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Quealdlor t1_iuvs08q wrote

Reversing aging will certainly lead to a much, much stronger economy and will benefit everyone, rich and poor. Thing is, what classifies as rich or poor will change in the future.


TheSingulatarian t1_iuulkwh wrote

You've never read an economics book, or a history book have you. If you have ASI the elites no longer need to extract wealth from the population. Many mass market businesses will fail just for his reason. Unemployment will be massive.

You will be lucky to get a UBI.


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TheSingulatarian t1_iuunldn wrote

There will be no "lobbying". Pitched battles in the street are the only way you are going to get a UBI.


red75prime t1_iuv8e8s wrote

Oh man, crowd control systems will surely benefit from AI usage too.


Mokebe890 t1_iuvk0n8 wrote

Okay so what then? Rich are rich cause they make money from workers. No one works, ASI is in charge of everyone, what elites have from it?


TheSingulatarian t1_iux3snn wrote

The elites will control the AGI and ASI in the beginning. The general population will be useless to them. The best you can hope for is benign neglect.


Mokebe890 t1_iuxaf6l wrote

You can't control ASI. It is way superior to human. First thing it will outsmart control humans have it over itself.