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Sashinii t1_iw0p2mj wrote

I hope for the creation of proto-AGI, but what'll definitely happen is more AI progress and more fearmongering about people having more freedom to create art; for example: music synthesis will be as advanced as image synthesis and musicians, including some of the same people who used to defend the synthesizer as a legitimate instrument when it faced criticisms of "not being able to produce REAL MUSIC", will hypocritically complain about the AI because "it takes away the meaning of what it is to be MUSIC and a MUSICIAN" and blah, blah, blah, blah...


Jayco424 t1_iw0qtri wrote

Yeah there's going be a big stink about this dichotomy in all creative forms or anything that can be claimed to "art" - hell we might end up with an actual cultural "war" or rather at least a major war of words and opinions that may end up making it's way into regulations and politics as people try to define and redefine the terms of art, artist and artistry.


JuniperLiaison t1_iw0kxjp wrote

Per the lastest reports, early in the year the release of gpt4. Like gpt3 this will create some media buzz about approaching agi, and if the system is good enough it might even get a segment on a news channel.

A few more systems for text to image, further dethroning closed source systems like dalle2. Stable diffusion and midjourney get a few more updates and are seriously calling into question the ethics on the misuse of image/video generators. Cue the moral panic when these systems can be run easily on a mobile device (like stable diffusion has just been made to do on the iPhone).

Potentially a useful open or closed source text to video generator open to the public. Maybe on par with Dalle-1 but for video.


AI_Enjoyer87 t1_iw0rz3v wrote

I'm expecting new and exciting developments in AI research!

Hoping for proto-AGI. Expecting perfected image generation. Expecting advanced video, music, 3D generation etc. Think AI will become more relevant in the public conscious as AI shows signs that it will transform life for everybody.

Hoping if proto-AGI is achieved we will be lost for words at the speed of these developments!


FranciscoJ1618 t1_iw0t6gq wrote

Text to image technology is improving exponentially so I see artists starting to lose their jobs or getting lower salaries in 2023. Animators, voice actors, UI/UX designers and other workers will suffer the same destiny probably at the same time. Newer techologies will start automating (good) music generation and programming during the same year, having the same impact as with artists but the following year or two.


Zermelane t1_iw1nx4n wrote

High-confidence predictions:

  • GPT-4, unless it comes out this year. The rumors about its capabilities and architecture have been so all over the place that I have no idea what to expect of it, but the part I'm confident about is, it's coming.

  • Publicly available text-to-image models conditioned on a good text encoder's embeddings and not CLIP (or, with eDiff-I's example, not only CLIP). We will collectively realize just how frustratingly vague and gist-based our current text-to-image models really were.

  • H100s go brrr. 2-3x cost decreases in workloads doing anything A100s were already good at, more if you can make use of stuff like fp8, with matching improvements in AI services.

  • Some crazy thing will happen in BioML that nobody will be able to agree on whether it's a huge breakthrough or an insignificant increment.

...And some spicy low-confidence ones:

  • Some cool architectural improvement to diffusion models turns out to work really well and make them significantly cheaper, don't know what. Pyramidal diffusion? Maybe someone figures out how to do StyleGAN3's equivariances on a U-Net? Maybe some trick that's particularly good for video?

  • Someone figures out how to get text-to-image to competently use references when drawing, without textual inversion's crazy overfitting problems.

  • One of the big labs gets a LLM to usefully critique and correct its own chain-of-thought reasoning, bumps MMLU results by some scary number in the 5-10% range. (Bonus points if they also apply that to codegen)

  • Someone trains a TTS to use T5 embeddings, and suddenly it just gets emotional prosody right because it actually has some idea of what it's saying.


expelten t1_iw0q2ru wrote

Release of an open source model similar to GPT-3 allowing us to create our own custom agents. I have an idea for a cool thing I want to make with it so It's what I'm hoping for other than video and voice/music generation.


Qumeric t1_iw1uf60 wrote

There are already such models. GLM, Flan-T5 XXL


fractal_engineer t1_iw1bk81 wrote

More text to image machine learning models. Maybe some decent text to video ones.


Phoenix5869 t1_iw19se0 wrote

Progress will be made in ai, gene editing etc

basically just like this year


No_Confection_1086 t1_iw0swrm wrote

global economic crisis and probably someone talking that artificial general intelligence is near (it's not)