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AI_Enjoyer87 t1_iwc26ac wrote

Almost anywhere on Reddit is centrist or left wing. Would rather we didn't discuss partisan politics in this sub. Not going to play my hand politics wise. This is a place to discuss the trajectory of tech and the way it might help improve our lives. Let's keep it that way!


dreamking__ t1_iwc8h02 wrote

It's impossible to divorce the impact of technology in our lives of politics. It's my main gripe with this sub, how most here seem to believe that technology will simply fix our lives by itself and we'll live in a utopia.


AI_Enjoyer87 t1_iwcggzi wrote

Thing is what's going to happen is going to happen before a dramatic political change. Current politics will literally be irrelevant to the technological change we are going to experience (extremely soon in the scheme of things) as a society. Discussion of said politics or ways to change the system don't mean anything. Humans will simply adapt and a new political spectrum will be required that will be totally divorced from current ideologies.


Redvolition OP t1_iwc6ngt wrote

I will make the case that there are scarse other subs where this topic is possible, as most of those interested in the singularity do have a strong political opinion, but most of those that have strong political opinions barely know what the singularity is. Hence there is no other sub to discuss this.


IronJackk t1_iwbukm4 wrote

I'm on the under dog's side. Whichever that may be at any given point in time. Being for freedom is just a platitude. Both sides become authoritarian and dogmatic when they become the dominant force.


cjeam t1_iwcgqwu wrote

That’s kinda an over-simplification of political alignment into a two one-dimensional spectrum, while really you get left/right and authoritarian/liberal spectrums as two different things. Hence the political compass tests being two-dimensional.

Edit: two > one


Cult_of_Chad t1_iwbyowb wrote

I'm a radical centrist.

I side with the left politically in meatspace because the right is a threat to my community. But honestly I think everyone in the cultural mainstream would be horrified by my views on life, humanity and the future.

The average person is risk averse and gets anxious when their favorite restaurant changes their menu. I want to spread trillions of human souls out into outer (and inner) darkness in a wave of riotous morphological and psychological diversity, like seeds in the wind. We're not the same.


TopicRepulsive7936 t1_iwcc5ho wrote

Probably because there's no answer as to why in that Lovecraftian scheme.


Cult_of_Chad t1_iwcln7i wrote

Why what?

Growth is axiomatic to life. In nature, if you're not growing then you're dying. There's no middle ground.


PlayerREDvPlayerBLUE t1_iwccg22 wrote

The right is not a threat. Neither side is really a threat. It's like a two siblings argument over what to do within the family. Too much right and its terrible, too much left and it's terrible. Both sides are needed to keep the family straight. Like checks and balances. That's how I see but I could be wrong. My family is a mixture of both and we get along just fine at Thanksgiving and Christmas.


cjeam t1_iwch28j wrote

This is silly. There’s an apparent tendency for the right to skew far more towards authoritarianism and also towards threatening behaviour towards certain demographics across the last century.


PlayerREDvPlayerBLUE t1_iwch9bz wrote

I'm pretty sure you got that wrong. Have you seen the current state of the left? I mean they want people on lists and wish death on people...


cjeam t1_iwchvbb wrote

And the right go out and actually commit terrorism and kill people.


PlayerREDvPlayerBLUE t1_iwci11g wrote

Hmmm... I don't know about that. You might be very wrong on that.


PlayerREDvPlayerBLUE t1_iwcnn4o wrote

I'm not reading that. Whatever you got there I can go find ten examples for each of yours but I ain't got time for that. I'll trust your not pulling my leg.


Devanismyname t1_iwc69xw wrote

Completely libertarian. Everyone is completely free to do anything they want so long as it doesn't impede on anyone else.


TopicRepulsive7936 t1_iwccobf wrote

So legalize drugs and that's about it.


pre-DrChad t1_iwd083l wrote

And lower taxes but also pro choice/lgbt

So basically we don’t fit in with either party. We want both financial and personal freedom and either party is set on restricting one form of freedom.


make-up-a-fakename t1_iwc1s5n wrote

Honestly I'd take issue with the definition! How on earth are the ban happy left fans of "freedom"?

And Christ how was the USSR a happy freedom loving utopia? If anything you basically had the freedom to do exactly what you were told or else off to the gulag!


Sandbar101 t1_iwc50wg wrote

Feels like this doesn’t even fall on the horizontal spectrum


Redvolition OP t1_iwc9ccb wrote

I will make the argument here that left wing ideology is, in a holistic sense, a form of revolt against the natural predicament of the human species, whereas right wing ideology is a form of conciliation with it.

Whenever environmental circumstances become relatively amenable to life and prosperity, left wing ideas start to develop and spread, as there is more room for cultural experimentation and deviancy from the biological norms.

On the other hand, whenever humans become burdened by war, pestilence, famine, and generally difficult conditions, right wing ideology settles back in as the moral matrix that needs to be advocated for us to survive the evolutionary game at the individual and at the group level.

The very concept of left and right, not tied to the French Revolution, but rather as a fundamental psychological inclination, did not even manifest for most of human history, as everyone was simply struggling to survive and, hence, would have naturally adopted views mostly similar to modern day right wing ones: hierarchy, patriarchy, tribalism, theocracy, strict gender roles, and etc. Those attitudes were not an option, you either adopted them, or you were wiped out by those that did.

The unprecedented level of prosperity bought to us by the numerous technological advances created a uniquely positive environment in the last few hundred years. Expectedly, we are also more left leaning now than any other time in history, holding beliefs that would have been though insane by just about any group of people from just a century ago.


Cult_of_Chad t1_iwdomlj wrote

This is the thriving vs. survival theory of morality. Conservatives see the world like they're in a zombie apocalypse, progressives see it like it's the garden of Eden.


[deleted] t1_iwchc84 wrote



AI_Enjoyer87 t1_iwci84d wrote

I disagree with your dichotomy. Humans are fundamentally irrational and emotional. It is not irrational to not be a materialist.


Professional-Yak-477 t1_iwcqo8k wrote

I also think this. I believe that singularity is going to shock a lot of people existentially, and all the centuries old Buddhist teachings will suddenly make sense.. the ultimate middle way is not the middle of two spectrums, but the centre of a circle or ball, a single point, singularity. I think AI enlightenment signifies the beginning of our mass enlightenment. But it could also propel some people further into the illusion (e.g., metaverse), which is another layer of dream.


Ivan_The_8th t1_iwbwvq2 wrote

Of course I agree with reforms and equality, but without some order and tradition nothing of value can exist, since there is no such thing as value.


Mokebe890 t1_iwbyldo wrote

Right wing mostly believe in god, and religion is not really on par with singularity.


TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iwc1e0k wrote

Lmao, that's such an American view of the right


Mokebe890 t1_iwc4c4n wrote

Im actually from Europe.


TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iwc4k11 wrote


You might wanna log off for a while and touch some grass then. You're starting to become terminally online and viewing the world through a 100% American lense


Mokebe890 t1_iwco14y wrote

What? No. Im from Poland, right and far right here are probably even more religious than those from USA. Its based on obseravtion around me, sure not really scientific, but nontheless I see this while discussing with people around me.


Not-Banksy t1_iwc3j44 wrote

I’d disagree. Technology and religion can move hand in hand and are not mutually exclusive (though not always the case). If anything, technology seeks to reveal and explain the mysteries of a higher intelligence.


Cult_of_Chad t1_iwc03ye wrote

Technology will not erase human's intrinsic desire for worship unless we purposely seek to excise it. We're overdue for a religious awakening in the industrialized world; the gods of the new age just haven't been born yet.


AI_Enjoyer87 t1_iwc2gc7 wrote

Right and left are meaningless concepts. If I did a political compass test rn it would probably say I'm authoritarian left when that isn't the case at all. If somebody talked to me about my views they would probably assume I'm authoritarian-right but that isn't true either.


World_May_Wobble t1_iwcmfw8 wrote

Far centrist here. This division is founded on axiomatic value judgements, almost entirely determined by accidents of one's gestation and history. Almost no one's opinions are justified. No one knows what's best, and there may not even be such a thing.