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TheHamsterSandwich OP t1_iuuanyf wrote

It's all speculation, man. I want to know what you think personally.


Possible-Baker-4186 t1_iuuiajt wrote

This is kinda a silly question because an ASI could be so absurdly powerful that it redefines everything. Imagine asking caveman what the creation of electricity could lead to. It is beyond their comprehension.


TheSingulatarian t1_iuul4lj wrote

The very definition of singularity is things will change so quickly humans won't be able to keep up. So, who knows.


GeneralZain t1_iuw5evj wrote

its posted on this sub every 2 days...everybody and their grandma wants to know how it will pan out :P

speculate all you want...just stop posting the same damn question over and over again on here sheesh.

or better yet, just type the question in the search bar of this sub! there are literally so many im sure you can get any answer you are lookin for...