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Ivan_The_8th OP t1_iwfrbum wrote

As long as it's lossless compression, why not? Functionally it can be. There's no need to process two events that do not influence each other in any way at the same time.


Cryptizard t1_iwfs80m wrote

You are possibly describing the idea of the cosmological horizon? It is possible (some believe very likely) that our universe is infinitely large, but since it is expanding faster than light we will never be able to see or interact with anything past a certain distance. This leaves our visible universe finite.

If some alien was living in a non-expanding infinite universe, it could be possible to simulate our “finite” portion of the universe.


WikiSummarizerBot t1_iwfs8sd wrote

Cosmological horizon

>A cosmological horizon is a measure of the distance from which one could possibly retrieve information. This observable constraint is due to various properties of general relativity, the expanding universe, and the physics of Big Bang cosmology. Cosmological horizons set the size and scale of the observable universe. This article explains a number of these horizons.

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digitalthiccness t1_iwfs0t5 wrote

>There's no need to process two events that do not influence each other in any way at the same time.

No two such events exist. The factors needed to perfectly simulate anything are everything.


Ivan_The_8th OP t1_iwfstme wrote

All the results of an event can be stored in compression form until they are needed to determine how another event plays out.


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Ivan_The_8th OP t1_iwfucdz wrote

I said that in the post, however there is a possibility that the compressed data would still be small enough and multiple compression algorithms can be used to increase this possibility.