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efedora t1_iwf0gvs wrote

This is great. It will help me to show people what is happening in the AI world. Very hard to convey without examples.


RemyVonLion t1_iwegw6t wrote

maybe one day everything you could ever want or need will be on there :)


AppropriateHamster OP t1_iwej522 wrote

haha i'm pretty sure at that point an AI would be maintaining the site and not me


PrivateLudo t1_iwf2gxj wrote

Good idea! Hope you update it every now and then.


AppropriateHamster OP t1_iwf2qx3 wrote

Yes, I plan on maintaining it. I have around 20-30 tools still to publish in the pipeline :)


sartres_ t1_iwf8wjr wrote

This is a great idea. It'd be more useful with more direct descriptions - some of them are fine, but some of them have too much marketing speak to parse. For example, Midjourney:

>An independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.

I'm guessing you pulled it from their ad copy, which, fair, this is a lot of tools to write individual descriptions for all of them, but it's literally meaningless. There is no content in that entire sentence. "A paid AI art generator based on Stable Diffusion" would be much more helpful.


AppropriateHamster OP t1_iwg3epj wrote

Added this to the description. I figured for the initial version just pulling descriptions from the ad copy made sense but once this starts getting traction, I plan on manually writing the descriptions.


isaithefuture t1_iweramb wrote

NICE !!! :)


vom2r750 t1_iwfmrom wrote

It was you ! Thank you Great directory


Moonduskindigo t1_iwfrp74 wrote

Thank you 😊 new to the world of AI but its incredibly fascinating


dex3r t1_iwg7n2f wrote

There is still no tools specifically for gamedev or just no category?


AppropriateHamster OP t1_iwgdku4 wrote

There is gaming as a category. I'll be adding a search bar today so you can use that to search more easily


dex3r t1_iwgkcdm wrote

I've seen gaming, but that is not the same as gamedev. Gaming is playing games, gamedev is making them. Anyway, great job on the site and thanks for making that!


AppropriateHamster OP t1_iwgl8s7 wrote

Right got it. Um so those tools would come under #code right?Could you please list some of them so I could have a look and add them?


dex3r t1_iwgnfuf wrote

I'm looking for tools tailored for gamedev specifically, but otherwise in general any code, 2d, 3d, texture, materials, story (lore), music, sound effects etc. generators fall under that.


AppropriateHamster OP t1_iwgpbp7 wrote

got it, i'll see if I can find any

i think there might be some under the category "3D" that could help you out


grimorg80 t1_iwghz1i wrote

Fantastic stuff! Definitely more user-friendly and complete than Kudos!


AppropriateHamster OP t1_iwgikxd wrote

I'm actually considering adding a category called directories where I list AI tools/projects directories haha.
Would be so meta


yukinanka t1_iwgsqix wrote

Is it possible to add license / model accessibility tag? Like is it free to use, can be used locally, etc.


AppropriateHamster OP t1_iwhicrl wrote

yup working on it. I just added a search bar to allow users to search using tool name/tool description


chowder-san t1_iwh1ql4 wrote

It would be nice to get some more info about them. For example, I'm interested in checking out the tools that enhance the process of creative writing but in order to find out which tool might be useful, I have to create account for each one of them and check by myself if the result is as poor as dall e mini images in its early stages.

Edit: I strongly suggest to mark certain tools that demand credit card details to start free trial. Personally, I don't feel like giving cvc code to an unknown site. Maybe if I had disposable virtual cards like the ones revolut offers...


AppropriateHamster OP t1_iwhihsk wrote

yup got it, i'm adding a new field for this.
btw i just added a search bar to allow users to search using tool name or tool description. could you please check it out and let me know if it's user friendly?


chowder-san t1_iwi3i4j wrote

Ui seems intuitive. Although the filtering by type section might need to be revisited if you intend to add more tools/filters in the future.

By the way, I just noticed that the columns seem to fixed and their number doesn't scale with the window width, on widescreen most of the window is empty. If you don't intend to utilise it for some ad boxes so the site pays for itself at the very least eventually, having a selector of the number of columns (3/5/7) could be nice. Personally I'm not a fan of fully dynamic scaling.


AppropriateHamster OP t1_iwi5sbx wrote

Yep would be adding more filters but at that point of time I'll just redesign the site.
I decided to keep it fixed at 3 for large screens as more tools per row would just be visual overload imo.
Thanks for the feedback btw :)


chowder-san t1_iwi6r4x wrote

it's the least I can do, thanks for making this website, very informative since I hadn't known the vast majority of tools mentioned there so far


kmtrp t1_ix0r8zp wrote

I was looking for this exactly! If you keep it updated with the frenetic pace of AI startups you'll be the boss.