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Glcoutinho t1_ix1gihf wrote

Dude you need to study your conceptions of god. Its so relative and diferent from culture to culture, even person to person. Put it all in a box and call its going to be that its crazy


mithrandir4859 t1_ix1hno0 wrote

There will be plenty of humans who will continue to live the way people lived hundreds of years ago, so even old religions are not going anywhere.


Also, new religions are and will be created, because a religion doesn't need to be based in superstition or Bible, it should simply explain a superhuman (don't confuse with supernatural) order and provide some meaning to the struggles of life.


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No-Shopping-3980 t1_ix1dxo1 wrote

Humans are unfortunately ritualistic creatures even the anti-deists engage in ritual - humans are hard wired for it.
In my opinion one would need to separate themselves from the organic completely and leave the genetic baggage behind before freeing themselves from human concepts such as religion money and morality.


Shelfrock77 t1_ix1lyr4 wrote

I wonder what aliens worship.


No-Shopping-3980 t1_ix1piwk wrote

I cant speak for Aliens but other species on earth also engage in religious behavior. Religious behavior of developing organic evolution appears baked-in; is ritual something inherent to organisms developing on earth? This is why I say one would need to separate themselves from the organic to fully escape naturally occurring ethical and religious evolution.


Shelfrock77 t1_ix2dqi1 wrote

When I make my own vr my sims planet, i’m going to brainwash my sims that I’m the son of god. Ofcourse you will get the skeptical atheist ones too tho.


Silicon-Dreamer t1_ix21py8 wrote

I generally agree, though could you/anyone please explain the freeing from morality aspect? Even on this I agree a lot of examples within the realm of morality will likely fall to the wayside, though I would assume there would be other examples we would have no matter how advanced. Not blowing up planets?


No-Shopping-3980 t1_ix24mur wrote

Morality does not exist outside of the conceptional and varies with each individual as its an objective indwelling experience; the question is why does developing life evolve religious behaviors such as faith and ritual? The next question being if our species transitions to synthetic or evolves past matter into the energetic; will this post-humanity life have the same need for ritual or faith? IMO the morality of the post-human is not something mortals can understand - we can only guess at what ethical principals will stand foundational post-singularity.


quadrangle3136 t1_ix2qlil wrote

Religion has nothing to do with morality. morality exists in a vacuum.


DarkElfBard t1_ix1fuxa wrote

The same way it always has. Faith.

If you believe everything is done as part of the will of an omniscient deity, then everything we do is part of his will, including designer babies.

He would not have given humans the tools if he did not want us to use them.


kmtrp t1_ix1i1o3 wrote

Sadly, yes. Religion is not in a holy book, it's in our brains. We've been selected to find patterns, whether they are there or not; to seek, trust, and follow authoritarian figures; to think tribally and to think of us vs them on everything.

We assumed that the internet was where religions died, at least I had high hopes, but that has not been the case. Their numbers are dwindling, but too slowly and considering we are in the information age... it's rather embarrassing.

It's never been easier to get true answers, and humans have never been so misinformed.

We are apes, and it shows.


HeartsOfDarkness t1_ix1ecap wrote

Do you mean all religions, or just Abrahamic religions?


ockhamist42 t1_ix1rnr4 wrote

If all there were to religion were your caricature of it, then it wouldn’t have survived this long.


Aggravating_Ad5989 t1_ix1hrmi wrote

People are willing to kill and die for religion, its not going anywhere anytime soon.


MandatoryFunEscapee t1_ix1mrvn wrote

Dial back the optimism, there, bud. Dinosaurs will never be brought back without engineering them basically from scratch.

Artificial wombs aren't likely in the 2030s. Very doubtful we will see genetic modification of adults that decade, either. Things take time. AI will help speed up research, but it will still take time. We could see an AGI in the '30s, but it isn't as if a baby AI is guaranteed to cause the singularity overnight.

Religion will be here for a while yet. The Boomers will be going extinct that decade, so church membership is going to be falling like a stone next decade, but it won't disappear with them. It will hang on, become unpopular, and people won't talk about it as much in the '30s, but I think it will have double-digit percentages of the American population until the 50s or 60s.

That is, so long as the Fundies don't go insane and destroy our civilization in this decade...


I want to respond to that rude person.

You ok? Need a protein bar?

I feel pretty confident in my predictions. I have been reading about technology and the singularity for almost 20 years, after all. The fact that all you did was insult me without providing any substantive feedback is a bit telling on your level of knowledge on the subject.

And that just isn't a good method to voice disagreement, ok? Use facts and logic, not tantrums. The internet has trained us to be caustic, and while there is a place for that (check my history, I'm not always nice), it isn't the only tool you should have for arguments, because it is generally not effective.

Besides, I am not taking away anything from you by voicing my opinions.

I do want to clarify the one point you mentioned. You know anything about death rates per age group? Compared to 2018 when I did my reading, there will be 10M fewer Boomers in 2032. By the end of the 2030s the oldest Boomers would be approaching centenarian status, putting the youngest in their 80s. So age-related attrition rates being what they are, as a cohort their numbers will be pretty thin.

They won't all be dead. But they will be pretty deep in the process of going extinct.

And no, I don't think radical life-extension tech will be ready for prime-time to save their generation. Maybe Millenials, almost certainly Zoomers.

The affordability of that is another question entirely. Let's all thank Capitalism for its contributions towards paywalling life itself, both today, and into on our "glorious" future.


AsuhoChinami t1_ix2ruwa wrote

You are so, so incredibly stupid. And the youngest Boomers will only be 75 in 2039, you fucking moron, learn what the fuck you're talking about. Baby Boomers aren't going extinct in the god damned 2030s. You did not raise a single valid point in this ridiculous braindead shitshow of a post.


Rufawana t1_ix1iv8l wrote

hahahaha, most people cannot handle logic. Over 80% of the planet believe in sky daddies - that aint going nowhere fast.


[deleted] OP t1_ix1j56r wrote



revolution2018 t1_ix1kx48 wrote

The good news is those who embrace these technologies will have incredible advantages over those who don't. As they should!


IslamDunk t1_ix1mhiv wrote

I don’t care if it does or doesn’t. I can sympathize with religious people for choosing to believe in something. The issue is people that take it so seriously to the point that they believe their main life purpose is to spread their beliefs.

There will definitely be less of these people, thank goodness. It’s just the way society progresses


buddypalamigo19 t1_ix1t1ty wrote

Lmfao this guy. Religion is going to be with us for a long time.


ZaxLofful t1_ix1zhus wrote

It will def survive, but it’s already been dwindling with every new generation.

It will probably take another 100+ years to get rid of it entirely, but it’s been very clearly on its way out for the last couple of generations.


Ohigetjokes t1_ix2f56q wrote

Religion has been observably ridiculous for ages. "Ignore your own observations in favor of what people believed centuries ago!"

Proof, logic, basic common sense... It’s meaningless to these people. You think some tech will change things?

The Information Age came along and everyone is dumber than ever.


mulox2k t1_ix1imx0 wrote

Spirituality is a methods to handle emotions that feels bad in humans since emotions appeared in less complicated beings. Adult humans receive lots of negative signals in their brains for all the cognitive dissonance they accumulate in their brain. Very little is simple and pure as an adult, and the effect of religion is to fools your brain out of pain loops and to give you more peace and quiet. Just follow the code and be happier.

It is a good decision from an utilitarian point of view as long as your purpose of existence is your individual happiness. It’s a disaster at the species scale though.

Animals using their emotions to decide is natural and humans can’t be easily blamed for turning to religion. It is an idea that comes with natural defenses. If you let someone make you doubt you’re warned god might abandon you, so you fight this agression that makes you feel bad emotions.

I think the end of aging and most of what you mention will actually put religion on the spotlight without ending it at all. If technology create a world that make their religion absurd, then the maddest of the lot will take control of whatever his cult is and convince the other dumbasses to destroy anything in the world that contradict religion.

Obscurantism already happened on history and will totally happen again since the cause of it, religion, hasn’t changed.

I think the only think that will put it down is telepathy, brain to brain connection, if it ever comes to exist, since sharing thoughts and primal emotions will change the state of play where religion strive, the conscious mind.

So no, IMO by 2040 religion will be just as big a problem


sullllli t1_ix1waek wrote

Religion will thrive like it hasn’t in years, but not religion nearly like how we see it now.

With improved technology and public knowledge of cognitive science, the religious will be more focused on the psychological effects of religion (in a time where disillusionment will be easier due to genetic resurrection, designer babies, etc) than on the ritualistic practices. The Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU, it’s worth a read on) will become much more commonly said in households, especially ones that can casually consider concepts regarding agi and the singularity.


EliseOvO t1_ix2k296 wrote

It will, religion is not based on a few unknowns, it is not logical, religion is something people are indoctrinated into as kids, it's an excuse for harming others, it is an easy solution to answering any question about the universe, it is oversimplification of reality, it is a way to control others and to give hope to the believers in some cases. Religion may change, but the core that has plagued humanity for thousands of years will stay here for a very long time after it has become unreasonable to believe in their deity.


highgyjiggy t1_ix1kfcm wrote

The whole point of religion is that it’s hard to disprove. None of that disproves god and nothing will in likely an extremely long time if at all. And even then there will be people who don’t accept the proof. Religion isn’t going anywhere.


Beneficial_Fall2518 t1_ix1tsrp wrote

Make a universe from scratch and write the laws of physics before you start talking about being "better than God himself."


420BigDawg_ t1_ix1wn1i wrote

absolutely. There are huge shifts to the right/religion happening right now across the world.

I've been saying since 2020 that we are currently in a race between societal collapse (this also being authoritarianism + climate change) and technology.

Which one will win? We will find out this decade.


SFTExP t1_ix23d9b wrote

If you believe in a prime mover of the universe, even free will is a product of what’s created by said prime mover. So no matter what, it will be reasoned all comes from the prime mover.


UniversalMomentum t1_ix247j9 wrote

None of that is going to happen just by the 2030s.

Religion will survive just fine because society will get more and more automated and humans will get more and more detached from reality as they have less and less responsibility.

We are headed for an Idiocracy/Avenue 5 future.


lisa_lionheart t1_ix276wz wrote

People have been talking about the death of religion for centuries, i don't expect it's going anywhere soon.


Blou_apie t1_ix2dmkn wrote

Humans were made to worship. We will always worship something be it God, nature, money or the self.


faithOver t1_ix2mwzu wrote

You’re conceptualization of God is rather elementary.

Technological progress, be it biomedical or otherwise, is not the evidence to disprove God’s existence.

That only works, perhaps, with a very narrowly defined Christian God.

The reality, I believe, is that God is the substrate that allows for the creation of these technologies. God is possibility.

Christian personification of God has done a lot of damage to people perspective of what God is.


Tanekaha t1_ix2qbhf wrote

The vast majority of the world's non-urban population will not be affected by or notice these changes by 2040. Many religions wouldn't be affected by these things at all in their current state- and they're all adaptable.

Moon landings, IVF babies, antibiotics, haven't obliterated religion yet. And outside of the west- religion is as popular as ever, if less central.

Besides, adults rarely change their mind on religious issues no matter the evidence. We'll have to wait a few generations for any change to have much effect


quadrangle3136 t1_ix2qjiq wrote

Superstition and its use to manipulate other people is dying. It will take a long time to die, but humanity will be all the better for its absence.


Acrobatic-Fan-6996 t1_ix51uv6 wrote

You can only extinct religion if humans become gods, otherwise, fears like death etc... Will keep religions alive, btw I'm a theists myself


sir_duckingtale t1_ix1k5rf wrote

We just killed God..

So God chuckled, and men was gone…


Plazamoonfish t1_ix1st6n wrote

Well, First Of All, With God, All Things Are Possible, So Jot That Down


NakusetDonnaG t1_ix2efh8 wrote

I think basic religion will fizzle out and we'll probably have more sects and weird cults. I started one called Mufasafarianism that is pro-animals, and advocates against killing animals that kill people. It puts animal rights before human rights because human rights have been taking priority for too long. The essential study materials are the series "Zoo" and the Lion King, and we also always pretend it's the 90s.


Cult_of_Chad t1_ix1fvk9 wrote

The Abraham religions are on the way out along with every other remnant of patriarchal culture. But there will be new religions as the new dominant civilization emerges.


[deleted] OP t1_ix1nvte wrote



prince-surprised-pat t1_ix2dtbk wrote

Humans are gods design, we were made in his image not in form but in spirit. Of course we would create, of course we would bend the rules, its who we are its who he is. In time we may find a way to contact him directly.


Sea_Cookie2838 t1_ix1ei8x wrote

Humans playing god will make a hell on earth. The grace of God is what confused people overlook. Without the grace you would end up in big time misery. Its a warning, and its in the Bible.


PandaCommando69 t1_ix1ffzc wrote

Did you just come here to rant at people? Newsflash, you are in the completely wrong sub for that. But since you dropped by--does not the Bible say that we are made in the image of God? Who are you to say we are doing anything more than being as God made us; as God empowered us to be?


Sea_Cookie2838 t1_ix1hgo0 wrote

>? Newsflash, you are in the completely wrong sub for that. But since you dropped by--does not the Bible say that we are made in the image of God? Who are you to say we are doing anything more than being as God made us; as God empowered us to be?

Read the bible. I will pray for you. God loves you <3


PandaCommando69 t1_ix1inj9 wrote

I think that the universe loves each and every last one of us, and I am glad that you feel a connection to God . That's great. I do too. However, we're going on faith-- because there's no evidence for what you believe, or for what I believe. The difference is that I recognize there's no evidence, and so I don't try to shove my beliefs onto anyone else, whereas you are trying to shove your beliefs onto other people, refusing to acknowledge that you have no evidentiary basis for doing so. That's what's objectionable. You cannot force people to believe friend. You can speak your truth, and you can act in such a way in the world that causes other people to want to follow your example. That's it. Anything more is oppressing other people. Barack Obama said it well, "be the change that you want to see in the world." If you understand and know the love of God, then put that love out there into the world. Let that light shine. Be a living example of God's love. Don't berate people for not believing as you do. That is the opposite of what Jesus would want you to do.

ETA: Going round demanding that people read the Bible (or any holy book) is not going to bring anyone closer to God. By doing this you are alienating people, making it less likely that they might come to find comfort through the love of our Creator.


mulox2k t1_ix1ji00 wrote

We are lost souls wise shepherd, but as a redditor, thou are more lost than us, or you’re joking.

I suddenly doubt. I thought we were mainly atheists or antitheists on the sub but did we make a survey on this yet?