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kayama57 t1_iwg3n2q wrote

1:1 is possible but only if you’re willing to look the other way about all the decimals that are going toneed to be cut off and hidden away to make it possible. You might be able to do a 1:1 model of specific scales of the universe, but being able to zoom from a Gluon on Earth to an overhead view of the entire Bang back down to a higgs boson at the core of Andromeda and everything in between - without absolutely massive massive error margins - is likely not gonna happen


Ivan_The_8th OP t1_iwg596s wrote

Yes, the worst part about this is that we might not know that it's not 1:1.


kayama57 t1_iwg6x6k wrote

What’s worse: every single modellable system in the world as we know it is modeled under the presumption that our presumptions about acceptable error in the model are correct