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KnewAllTheWords t1_iw07xs9 wrote

The Turing Test is a pretty meaningless concept these days, but bring it on!


thetwitchy1 t1_iw0x2wo wrote

I mean, to be fair, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pass the Turing test. I’m not sure about the rest of y’all, either.


Ivan_The_8th t1_iwfnjw2 wrote

i looks like / here, got me confused for a second.


thetwitchy1 t1_iwg4wkp wrote

Lol I italicized the “I” to emphasize it, and proved my point… lol


beachmike t1_iwu3s4x wrote

The Turing test is certainly not a meaningless concept to Ray Kurzweil.


TemetN t1_iw08nun wrote

Saw this elsewhere, but while nice if true (and the Gwern thing is interesting) it seems like a hype article. It would be a huge deal if they really did manage to do that to training costs though.


manOnPavementWaving t1_iw0c7h3 wrote

Most news around GPT-4 is. The "Cerebras partnership" was always just a mention of GPT-N by Cerebras to hype up their processor, OpenAI had no say in that. (also not sure if .e6 is 100k-1M or 1M-10M). The only leak that Im sure came from Sam was "the model won't be much bigger than GPT-3 and be text only", which Id say is the only one to trust (although it can be outdated).


Phoenix5869 t1_iw1bumc wrote

Yes its probably hype just like most of the articles on here, from what ive heard its the same as gpt 3 but its scaled down and does the same thing which is good bc u need less paramaters to do the same thing


AdditionalPizza t1_iw2ftl8 wrote

I can't imagine it will be the same as gpt3 because even small models now outperform gpt3 by a ton.

While it might be a smaller scale model it will still most likely be way more powerful. I do hope we get a full size model with all the new techniques though, but I wouldn't mind a pocket size one either.


LastCall2021 t1_iw1pg20 wrote

Turing test aside, what I think is interesting is the notion that as we baby step our way to AGI we may- as a society- hardly notice when we get there.

What I mean is that the general consensus- maybe less so in this sub- is that reaching AGI will be this world changing event that will effect everything…

But I think it’s probably closer to the truth that lots of individual things are already being greatly effected by narrow focused AI (like physics and biology) and as that advances it is gaining traction in everyday society with things like art and music.

I could see society getting to the point that AI is so ubiquitous reaching AGI would just seem (from the lens of society at large) like just another baby step forwards.


pigeon888 t1_iw21cv1 wrote

The trouble is that super intelligence will follow shortly after and society needs to notice.


LastCall2021 t1_iw31bn3 wrote

As a society we can’t even notice climate change when it’s hitting us in the face. No chance with AGI.


tatleoat t1_iw3em3s wrote

yep, we're going to get blindsided and tbh it might be better that way for society, no time for people to let their imaginations run wild and work themselves up into a paranoid frenzy, it's just 'oh it's already here and it's working for us and everything's getting much more affordable now and I can retire with my free robot butler.'


TheLastSamurai t1_iwcy48r wrote

less time to devote resources to alignment and safety too, not a good idea at all


money_muncher t1_iwfgogs wrote

People will notice when they can generate unique movies and video games on demand.


solidwhetstone t1_iw3rqxs wrote

Let's say we notice. How could that change our fate?


pigeon888 t1_iw442kk wrote

By taking concious and intentional action.

Don't you think noticing things that are life-changing is important?


solidwhetstone t1_iw46kn7 wrote

I do, I'm just not convinced we'd be able to do anything meaningful if it got to that point.


Cryptizard t1_iw0euki wrote

Passed the Turing test as administered by who?


pigeon888 t1_iw21gf9 wrote

I guess they would have brought in volunteers and conducted an experiment as to whether they knew they were speaking with AI or not.


red75prime t1_iw283a1 wrote

Preferably by researchers in deep natural language processing.


Booboo77775 t1_iw0ma4m wrote

there's no such thing as turning test, it's just a mith.


Sashinii t1_iw0s5z1 wrote

I didn't care about GPT and always thought it was overhyped and assumed the next version would be more of the same, but if this really has "especially significant results in the multimodal doman", then this has a good chance of being an actual game changer.


BinyaminDelta t1_iw1c6j4 wrote

Lately other LLMs have impressed me more than GPT-3.

Models trained for specific use-cases.


mattex456 t1_iwdpgnf wrote

Are there any that are good at creative writing? Other than NovelAI


money_muncher t1_iwfgcgv wrote

The Turing Test is a low low low bar. Some people thought Eliza was a real person. There was that Google employee who thought Google's chatbot was sentient and got it a lawyer. It would have to spit out math proofs on demand for me to even begin to think it was actually intelligent.


nillouise t1_iw1gls8 wrote

Interesting, I love the environment that full of rumur. But instead of pass turing test, I hope it can have other more useful, important, fatal ability.


Sufficient-Fact6163 t1_iw3k7lu wrote

There should be a world wide prohibition on making any AI look purposely like a person. I mean defeating our biological bullshit meter in the “uncanny valley” is probably a bad thing.