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vom2r750 t1_iuvna3c wrote


Only if it serves the most optimal functioning of the whole

In the natural world Sometimes it’s better for nature to let outdated organisms die That to keep them alive consuming resources that could be better used by newer updated organisms

If it is ASI, it could have its own say as to whether this would be optimal for the reality it operates in, and if it would be beneficial for itself It would probably depend on many things as to whether it would consider optimal to grant us that knowledge Assuming it has some degree of autonomy

As to whether Extinction If it’s smart enough

And it considers it would be better off without us But I would assume That it would first try to optimise us So that we could be beneficial for itself first Before discarding us

And only discarding us If it could find a way to have robots or other ways to interact with physical reality that could supplement its digital capabilities

I would assume It would want to turn us into cyborgs that can work in symbiosis with it Before trying to kills us off

In pragmatically terms We could become the hands and arms for it To be able to interact with physical reality directly

Like creating a super organism Where the asi would be a super brain And us it’s arms and hands

But that would be assuming that the human doesn’t have any computational or consciousness ability it doesn’t have

It’s contended, but if consciousness has other qualities that we don’t understand yet, It could be the case That we have capacities that are supplementary to the asi and so it could want to collaborate on an equal basis

It tapping into our consciousness And us tapping into its logical processing wonders

Who knows

Just speculating