nerve into the brain), and now we finally do. Huge advance.


[deleted] t1_ittez4w wrote

So this is what aliens use for communication.

Joke aside, this is cool. Can I please have a pet version too?


Yozhur t1_itu5phv wrote

Basically everything you experience is electricity in a sense so i don't quite understand why it's thought as something big.


PandaCommando69 OP t1_itvhvgr wrote

Because we didn't understand how the translation was happening, and now we finally do.


Desperate_Donut8582 t1_itugarq wrote

First you would need to generate the vr world which would be hella hard without some kind of AI which we currently don’t have and you would need perfect brain interface to react to the world exactly like the real world which is nearly impossible it’s hella hard


Yozhur t1_iu3sxko wrote

Reality might just be a perfect vr game and we would have no clue, because we can't prove it. In my opinion it is the most plausible theory that this universe is just a simulation and we are vr players in it.