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Cryptizard t1_iwftznl wrote

The debate is over, says this one rambling, incoherent Wordpress post.


mootcat t1_iwg3fkd wrote

It looks like OP wrote the article in question.

Discordant thoughts and seemingly nonsensical writing patterns like this are often indicative of atypical neurology. That is to say, we don't need to be cruel, but yeah this isn't doesn't have the kind of format and evidence backing it that would be expected of most posts here.


agorathird t1_iwh2kfc wrote


Is this a contentious idea among anyone but theists? We are biological machines, as some are mechanical and others digital.

You should separate your blogposts into sections. And list them before the main content begins.


Otarih OP t1_iwh9yxz wrote

Thank u for the feedback. i myself am a theist so i challenge these views in detail


agorathird t1_iwhnap7 wrote

Okay, I will probably take another look. I can't say I agree with the substance of your ideas but the writing was entertaining.


rixtil41 t1_iwha5d2 wrote

Why does this matter ? How does us being machines change anything ?


Otarih OP t1_iwhcy8h wrote

Good question. I will ask the author to expand on this. Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter for any follow-ups


beachmike t1_iwu3miy wrote

Nobel Laureate Roger Penrose: "Consciousness is not a computation."


Otarih OP t1_ix9h0w9 wrote

i am sorry, could u be more specific?